What are Some Benefits Children Playing Cricket Can Have In Life

What is luck?’ she asked. ‘Getting out on the first ball in gully cricket’, he smiled. Vaibhav Ratra


South Asian countries are famous for their passion for cricket. Every house has a cricket enthusiast who will never miss a match. Cricket brings everyone together at times of happiness and sadness. With so much love and happiness for cricket, there is also a massive culture of children playing cricket. 

The beginning of the Passion

When a person is a toddler, they see the passion and happiness of their family members’ faces during a cricket match. They know that cricket is supposed to make everyone happy. They learn the meaning of “Sixes” and “Fours.”


When they grow up a little more, street cricket becomes a hobby. It is widespread for 7-year old and above children playing cricket on the streets. These youngsters come home and go for “gully cricket” with their fellows; they ideally use a tennis ball, and even though actual cricket involves a hard ball-they still try to get a feel for it. 

The South Asian way of nurturing the talent is different from the practices in the more established structures in the cricketing world. From Pakistan, legends like Wasim Akram, Waqar Younis, and Shahid Afridi simply came, saw, and conquered the cricketing horizon with their breath-taking heists as soon as they adorned the national colors.


All of these cricketers started their journey way early. They were also just children playing cricket on the streets. Other than India, cricketers from Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, and Pakistan often appear from absolute obscurity and reach superstar status overnight.  


Afridi, who smashed a world-class Sri Lankan attack in his debut ODI, developed a penchant for big hits through umpteen attempts of hitting the ball long and hard in the narrow streets of his Gulshan-e-Iqbal residence in the heart of Karachi. 


Akram used to play with a tennis ball on his rooftop before venturing out in the Lahore streets; Waqar also learned the nuances of bowling fast with relentless aggression and penetration in Gaggu Mandi and Sharjah, where his father resided.

Major barriers For Children Playing Cricket

It would now be reasonable to recognize that not every child is as lucky as the cricketers mentioned before. Even though children playing cricket from a young age are a very normal phenomenon in many countries, children develop it as a dream career. 


The selection process for something on a national level starts from under 19 championships. That is when a teenager can represent their country on any platform. There are millions of applicants with different capabilities trying to make it to one spot. The competition is high, and so is the pressure. These dreams get crushed sooner or later; however, the passion in their hearts never dies. 



In conclusion, children playing cricket is a representation of the subcontinent’s love for this sport. It is not only a sport to them but an expression of their culture. It takes one heated match for everyone to cancel their meetings and get off from work; everyone orders food and celebrates the win like a festival. 

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