Cricket Bat Sizes

There’s more to a cricket bat than you’d know. It’s more than just the shape, color, or even price. Settling for the right bat sizes will propel your career in cricket as a batsman to greater heights.


One common mistake that most batsmen make is to use a bat that’s either too big or small for them. Bat sizes are classified by certain factors that are meant to guide buyers. It helps to be keen, so you won’t keep buying cricket bats and regretting it afterward. These are the factors that determine the size of a cricket bat.

Short Handle (SH)

You may have come across the initials, SH, and wondered what they meant. Short handle cricket bats are mostly suited for batsmen that stand between the heights of 5”9 to 6 feet.

This class of men prefers it since it is easy to manipulate it to suit your batting techniques. Let’s not forget just how much easier your grip becomes while you’re on the pitch.

A short handle cricket bat is the commonest of the available types of bats. Every manufacturer is aware of their popularity and goes out of their way to make the specs even more enticing.

Bear in mind that not all short handle cricket bats are the same. You’ll have all brands to choose from, but your thorough research and evaluation will lay the foundation for memorable batting experiences.

This size is heralded for its comfortable handle that enables you to master your grip quicker. The name gives it away; a long blade bat has a blade that is longer than its average size.


It’s got all the features that you could ever dream of, but one thing will have you thinking twice. It is slightly heavier, and this could ruin your chances of batting away your bowler’s deliveries in peace.

After being around for over five years, the manufacturers seem to have gotten batsmen’s preferences. It’s not just about the weight, but the comfort it gives during a match or practice.

After multiple reviews from previous clients, the one that took the cake is that it’s a perfect choice for those with back pains or healing from them. A batsman’s stance is the saving grace and must be safeguarded at all costs. What better way to do this than buying a long blade cricket bat?

It’s easy and very common to confuse the long handle with a long blade bat. Paying more attention in the blade and handle will save you the embarrassment and agony of buying the wrong cricket bat size.


This size is essential for batsmen that fall under the 6 feet height category. A long handle won’t put a strain on their backs, especially when they assume the right stance during batting.

The unique thing about the long handle is just that, the long handle. Otherwise, all other features of regular bats are still intact. Its length is approximated at 87.5 inches.

As a tall batsman, your comfort will not be compromised when you settle for a long handle cricket bat. Another reason why taller batsmen should settle for this is that they facilitate the pick-up and balance factors.

It’s also referred to as the ‘small men’s’ bat size since it’s meant for young people who are still developing in stature. They are neither tall nor short and are in between.


The process of transitioning from childhood to adulthood is quite involving. This shouldn’t deter you from pursuing your passion for cricket and delving deeper. Manufacturers have this special lot in mind and have put bat sizes aside just for them.

The weight and height are sensitive factors that have been controversial for the longest time now. Thanks to painstaking research, academy cricket bats have emerged as the lasting solution that nurtures future cricket legends.

The handle and blade width are those of a Harrow cricket bat, but the length is that of a full-size cricket bat. This is a perfect combination that befits the class of men whose muscle frame is yet to develop.

Women’s Sizes

It’s needless to say that men’s physical frame can’t be compared to those of their female counterparts. Women are emerging in their respective fields as well and need to be included.


Reputable manufacturers have put them into consideration and put all the necessary measures in place. However, only a chosen few have lined up to take this path that’s less traveled.

So, what special features does the women’s size bat have? The blade width and length are those of full-size cricket bats. The good news is that women’s cricket is soaring and rising fast.

More women around the world are embracing cricket and making the most of the opportunities they are granted. Buying these bats for their practice sessions and matches is one way to do it.

Junior Cricket Sizes

It looks like cricket lovers of all sizes and ages are catered for. From the toddlers to the senior citizens, cricket is no longer such a big deal. Junior cricket bat sizes are not as easy to shop for.

You’ll need to put certain factors in order just so your child enjoys cricket in all its thrill. For instance, a respected cricket bats supplier sets the tone for your child’s overall cricketing experience.

The best cricket sizes for your child’s grip is just as important. Toddlers are known for their tight and firm grips. As a parent, you may want to observe them closely and start bringing up their talents.

Pay close attention to the weight of the cricket size you wish to buy for your child. Their muscles are still frail and must be handled with care. If possible, take a ride with them and shop together.

You’ll know the bat is not the right size for them when they appear to be struggling to hoist it. They won’t grow into them; their tiny arms can barely lift the cricket! Get one that they look comfortable wielding and lifting.

Your kid(s) will grow to love cricket once you equip them as you should.



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