Cricket Declare When Is the Right Time For It?

Cricket declaration comes under the laws of cricket. Cricket declare term refers to the condition when the captain declares not to play. In this condition, a captain can declare any dead ball during the game. Moreover, the captain can take this step in the case when there is no limit of overs.

Conditions When a Captain Can Make Cricket Declaration

“Captain declares cricket when he ensures that opponents cannot achieve the target.”

Captains are always concerned not to declare early or too late. 


Moreover, only the captain of the batting side can declare close innings from his side.

In cricket rules, there comes a term, forfeiture, along with a cricket declaration. According to the cricket declaration rule:


  1. Captain of the batting team can declare innings.
  2. The Captain has the authority to forfeit innings from his side, which would be a complete inning.
  3. Cricket declaring captain has to notify the umpire and opponent’s team captain of his decision to declare or forfeit the innings. Law 101(e) will be implemented.

The decision of cricket demands a tactical grip on the game from the captain. It can be a decision deciding the fate of results. This decision’s outcomes include a perspective that young bowlers tend to polish their skills and learn to play under pressure.


Another edge of this decision is that if the team’s batting line is not so strong, the captain will decide after setting an appropriate target. He takes this decision so that the players do not lower their morale of winning. And, they can play well on their bowling side.



In the case of limited-overs, the main focus is on run rate. If your run rate is lower, you can still maintain it by attacking and defensive bowling play.



The captain takes this decision when he is quite sure of the strength of his bowling side. If the captain has taken the wrong decision, then there are defeat chances in such a case. The opponent team might play well and resist the bowling attacks, and then this decision will bring fruit for the opponent team.

Worst Cricket Declares of History

The worst cricket declaration of cricket history was made by the South Africa team captain in 2000. The South Africa team was at 2-0 level, against the England team, in the test match and then there was rain for 3 days. 


So, the apparent conclusion was that the game would end in a tame draw. However, before that the game started, the South Africa team captain, Hansie Cronje, called Alec Stewart to ask if Nasir Hussain would like an offer to chase 270 in 73 overs to get a chance of victory.


 After the forty minutes of cricket play, Nasir Hussain sent a message to Cronje to ask whether South Africa let England try and chase 250. Cronje agreed, and then a film started. South Africa declared at 248 for 8, and England declared 0 for 0, without playing any ball. 


England had to chase 249. In contrast, England chased that target and scored 251 for 8. However, there exists a cluster of controversies about that match.

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