Cricket Bowling Machine

Every batsman realizes the importance of mastering the speed of the bowler’s shot. This is a skill that doesn’t just come overnight. It requires you to invest heavily to get the results you desire. On this note, hours of practice each day will change your course of batting for the better. 


A cricket bowling machine should be your closest companion once you set sail on this journey. Your bowling partner will not always have time to join you for practice. 


The cricket bowling machine couldn’t have come at a better time than now. Technology has taken it a notch higher by introducing the programmable cricket bowling machines. 


At least everything will move at your pace during practice.

Cricket Bowling Machine with Screen

Simply put, this is a gadget that’s used to sharpen batting skills during training. Since its inception, the cricket bowling machine has made practice more exciting than it has ever been.


It’s fitted with technology’s most notable features that have catapulted it to greater heights. The first bowling machine came into existence in 1985 courtesy of a gentleman who goes by the name Michael Stewart.


The new improved bowling machine is fitted with a screen from where you’re free to monitor your progress. Also, the touch screen enables you to set the speed among other factors.


It has come along with major benefits that no batsman can resist;

  1. You can adjust the speed to your preference. Let’s look at the bigger picture, shall we? The cricket bowling machine is not only meant for professional batsmen. Beginners can use it to practice on the speed at which the ball is bowled at them. This machine is nurturing and grooming current cricketers into seasoned and incomparable batsmen and women.


  2. Easy To adjust and operate. There is nothing complicated about the cricket bowling machine. It’s been designed to suit the needs of both professional and amateur players. If you’re aright handed batsman and want the ball to move towards your right, just push the right button and vice-versa.


  3. It’s fast. No one likes it when their time is wasted. This timely machine is quick and responds promptly to every command you give via the click of a button.


  4. Improves your batting techniques. A batsman needs to have all his top skills and prowess intact. The bowling machine has come a long way to offer you the training you need to give rise to impeccable batting moves. You can adjust it to bowl at different angles as you bat each delivery to your most impressive moves.

After using the same bowling machine for years, it’s time to upgrade to one with the latest features. The fastest cricket bowling machine has taken the cricket world by storm since it came to the limelight.

Moving at the incomparable speed of 75 miles an hour is the Heater Sports Deuce 2 Wheel. It’s a must-have batting equipment for all serious batsmen who wish to make progress in their various batting orders.

Using it gives you the impression that you’re up against a fast bowler.

A cricketer that’s well versed in batting and bowling is knowledgeable in the all rounder machine. It fires cricket balls at a speed that only a professional cricketer can handle.

The name tells what it’s about and only a quality machine strives to take an all rounder cricketer to the next level in their career. Fitted with all the necessary features, an all rounder cricketer machine has what it takes to make it to the top of a batsman’s must-have list.

For instance, no credible cricketer would turn down an all rounder bowling machine that can take up to 12 cricket balls. What makes it a basic piece of equipment when practicing is that it is all inclusive. 

Bowlers and batsmen alike can benefit immensely from this timely invention.

Home Bowling Machine

If home is your safest and most comfortable haven for cricket practice, you might as well have it equipped. After all, the true essence of professionalism in cricket lies in how much time you set aside for lone practice.

A home bowling machine is made with exemplary features. For instance, it’s level of consistence can’t be compared to that of a normal human being. It can bowl at various speeds without getting tired.

This is a plus on your end as it enables you to look into your fitness routine. Talk about killing two birds with only one stone! You won’t always depend on your teammates to come over for bowling sessions. A home bowling machine is one of the greatest assets a batsman can have.

Advantages of a Good Bowling Machine

These are the benefits you should expect from a quality bowling machine;

  1. Highly consistent. While a human bowler is bound to understandably get exhausted, a bowling machine can fire shots back-to-back until you decide to take a break. Continuous sessions of the same are just what you need to savor the bowling experience.


  2. Helps you learn new strokes. You may have come across those shots that have proved to be such a pain in the neck. The likes of hook shots are enough to make you want to give up on your dream of becoming an exemplary cricketer. Proper and consistent use of a bowling machine is all you need to get you through these tough strokes.


  3. Polishes your footwork skills. A batsman’s excellent moves are based on his footwork. A bowling machine is designed to assist you work on your accuracy. Set the machine to your preferred area of interest and watch your rusty footwork skills get better with time.


  4. A lively backyard. Rather than settle for a backyard with no eye-catching sights, a quintessential tool will do. A bowling machine adds some zest into your quiet afternoons. Cricket is a game like no other and requires you to build an attitude of endurance and patience. Practicing at the comfort and privacy of your home’s haven taps into your inner passions for cricket.


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