How Important is Cricket Bat Wrap In Batting?

Cricket is a game that has a huge number of fans across the world. Cricket fans are so enthusiastic about the game that they keep on waiting for the game season to start. 


Cricket has undergone an evolutionary process. From the test series to T20, it has taken many shapes but the passion has not yet ended and it will never in the future too. Cricket games include many accessories besides an essential bat and ball. 


Cricket bat wrap is one of them. It is important to choose these items wisely as some of these items can directly interfere with your success or failure.


Selection of a bat, ball, comfortable cricket outfit, knee pads, gloves, etc. play a good role in your success. Cricket bat wrap helps to choose the looks of your bat.

Why Use a Cricket Bat Wrap?

There are various reasons why you should select the bat wrap.

Bat wraps provide grip to the bat and enable you to give impeccable batting performance in the match. Applying bat wrap will affect the hitting of the ball positively thus allowing you to hit the sixes.

Everyone wants to look trendy and want to choose things according to their tastes. Similarly, cricket players or fans also want to carry unique and stylish items. 


Cricket bat wrap helps you to give the color of your choice and a customized look to the bat. It comes in different attractive colors and artwork designs.

Bat wraps come in a lightweight material, that is strong with state-of-art designs. It gets tested by the top-performing players of the T20 game. 


They are easy to remove and you can apply another bat wrap easily. The clear extract can be applied after the bath wrap for increasing its life.

Fitting your bat wrap requires boiling water so if you are under 16, get a grown-up to help you set up the kettle and prepare a safe area. 


Once you have set up an area prepare your bat by rolling the grip halfway up the handle. Now, you are ready to start.


  • Lay the cricket bat face down and carefully slide the bat into the bat wrap. Be careful not to push the bat to the end of the bat wrap. The bat wrap should have five centimeters past the shoulder of the bat. Trim away any excess over this length.

  • Now, place your bat wrap sticker half on the bat wrap and half on the bat handle. Make sure this sticker is firmly attached because this is required to hold the bat wrap in place. The sticker can be removed later.

  • Now keep your bat on the sink or area that allows the water to drain away. Starting from the top of the bat carefully pour the hot water over the bat to the end of the bat Turn over the bat and repeat the process. The bat wrap now sticks perfectly. There might be some creases or imperfections left but do not worry about that. That’s normal and won’t affect your performance.

  • You are done!
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