What is Cricket Fielding and How Should it Be Set in Cricket Field?

Cricket is one of the most popular sports globally, so one should know this sport. In cricket, there are two teams, with each team having 11 players. First, there’s the captain, of course, who has the most responsible position in the team. 


Then, there’s the wicketkeeper, who is responsible for retrieving the ball behind the stumps. Then we have the bowlers responsible for taking wickets to bowl the other team’s batter out. Then the batsmen or batswomen, who are responsible for scoring runs. 


While one team is batting, the other team does the fielding. There are numerous fielding positions one should know.

What Are Fielding Positions in Cricket?

cricket fielding position is where a fielder can be appointed to catch the batsman’s stricken ball successfully. The fielding team can use only nine out of the 36 cricket fielding positions at a time. The thirty-six fielding positions are: 

  • Wicket Keeper, 
  • First Slip, 
  • Second Slip, 
  • Third Slip, 
  • Fly Slip, 
  • Long Scoot, 
  • Third Man, 
  • Gully, 
  • Deep Gully, 
  • Silly Point, 
  • Point, 
  • Deep Point, 
  • Cover Sweeper, 
  • Cover Point, 
  • Extra Cover, 
  • Deep Extra Cover, 
  • Silly Mid-off, 
  • Mid-off, 
  • Long out, 
  • Straight Hit, 
  • Silly Mid On, 
  • Mid On, 
  • Long On, 
  • Forward Short Leg, 
  • Short Mid-Wicket, 
  • Mid-Wicket, 
  • Deep Mid-Wicket, 
  • Sweeper, 
  • Short Square Leg, 
  • Square Leg, 
  • Deep Square Leg, 
  • Leg Gully, 
  • Long Leg, 
  • Leg Slip, 
  • Short Fine Leg, and 
  • Deep Fine Leg.

How to Set Fielding in Cricket?

To set fielding in cricket, a fielder should first observe how the opposing team’s batsman hits the ball. A batsman always has a favorite move, which they will keep repeating. 


Due to this, he will strike the ball, usually in the same spot. All a fielder has to do is spot it and choose their cricket fielding position according to it. 

The top ten best fielding sides in the world are:

  • India
  • South Africa
  • Pakistan
  • West Indies
  • Sri Lanka
  • England
  • Ireland
  • New Zealand
  • Australia
  • Bangladesh

    Onboard Mike Young, Australia had an American baseball player who helped his team become the best boarding side of the 2019 World Cricket Cup, leaving England in a wrong spot. Pakistan also earned a title in the 2018 cricket match against India, who lost. It did, though, earn back its title in 2019.


After reading the cricket fielding positions’ names, most of you must be wondering why experts named them like that. Here’s why:

  • Slips-Captains would ask fielders to stand near the keeper to take advantage of any ‘slips’ (mistakes) from the batsman.
  • Point-Cricket experts have extracted the term ‘point’ from the phrase ‘near the point of the bat.’
  • The gully-The actual meaning of the word ‘gully’ is ‘a narrow space.’ The captains realized that the ball passed through the space between the Slips and Points, which lowered their chance of success, so they appointed a player to stand in ‘Gully.’
  • Third Man-This position fulfilled the same purpose as the Gully. The player in this position was appointed unintentionally and was therefore called the Third Man.
  • Cover-The captains would tell fielders to stand where they kept the pitch covers before the match, which led to the position’s modern name.


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