What Makes Pink Cricket Ball A Favorable for Bowlers

What Are Some Advantages Of Pink Cricket Ball The color of a cricket ball may seem insignificant, but it holds substantial importance in playing professionally. Different colors come with different properties. While some are easily pictured by a camera, others are more easily spotted on the grass field.    Pink…

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What Makes Extra Run an Extra Run in Cricket

How are Extra Runs Given? In addition to the runs actually scored by batsmen, there are a few other ways that umpires can add runs to a team’s score. These surplus runs are known quite aptly as ‘extras runs.’ In cricket, an extra is a run scored by or awarded…

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List Of Some Best Cricket Games For PC In 2021

What are Some Best Cricket Games For Pc? After following up all your favorite cricketers and their respective matches, it’s normal to want to feel the thrill of playing cricket. Guess what? This is possible but at the level of playing cricket games on PC. The best part is that…

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