Cricket Helmet: Is it Compulsory to Wear One?

When we watch a recreation of cricket being played, one of the maximum commonplace website is that of a batsman sporting a helmet! While the purpose for sporting a helmet may be apparent to a number of us, but an interesting query that i’m frequently asked is, “is it compulsory to wear a cricket helmet?”.

So, is it obligatory to put on a helmet in cricket? Presently, it isn’t always compulsory to wear a helmet in the sport of cricket. But, if a cricket participant does select to put on a helmet, it should be compliant with the british widespread bs7928:2013 as per the amended icc clothing and equipment guidelines from 1st january 2017.

The query of whether or not sporting a helmet have to be obligatory has triggered a global debate within the cricketing global in the latest beyond especially with the phil hughes incident. But, in case you do determine to buy a helmet, we’ve compiled a list of helmet producers which can be compliant with british popular bs7928:2013 and are permitted by means of icc. So, let’s research a piece greater approximately the regulations around carrying a cricket helmet.

Why do cricketers put on a helmet?

Cricket can be a risky game, and as a participant, you need all of the protection feasible so that it will carry out to the exceptional of your capacity and with complete self assurance. The human head is pretty fragile in spite of the presence of a robust cranium. A blow to a human head can maximum definitely bring about a fatal incident. Hence, the main purpose of wearing a helmet is to protect the pinnacle of a player from by chance getting hit by a cricket ball inside the head.

A helmet is taken into consideration as one among many protecting gears that a cricket participant wears at the same time as playing the sport. Who wears a helmet in the sport of cricket? Helmets, in the sport of cricket, are worn by way of a batsman and fielders who are fielding specially in a close proximity to a batsman as they have a better threat of getting hit on the pinnacle.

The most apparent fielder to put on a helmet might be a wicket keeper as he has the most chance of getting hit now not just by a batsman however additionally via a short ball from the bowler. Other fielding positions in which gamers generally tend to wear a helmet are – silly factor, forward brief permit, backward short leg, or even a leg slip or sometimes a leg gully particularly whilst a spin bowler is bowling. Why do some batsmen now not put on a helmet in cricket? Sunil Gavaskar turned into regularly seen gambling without a helmet (picture supply)
as we’ve mounted above that carrying a helmet, despite the fact that now not compulsory, may be critical to keep away from any severe injuries.

But, there have been times that cricket gamers have refused to wear a helmet. This turned into most common within the 1970s & nineteen eighties and frequently prior to that. The maximum not unusual motive cited by using maximum gamers turned into that they seem to find it distracting to play with a helmet on.

Another set of cricketers chose to put on a helmet handiest at the same time as playing a fast bowler, and regularly a helmet could burst off when they were gambling a spin bowler thinking about that chances of being hit on the top had been a long way lower even as facing a spin bowler. A number of the alternative first-rate players blanketed the exceptional vivian richards, mohammed azharuddin & ajay jadeja (even within the late nineteen nineties).

There are times whilst even ms dhoni has been seen playing without a helmet. What are the new icc policies of wearing a cricket helmet? The global cricket council (icc) has indicated that in relation to cricket helmets, their aim is to have all batsmen wearing the safest helmets to be had. Accordingly, in january 2017, icc came out with a brand new regulations for wearing a cricket helmet as part of its amended apparel and system rules.

The brand new policies stipulate that if any participant when batting elects to wear a helmet, in worldwide cricket, that it have to be compliant with the new british widespread (bsi) – bs7928:2013. Any participant found sporting a non-compliant helmet can be issued an legit caution for the first two fits every. If there’s a third breach by using the identical participant, he will be suspended for one suit.

As a part of the bs7928:2013 requirements, icc introduced 2 key functions for all helmets to be compliant with icc. The helmet producers want to ensure that the new helmets have exceeded facial contact projectile test that assesses for penetration of the ball thru the faceguard, and make contact with of the faceguard onto the face, the usage of practical ball impact speeds and situations. Head protectors had been examined one at a time towards guys’s and junior sized cricket balls.

How to make certain that a helmet is compliant with icc’s new regulations? All the helmets which have passed the specified requirements, and has gone through all the vital testing as stated above, will be absolutely labelled as “bs7928:2013”. Moreover, the label shall similarly mention the size of the ball towards which it’s been tested (widespread cricket ball or junior cricket ball)
list of helmet producers compliant with icc guidelines
icc has indicated a listing of helmet manufacturers which can be compliant with its new regulations. These are both for senior and junior cricket. Underneath is a table indicating all of the the helmet brands. S. No helmet emblem senior cricket junior cricket

certain model guide for every logo may be determined on this hyperlink:

what is the “icc concussion” rule? Icc also recently came out with a new concussion rule in an effort to generally tend to injury caused to a cricketer because of a blow on his head by means of a cricket ball. As in line with the icc’s concussion rule, a crew is authorized to update a player who has been hit on the head with the aid of a bouncer all through a suit. As in keeping with the policies, the there needs to be a like-for-like substitution. The fit referee is empowered to make selections if you want to enforce a like-for-like substitution.

Will it’s made obligatory to put on helmets in the future? It’s miles difficult to expect the future, however, going via the modern developments it’s miles especially in all likelihood that it could be made compulsory for a batsman to put on a helmet even when gambling a spin bowler. Such projects have already been taken up by means of the cricket boards in a number of the countries. Cricket australia (ca), the australian cricket board, has already taken an initiative to put into effect the obligatory helmet rule in is domestic circuits.

Moreover, england and wales cricket board (ecb) has already mandated for all batsmen within the domestic cricket to wear a helmet while batting even if dealing with medium pace or spin bowling. Moreover, it has additionally made it compulsory for a fielder to wear a helmet even as fielding within 8 yards of the wicket. Going by using the historical developments, icc has been regularly recognized to take a success experiments carried out through the ecb in home cricket and reflect it at the international level.


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