The Do’s and Don’ts of Cover Drive Cricket Shot

There are only a few things that describe a good batsman. The execution of his shots, the control he has, the head position, and the timing. With that said, how can a batsman play the cover drive cricket shot?


What should be his foot and leg position? What should be his head position? Well, keep reading, and I’ll tell you!

The Execution of the Cover Drive Cricket Shot

The cover drive cricket shot is played against the off-stump deliveries, and thus it’s the batsman decision to make it front foot cover drive or back foot. 

Here are some tips we’ll discuss on the execution of this beautiful cricket shot: 

Foot and Leg Placement

Whether you are going to play front-foot cover drive shot or back foot, your front foot should be inside the line of the ball. If you get your front foot fully inside the line of the ball, you’ll be blocking the room between the bat and the ball with your leg.

Head Placement

While playing the cover drive cricket shot, your head should be aiming the front line. This practice will allow you to avoid hitting an aerial shot but also maintaining your body weight over the ball.

Arm and Bat Placement 

Suppose you are going to execute a cover drive cricket shot. In that case, the face of your bat should be in the direction of the targeted area on the field, and you will have to grip the bat more firmly with your top hand than the bottom one.

Now as you’ve known the technique, here are some things you have to avoid to play the perfect cover drive cricket shot


Play the Ball as Late as Possible

Unlike the modern batsman, a wise batsman should always consider playing the ball late when it’s under his eyes. In this way, the batsman can play the ball more forcefully with full control.

Practice the Drop Ball Drill

If you are someone practicing a perfect cover drive cricket shot then you should use the drop ball drip, Hitting the ball just above the ground by grasping your feet firmly on the pitch within the right time, it will also help to improve your timing and grip on the ball and pitch.

Practicing Against Fast Deliveries

Like most of the shots, practicing against a bowling machine and throw downs will help you to a greater extent in cover drive cricket shot, as it will help to polish your skills and ace further the art of playing cover drive.

The cover drive shot is one of the most beautiful shots in cricket. It takes some knowledge about the critical points, technical as well, to execute this shot properly. 


Furthermore, the fielders and bowlers find it hard to tackle this shot which can also help you in the game by increasing your points.


In a nutshell, cover drive cricket shot comes with dedication and focus, and it benefits you accordingly in the game.



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