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Batting is a crucial position in cricket and requires you to polish up constantly on what you already know. If you wish to be a good batsman/woman some day, there are techniques that should propel you. 


Batting is more than just hitting a cricket ball with a bat. You have to know whether you are batting against a fast bowler. If so, how will you go about it without developing panic attacks? Worse still, letting your mind wander off when the game is in session. 


It’s quite normal to have these kinds of responses, especially when you’re a first-timer. New cricket batting techniques are being introduced to cricket lovers on a daily basis. Learn the original ones first to avoid getting mixed up.

Keep Your Eyes on the Ball

An outstanding batsman must have a good vision. If this feature is not intact, it’ll not be possible to score runs. Don’t let poor vision hinder you from playing your favorite sport. 

Schedule an appointment with a certified specialist and make a point of practicing from time to time. Have your friends come over to your place, and have one of them bowls the ball towards you as the batsman.

This sends a positive message to the rest of your body about your intention to score. Move your head slightly forward as you eagerly wait for its release towards your stump.

Channel all your energy towards the ball as it heads towards you. It’s a critical step, and the last thing you’d want is to set your body on relax mode before scoring runs.

The principle of starting small also applies in the game of cricket. A batting technique that you should never ignore is that of setting goals that are within your reach.

This gives you the chance to know where your weak points lie and work on them. Each ball in bowling counts when you’re a batsman. Most importantly, don’t be too hard on yourself.

A run at a time will amount to a full-fledged champion.

You don’t have to follow every single move the legends make. Being a first-time batsman gives you the chance to discover where your strengths lie. For instance, you might have observed that you tend to score runs easily simply by putting your front foot forward.

Play to this rhythm and see how far it’ll take you. It takes time to find out what works in your favor, but you’ll get it eventually.

Find the Chemistry

Nothing is sweeter than playing a sport with a passion. Having chemistry with every part of batting is just where your victory begins. Practice a few strokes with your bat then get to your favorite.

This is where you get a friend to come over and initiate the whole process. Have them throw a cricket ball to which you showcase your greatest batting strokes.

Check Your Posture

A great deal of your runs depends solely on the posture you assume during batting. Try to avoid a poor body position as much as possible as it interferes with a perfect and easy run.

Start off with your grip of the bat and work on it. Don’t hold it like you’re ready to clobber someone! Be as relaxed as you can, but at the same time, try to maintain your focus.

You can practice even when there’s no bowler or ball in sight.

Holding the bat, focusing on the bowler and the ball, and maintaining the right position can wear you out. Know when to relax and refocus so as not to get carried away.

Your mental energy works hand in hand with your physical energy to set the stage for endless runs. The best time to rest easy is when you wait for the bowler to get their Stuff right.

Don’t sweat it; just take each moment as it comes.

Don’t try to over-analyze every step that you’ve learned in one sitting. Instead, keep things simple and watch everything fall in place. When you’re on the ground, don’t make a big fuss over every move that’s made.


This will only lead to panic and anxiety, leading to a lack of alertness and loss of focus. Runs are your target, and you should only play your way towards them. As you play, the steps you followed at practice will eventually come to remembrance. 

Analyze Your Shot Selection

In cricket, practice is not a one-time thing. It goes on and on, at least until you’re sure you’re familiar with the basics. You can even practice when you’re on your couch or on a bench at the park.

Analyze your cricket shot selection as calmly as you sample your greatest discoveries. You may have noticed that a certain body movement or posture has been an asset during your recent practice sessions.

Go back to the pitch as soon as you’re down with your analysis and put it in action.

An accurate body posture is sure to yield many runs during your game. The same case applies even in your grip of the bat. What better way to improve on accuracy than constant practice?

No matter how much of an expert you see yourself becoming, your work is going to need polishing. Even better, check on those areas that are considered less important.

Accurate moves are the solid foundation upon which a successful game is built.

You do realize that most of the steps require a certain level of physical fitness, right? Playing cricket is an exercise in itself, but you do need to look thoroughly into the real deal.

It’s almost impossible to acquire and maintain a certain posture when batting or bowling when you’re not fit. The chemistry we talked about earlier won’t be achieved if you’re always struggling with the fitness factor.

When physical fitness is achieved, you can rest assured of flexibility in all that you embark on. In fact, all the bowling and batting steps will be a walk in the park. Jogging or stretching out your limbs before practice is a great start.



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