Cricket batting gloves

Cricket Batting Gloves

When looking to buy cricket batting gloves the first thing to remember is the size. The size is important because you want a snug fit nothing to small or to big. Some people prefer to have a little space in the glove to reduce the hands of getting to sweaty. Other batsmen also like extra play in glove because these guys wear inner gloves to protect the glove from excess sweat and it also provides them with a snug fit.

The quality of the glove is important as a good quality gloves will last longer and provides good protection against top fast bowlers. The young bowlers in the modern game are bowling much faster than before and these guys can break your fingers. Not only are they fast but come well packaged with excellent line and length. Often times batsmen tend to get wrapped up on the knuckles while defending a good ball this is where your cricket batting gloves come into play. A good quality set of cricket batting gloves is essential to provide with that extra protection.

Cricket as we all know is played in summer and our hands become very hot and sweaty. Some batters tend to take their gloves off between overs others don’t. If your hands sweat a lot then you need a set of gloves that absorbs the sweat well and can last you through your innings. Batsmen nowadays often carry an extra set of gloves that they can change between innings just to combat the sweat factor.

There are many brand names to choose from like Gray-Nicolls, Slazenger, Gunn & Moore,  Kookaburra, Hunts,  Salix,  Woodworm and may more. Brand names is also an important factor to consider, some brands offer more quality but are bit more expensive than others. There are other brands out on market that are less popular that offer good protection and quality and are cost much less than others.

Choosing a Cricket batting glove

•    Make sure that the leather is good. Check the softness and the thickness of the leather.
•    Make it fits nicely and snug.
•    Check that the wrist protection also fits well and offers good protection.
•    Make sure the stitching is of good quality.
•    Then you will also want manage the amount of money you willing to spend on a good set of cricket batting gloves and check that the warranty is sound.

If you intend batting for a long period of time and you want to play cricket for a long time protecting your hands is vital. So choosing your cricket batting gloves are of utmost importance. Therefore I recommend you take time researching the different brands for what they can offer that doesn’t hurt your pocket.


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