12th Man Cricket Roles, Responsibilities and Rules All in One

Cricket holds the concept of a team spirit close to its rules. You can’t bat if there is not a second player who hasn’t been outed. You can’t bowl till there are fielders. 


The rules rely on team spirit; however, the eleven team members include a 12th player that we often don’t talk about majorly. You guessed it right, and at the correct time, this article is about the 12th man cricket. The following are a few jobs, benefits, and duties of the 12th player.

Variety of Choice

While selecting the players and batting positions, it gives an extra cushion to every coach and captain. It makes sense to choose the best players; however, the perfect mix in a team makes it unique. 


The 12th man cricket poses an option and a backup and a potent combination in the batting spots. The team wins based on how many runs they make, and if the 12th man helps them achieve a more excellent utility, ideally, the job gets done there. 

Cricket is not a game for the faint of the heart; there are many ups and downs. The field is so vast that while running, it is widespread to get injured. During the practice, trials are relatively common, so when the team players get injured, an inquiry happens. 


The question is usually medical, and if the examination reveals that the cricketer will not be allowed to play due to the injury, the 12th man cricket now becomes relevant. They are always trained with the team, treated equally, and if they have to come and play on the field, they blend perfectly into the team mix. 


Hence, the 12th man cricket provides a well-managed backup if any one of the eleven gets injured or falls sick. 

Extrinsic Benefits

The team faces its fair shares of ups and downs. The team needs a 12th member always to consider an extra person for support. The 12th man’s benefits extend beyond the confines of the rules and seep into several other things. 


Firstly, it allows the team members to bat and choose any mix among the 12. Furthermore, it provides for more bowlers and to help get a perspective of the bowler’s skills. More importantly, it would enable all twelve team members to contribute equally to the game. Under the present rule, the 12th man cricket, particularly at Test level, is often shuffled off to the Sheffield Shield to gain quality playing time. 


The 12th man fielding duties get hand-balled to; usually, some unknown Premier/A Grade local league cricketer who gets the opportunity to achieve the dream of their lifetime and ‘play’ for their country Test level if only in a fielding capacity.



In conclusion, cricket is a game of the lovers of team spirit. They understand that cricket only poses as a way to bring people together. The energy stays alive with the 12th man cricket, who plays when needed and always supports the team. 

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