Month: September 2019

Do Female Cricketers Wear a Box

The question “do female cricketers wear a box” is a good one. It is an interesting one, because in a country where cricket is the national pastime, most of the time cricketers wear a box.  In fact this practice has been around since the 1970s in the West Indies where…

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Cricket Batsman’s Role

Learn How To Bat Cricket batsmen are famed for their power and they’re frequently regarded as the heart and soul of a cricket team. However, what exactly do they really know and what do they have to know to have the ability to play their very best cricket? The very…

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What Came First Cricket Or Baseball?

Did You Say That Baseball Came First? Contemporary cricket is a lot older than baseball. People are playing games with bats or balls or foundations for millennia, likely, and playing games with just two of these elements for centuries ahead of the Knickerbockers, surely. Little is understood about the sources…

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