Cricket Gifts Ideas That Can Help you Choose The best Items For you to Gift to your Friends and Family

How easy can it be to gift someone who loves cricket passionately? It’s not as simple as it may sound, especially when you know nothing about cricket yourself. On the bright side, there are wide arrays of gifts you can choose from. 

All you need is guidance from credible sources on how to pick the gifts in question. Now is the perfect time to show your love for that cricket lover in your life. The message they’ll get from this thoughtful gesture is that you care about what matters to them. 

There’s nothing more heartwarming than that. Go the extra mile by doing your research first before parting with your first dollar.

Cricket Bat

Regardless of how old they are, your cricket enthusiasts can’t do without a cricket bat. Here’s the trick, cricket bats come in various sizes, colors, and so on. Once you figure out your loved one’s personality and preferences, you’re good to go.

Stopping by at your nearest cricket shop for gifts is a huge step. Presumably, the attendants have gathered all the knowledge necessary for this wonderful sport. Ask them a few questions before buying, and they’ll be at your beck and call.

Cricket bats are all about the handles, blades, weight, and sometimes color. Check on the durability as it is bound to cause some ripples. Anything substandard isn’t fit to be classified as a gift.

Get the basics of a cricket bat right, and your loved one will remember you fondly for this. It’ll be a learning experience for you as well, especially if you’ve only been following cricket from the sidelines.

You need to know this loved one inside out for you to purchase a cricket gift of this magnitude. A bowling machine is necessary, especially if your friend keeps inviting you over to help them practice their batting skills.

Being the good friend that you are, you never say no but have your own schedule to keep. Be on the lookout for a bowling machine that can take in as much as 12 cricket balls.

Search for a reputable brand that will make the practice sessions effective. Technology must take the center stage in your bid to stand out as a cricket gift giver.

Bowling machines have undergone major improvements since their inception. Moving with the times enables your gift recipient to familiarize themselves with all the prominent features of a quality bowling machine.

Let’s be honest with each other, is it possible to play cricket without cricket balls? Absolutely not! These may seem like something so ordinary to think of as a gift, but they are not.

A lot happens to cricket balls on the pitch or even off-pitch. It’s great to be prepared and have a special stack of cricket balls aside for emergencies or even practice.

But what makes a perfect cricket ball? If you intend to gift a man, the cricket ball weight should range between 155.9g and 163g. In a woman’s case, pick a cricket ball that weighs between 140 and 151 grams.

Next up, check the bounce and shape as they play a significant role in the outcome of a game. Without these vital features, the fate of the game is already decided, and it won’t look good.

The quality of the leather used in making the ball must be top-notch. After all, it’s the outer part that says everything about what lies inside the cricket ball. Renowned manufacturers also pay close attention to the seams as they play the sensitive role of holding the stitches together in place.

Anything substandard will leave the ball in pieces in the middle of a practice session or match.

This book is most ideal for someone that’s just begun their journey in the world of cricket and needs guidance. Cricket is not your regular sport and must be treated like the unique sport it is.

Notice that these are ‘laws’ and not ‘rules’ like all the other sports. There are 42 Laws of cricket, and every cricketer must be familiar with each one of them. If not, now is the time to engage yourself and know what they are about.

These Laws touch on every aspect of the game for it to be fun and orderly. From the popping crease to the pitch generally, all these are catered for. If you’re gifting a child, some books use a simpler language that they would understand.

Kids shouldn’t have a hard time trying to grasp the concepts that are laid down in the Laws of cricket. Instead, it should be a fun time for them as they discover their love for cricket and how to put it in motion.

Take Them Out to a Ball Game

There isn’t a better way to spend quality time with a cricket lover than going out to a cricket game together. Diehard fans can relate to the fun and thrill of watching a live match.

Whatever you do, keep conversations that are not related to the game at bay. They’ll find it too distracting and will begin wishing you wouldn’t have come along.

Book tickets earlier and let them know in advance (maybe two weeks earlier or so) in case they have a busy schedule. They’ll look forward to this, and their excitement levels will be over the rooftop.

Autographed Cricket Souvenirs

This may be somewhere close to impossible, but you might get lucky. After listening to your gift recipient rant about their favorite cricket personality, they leave the ball in your court.

You could carry their cricket bat, or any of their cricket items, and have them autographed. No cricket lover can resist the charm of their most idolized cricket star.

Going out of your way to achieving this just for them makes you a rare gem. This will be one of their most prized possessions as long as they live.

Practice With Them

Taking an interest in their avidity for this sport and going all-in is a loving gesture. Setting aside your precious time for them is truly a cricket gift with a difference.



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