The Best Bowling Action Cricket Has Seen In Years

What Bowling Action Should You Choose In Cricket?

As cricket continues to be the sport that warms the hearts of millions of people worldwide, its actions frequently remain relevant. 


Many people associate cricket with different activities such as fielding, batting, team spirit, and, almost always, bowling. This article will address the multiple bowling action cricket entails. 

1. Side-on

The most frequent action chosen by bowlers is the side-on. It is quite self-explanatory; the word side entails when the shoulders are in a position that makes a square to the batsman. 


This specific bowling action is the position in which many trainers encourage bowlers to release the ball. The side-on story will also promote away swing more than a front-on step. 


The side-on action is exceptionally famous; there are multiple notable examples of the side-on action, including the England bowler Matthew Hoggard, Australia’s Brett Lee, and Glenn McGrath. Side-on is the kind of bowling action cricket needs.

2. Swing Bowling

The Swing is a unique kind of bowling that aims to serve the ball sideways. It moves through the air towards or far away from the batsman. 


There are two specific categories: Mainly called Inswing and outswing. There are some tips to get the ideal posture to ace this style in bowling action cricket. First, you should have an athletic stance involving your upper body, which needs to be towards the front. 


Furthermore, it is crucial to delivering your ball on your intended target line, and for that, you must set your bowling shoulder slightly behind your non-bowling shoulder throughout your approach. 


Avoid excessive rotation of the shoulder. Next, as the bowler, your idea should be to maintain an excellent overall balance by keeping your head steady with your chin’s support at or you can also practice above the shoulder level.

3. Off-Spin Delivery

Off spin falls under a category of spin bowling done with fingers. Off spinners are right-handed bowlers who throw deliveries in a way that they spin from the offside to the leg side, which means it goes towards the right-handed batsman. 


The bowler must bowl with a blocked front leg and bowls against it at the time of delivery. Simultaneously, the right portion should be acceptable to allow for a steady rotation of the entire body. 


The batsmen need to Keep the head upright and stable throughout the action and try to spin the ball hard while aiming to pitch the ball outside off-stump so that you increase the chances of a clean bowl. 


Please don’t make the delivery stride too long as it will prevent pivot, and the delivery will lose height. Complete the delivery with a proper follow through. Running on the wicket, collapsing and low leg drive are all examples of poor follow-throughs.

Final Verdict

In conclusion, there are various bowling styles, all important in their way. However, after years of experience, coaches and trainers recommend a few that add a lot to the bowling actions cricket requires. 


The bowling action chosen should only depend on the bowlers and their capabilities after a series of productive trial and error. 

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