Cricket Bat Grip Sliding Up? Here’s a Quick Fix!

Bat grips slide up. It occurs all the time! It’s demanding whilst that happens. It’s far even more disturbing while you realize that the grip has slid up inside the center of the innings. The most effective manner to preserve to bat is to alternate the bat for the lack of time to alternate the grip. Worry no longer.

We’re right here to speak about extraordinary techniques that let you keep away from the frustrations of grip sliding up all of the time! You could repair a bat grip this is sliding up by way of using a percent insulation tape under the grip at the bat cope with. Keep the sticky side of the tape out. The sticky facet attaches to the grip and stops it from sliding up.

The usage of specialised grip tapes like gripgrip seasoned may be honestly convenient. There are green ways wherein you may restore this hassle of the bat grip sliding up. Permit’s test these strategies. How to repair a bat grip sliding up? Whilst a bat grip slides up, it makes batting hard. The greater component that comes out of the pinnacle of the take care of comes inside the way of shot-making.

It may also create undesirable sound whilst playing cricket photographs which may lead the umpire to suppose that you have nicked the ball when, in truth, you haven’t. It might be certainly unfortunate to get out this manner! Consequently, it very crucial that you continually cope with the grip and save you it from sliding up. Allow’s talk approximately the approaches to do it.

Things to test before solving the grip

there are sure stuff you want to check before identifying to fix the grip. 1. Take a look at the situation of the grip
first of all, check the circumstance of the grip. If it’s far torn or worn out bad sufficient, throw it away. It’s miles very tough to bat with this type of grip. It might divert your focus away from the next shipping to be confronted.

If you do want to put a new grip, make sure to check out our different post that info a way to exchange the grip of a cricket bat in which we have additionally our recommendations at the types of grips to pick out! Positioned a cricket bat grip in 2 minutes!

2. Check the thread winding at the bat handle

every other element that you need to do is test the thread winding around the cricket bat take care of below your current grip. If the winding isn’t always in area or if the threads are damaged, then get the threading fixed earlier than you restoration the grip from sliding up.

In case you don’t have right threads on the bat, the grips can also keep to slip up even when you have followed the manner completely well. As a consequence, be sure to restore the thread winding first!

Three. Check the adhesive ability of the tape

the opposite issue you have to check before you begin the system of fixing the grip difficulty is the adhesive competencies of the tape that you will be using. If you shall be the use of an insulation tape which has been at your home for some months, probabilities are that the tape has lost a number of its adhesive abilties. In case you do experience the need to shop for one, we advocate this black percent insulation tape [on amazon].

It has high-quality adhesive capabilities and it works pretty nicely for a bat grip. It isn’t always essential to go along with black tape, despite the fact that that is pretty the not unusual preference that maximum cricketers have with regards to adhesive tapes on the grip.

4. Make sure your hands are easy

ultimately, make certain you wash your hands before you start with the manner of setting at the tape. If your arms are grimy, chances are that the dirt will stick at the adhesive aspect of the tape and it’s going to decrease the adhesive abilities of the tape. In this kind of situation, you could now not get the favored result even if you have carried out all of the steps as described under. Technique 1 – restoration the bat grip using an insulation tape
using a % based insulation tape to repair the grip from sliding up is possibly the quicker of the two strategies that we will speak approximately.

This is virtually based at the reality that maximum folks are quite probable to have insulation tape at domestic. As a consequence you don’t ought to order and look forward to it to reach! While some cricketers favor to simply placed the insulation tape at the lowest quit of the grip at the need to of the cricket bat around the splice (as indicated in the picture on the right).

Whilst that could be a precise practice, it’s far more often than not just a transient association earlier than the tape wears out and the grip starts offevolved sliding up! Right here’s is a right approach to forestall the grip from sliding up the usage of insulation tape –

step 1 – pass the grip within the desired position

your first step is absolutely to place the grip properly in place the usage of a cone or another method you are acquainted with. You could take the assist of our exact post on the way to positioned the grip on a cricket bat. Put a cricket bat grip in 2 mins! [with or without a cone]

recollect, anything function your grip is earlier than you begin with the method, is going to be your very last grip function. So, ensure it’s far correct and inside the desired function that you want. Step 2 – making use of the p. C insulation tape
the next step is to use the % insulation tape underneath the grip. Roll the grip from the bottom of the bat as display within the photo. For this, function the grip upwards from the bottom by way of approximately 3 to four inches. Ensure the threading is in the proper situation underneath it. Placed the insulation tape at the bat manage like so
next, wind the insulation tape across the deal with about approximately an inch or two up from the shoulder of the bat. Begin with maintaining the tape at the bat shoulder, and pull it to wrap it across the shoulder. Make sure the sticky facet of the tape is at the outer side.

Seasoned tip:

whilst making use of the tape, make certain you don’t cut the tape before applying at the bat manage. This permits you to without difficulty roll the tape at the cope with. You can without problems reduce the quit the usage of a scissor after you are completed making use of the tape at the handle! Step 3 – cozy the grip on the lower end of the bat handle

as soon as you’ve got carried out the tape, you now want to roll the grip back down to its unique function. Make sure that the grip has long past down absolutely and reaches the shoulder of the bat. Preserve the grip tightly once you have got rolled down the grip absolutely to at ease it
press across the vicinity where the electric tape has been wound up. That is to make certain that the electric tape sticks nicely to the grip.

At ease the lowest of the grip by way of making use of the tape across the shoulder of the bat
the remaining issue you’ll want to do to completely comfy it from the lowest is to make certain that you wrap a few tape around the location wherein the grip ends! Making use of tape across the splice at the shoulder of the bat can work as a high-quality additional measure to save you the grip sliding up! Step four – at ease the grip on the pinnacle of the bat deal with.

now this is just an extra step. At the same time as it may now not be necessary for most players. However, it is an essential step for cricketers who prefer to use multiple grips! Securing the grip from the top is likewise notably recommended in case you are gambling in warm or humid conditions along with the sub-continent international locations like india, sri lanka, pakistan, bangladesh or even in countries like australia, uae etc. Repeat the technique on the top part of the cope with.

to secure the grip at the pinnacle of the bat deal with, you need to comply with a similar process. Certainly roll down the grip from the top about 2 to three inches. Then, practice the tape on the thread. About 2 to a few wraps of the tape around the bat take care of should be excellent enough. Next, roll up the grip again in to the original function. Don’t overlook to hold the grip tightly over the tape for approximately 30 seconds to relaxed it in location.

Method 2 – using gripgrip seasoned

certainly one of the biggest challenges even as the use of the percent insulation tape is to apply the tape with the sticky aspect on the out of doors! That’s hard to get it proper especially in case you haven’t done it a few instances already! A really perfect solution to this hassle is the gripgrip pro – the non-transferring cricket grip tape [on amazon]. It’s miles a genius answer and it makes applying it on the bat cope with to comfortable the grip a superb smooth process! The gripgrip tape is product of vulcanized rubber and takes benefit of the reality that the bat grip is also made of rubber.

It is difficult for rubber to transport while it comes in touch with any other rubber, hence prevents the bat grip from sliding up. The first-class element is that it barely fees a couple of dollars greater than the traditional percent insulation tape, but saves a ton of trouble! Furthermore, one roll of the gripgrip pro tape may be used as much as 7-8 times to cozy the grip of the bat.

Technique of applying the gripgrip seasoned
the process of applying the gripgrip pro is quite similar to the steps that we have mentioned above. Here’s a video that explains the method of making use of the gripgrip seasoned tape on a cricket bat deal with –

the handiest main difference within the manner might be which you want to reduce the tape at approximately 4 inches in length earlier than applying it on the bat. Reducing the tape before applying it at the bat handle need to be completed for the following reasons –

it prevents excessive utilization of the tape
having a small piece of gripgrip seasoned in hand allows you to stretch it appropriately at the same time as making use of it at the bat deal with
notice –
some people additionally perform the above process using glue. At the same time as it does solve the trouble of the grip sliding up, the glue tends to paste to the thread winding and makes it more difficult to replace the grip. We’d no longer advise the use of a glue to save you the grip from sliding up.

Why does a cricket bat grip slide up? The bat handle is wrapped up with a thread winding first and on top of it lie one or greater rubber grips. The grip helps the batsman avoid slipping the bat out of the hand whilst batting. While the batsman plays a shot, he holds the grip but the bat’s movement is far from the batsman.

This causes the grip to slowly flow towards the batsman. The hobby is mounted for the cricketers who have a top-handed grip that means the hand near the pinnacle of the cope with is their dominant hand whilst batting.

How many grips should you’ve got on a cricket bat?

The wide variety of grips on a bat is a matter of choice like many different elements of batting. The maximum important thing is to experience relaxed even as batting. Most of the batsmen select unmarried grip. A few use two, or three grips. In case you think three is an excessive amount of, don’t forget, cricketer vinod kambli used to have 6 grips on his bat whilst playing for india.

He has consecutive double centuries in global cricket. Obviously, the number of grips doesn’t have a right away correlation to fulfillment. However, having the right range of grips for you gives greater consolation whilst batting. This in-turn can lead to development on your overall performance and more success.

Final mind

a cricket bat grip is often the neglected element amongst all cricketing accessories. Cricketers pay attention to it only while it’s far torn or slid up and is inflicting hassle. But, there are sure things which you do to help the grip stay where you want it to stay and accordingly, closing longer.


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