What Makes a Great Cricket T Shirt and What Should You Know Before Buying it

Buying cricket gear is definitely not something to be taken lightly. The game is only as good as the tools used in playing including the t shirt. Most cricket enthusiasts have not really had much luck in picking the best cricket t shirts.


Being keen when buying one is a sure way to keep counterfeits at bay. This timely guide shows you all you need to consider when shopping around for a cricket t shirt.

A Perfect Fit

It’s no use wearing an oversize cricket t shirt when getting set for a match. Worse still, you wouldn’t feel too comfortable in one that’s extra smaller than your regular size.


Buying a shirt online can be quite tricky especially when the manufacturer’s units are not the ones you’re used to. Shopping for it physically gives you the chance to assess it to the core.


Besides, cricket is a game that involves so much physicality. For instance, jumping, running, and the likes require a comfortably fitting cricket shirt. Flexibility is a factor that you must never downplay and overlook since it gives you an upper hand when playing.


A nicely fitting cricket t shirt also assures you of maintaining the right body temperature. You won’t have to play and need a fan at the same time or maybe freeze when temperatures become lower.

The correct fabric goes a long way in ensuring safety and comfort for your skin. Make sure that it’s breathable to avoid moisture getting trapped within the confines of your skin.


Ideally, cricket t shirts should be made from genuine fabrics such as polyester, cotton, or even fleece. It’s good to have a particular fabric close by that goes with the season at hand.


For example, a woolen cricket shirt is said to be best of the winter season. Most cricketers prefer polyester due to its ability to dry very fast in case of intense sweating.


When you land a cricket shirt with a suitable fabric, check on other features as well. These include the pocket size, ventilation spots and the likes. Generally, a quality cricket t shirt must have credible features in check to support adequate ventilation.

Batsmen and bowlers alike should have these types of cricket shirts in their collection. They support flexibility and general comfort as they stretch all the way to the neck line.


Cricketers that don t shirts with these sleeves are free to move their arms and pull any kinds of stunts in the course of the game. What makes them stand out even more is that the sleeves are not usually the same color as the rest of the t shirt.


Since the underarms seem to be among the most affected areas when playing, Raglan sleeves offer unmatched comfort and freedom. Bowlers are more than welcome to try the Raglan sleeves out and leave their reviews.

With all the jumping and running, cricketers are bound to sweat beyond their usual limits. This is one of the many reasons you should have a t shirt that has your back. 


As mentioned earlier, polyester has the rare ability to keep you dry even when sweat comes trickling without an invitation.



This texture is mostly preferred for cricket for this reason and ends up leaving the wearer in complete satisfaction and comfort.

Importance Of Picking The Best Cricket T Shirt

Whether you’re playing cricket professionally or just casually, a quality T shirt must be in order. Here are reasons why it’s important to always settle for one that fits you in every way;


  • You are assured of utmost comfort. Cricket is a game that requires complete mental focus. Picking a T shirt with all the features listed above gives you peace of mind and enables you to focus on your game uninterrupted.

  • Safety of your skin is guaranteed. Imagine having sweat lingering on your skin for hours on end, and worse still, it continues to trickle uncontrollably. Cricketers with sensitive skin are bound to suffer dire consequences that might affect them in the long term. Most cricketers suffer from allergic reactions or even rashes as a result of settling for low quality fabric for their cricket T shirts. A polyester cricket T shirt is beneficial since it keeps your skin dry and guarantees topnotch safety and comfort.

  • You get to enjoy flexibility to the maximum. This is a requirement that must be at the top of your list when buying a cricket T shirt. A raglan sleeved cricket T shirt is just as stylish and unique as they come. You wouldn’t have trouble pulling any kinds of stunts on the pitch during a match. Better still, you’ll be at liberty to come up with your own special moves in the process.

Where To Get Them

The internet has been very instrumental and supportive in matters to do with cricket. There are plenty of credible shopping sites online that offer all the very best in cricket gear.


What’s more, they go the extra mile and post informative articles on how and where to get the very best. Finding a quality cricket T shirt doesn’t have to be such a tough venture.


Shopping online is advantageous since you are treated to a wide variety of the latest in cricket gear. Cricket T shirts are available in multiple sizes, colors, fabrics, designs.


All you have to do is shop for them at the click of a button and they are delivered straight to your doorstep. You can also choose to shop at your trusted local cricket gear shop.


This is also advantageous since you get to try them out and verify the size among other sensitive factors. It is also faster and more convenient since you pay for what you like and walk out of the shop fully armed.


Whichever seems to work best for you should put all the factors listed above into consideration.

Have A Collection

All lovers of cricket understand the importance of having a fully stocked collection of cricket gear. In our case, having just one shirt is not enough. A lot happens and you may want to find a replacement soonest possible.

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