Month: August 2020

Cricket Pitch Length

Watching a cricket match will raise a couple of questions that you’ll need answers to. For instance, how big is a cricket pitch? Is there a standard size or does every field vary according to certain factors, and so on.   It’s okay to be curious at some point as…

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Cricket Bowling Machine

Every batsman realizes the importance of mastering the speed of the bowler’s shot. This is a skill that doesn’t just come overnight. It requires you to invest heavily to get the results you desire. On this note, hours of practice each day will change your course of batting for the…

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First Batsman

Cricket is, indeed, an interesting game. A look at all the factors surrounding it will make you want to know more about it. First, their distinctively white gaming attire is a sight to behold.   Second, the rules can be such an enigma, especially to the ones watching and playing…

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How To Do Batting Practice Alone

The fun in cricket lies in teamwork, discovering your creative side, and attaining your dream physique. Guess what? Practicing alone makes it to this list too.   All you need is a list of all the areas that sum up your weak points in batting. It’ll feel lonely at first,…

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Bats In Cricket

Cricket bats are special tools that come in an array of sizes and colors. A batsman views himself as incomplete without one. An accomplished batsman is well aware of the implications of settling for a bat with all the wrong specs.    One notorious misconception about bats is that they…

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Cricket On Tv

All cricket lovers can agree that there isn’t a better way to spend their leisure time than watch cricket on TV. Practicing all the time can be tiresome, and you’ll need to catch a break once in a while.   Watching a cricket game from the warmth and comfort of…

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