Month: July 2020

Knocking-In Cricket Bat

Professional cricket bats are made out of Kashmir willow, Alba Var English willow or Salicks Caerulea wood and these woods are not strong have therefore knocking in the cricket bats become so essential, it is the process of knocking the bat with either a mallet or using a hardball in…

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Bat Refurbishment

A cricket bat is a batsman’s weapon of mass destruction so to speak. It’s his go-to device and confidante while on the pitch. A lot happens that will cause the refurbishment option at some point.No matter how expensive and quality a cricket bat might be, wear and tear is inevitable….

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Cricket Batting Tips

Batting is a crucial part of cricket and requires perfection to the core. Skill also goes a long way, especially if you’re looking to pursue it as a career.   Thanks to resources made available to us, this could be easier than you think. The internet has been quite instrumental…

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