Different Types of Cricket Shots – The Ultimate Guide!

In cricket, a batsman has two key roles to play – to attain runs and to guard his wicket. Now not all balls can be attacked nor all balls need to be defended. Relying at the kind of transport and the sphere placement, a batsman may additionally have to make changes at the same time as playing the shot.

However do you understand what all varieties of shots are there in cricket? What form of pictures you may play to a particular sort of delivery? What are the revolutionary pictures? A way to tackle the sector placements? In cricket, the type of shot a batsman performs depends on the line and length of the ball.

A number of the maximum not unusual cricket pictures are the drives, cuts, glances, pulls, hooks, or sweeps. In modern cricket, revolutionary pictures like transfer hit, scoops, or reverse sweep also are quite common. In case you want to know approximately all the orthodox in addition to modern pictures and whilst they may be preferably performed, this text is just for you.

Allow’s explore all the shots found within the cricket book, along with a few innovative or unorthodox photographs played via a number of the geniuses of the game.

the above chart showcases the path wherein an average shot is performed through the batsman. The chard is for a proper surpassed batsman. For a left-passed batsman, you may use a replicate photo of this chart to apprehend the sort of cricket shots. So, make sure you refer again to this chart in case any particular shot is uncertain.

1. Protecting photographs:

on occasion gambling a shielding shot is a higher desire than the attacking one, attributable to the merit of the transport. You can play protecting shots at the front foot or lower back foot. Allow’s observe both forms of defensive shots in detail. Ahead defence

it is one of the pictures played at the the front foot, subsequently the call. The forward defence or the front-foot defence is the nice choice when the ball is pitched around the good duration and the line of the ball is threatening the stumps. To play this shot, circulate your front foot toward the pitch of the ball and get your head near your knee earlier than bringingthe bat down to connect the ball. There shouldn’t be a large hole among the bat and the pad and the bat’s attitude have to be downwards, toward the ground. Raise the heel of your lower back foot as you join, and avoid a observe-through as the goal is to dam and now not strike the ball. How to play good duration ball in cricket? (10 helpful tips!)

in one among my earlier posts, i’ve furnished in-intensity facts on how to play a great period delivery in cricket. Ensure you check it out! Again foot defence

it’s miles said that to make huge rankings, learning the back foot defence along with the ahead defense is a need. The lower back-foot defense can be applied to counter a ball pitched just quick of the coolest period, that is growing among the waist and the chest.

Once more, the aim have to be to shield the shipping rather than scoring runs. The batsman gambling this type of shot has to ensure the ball does now not land inside the catching zones of fielders, and it’s far executed so by way of getting on top of the jump and directing the ball closer to the floor.

For this shot, you need to transfer your weight from your the front foot on to your again foot so that you can cross deeper into the crease. Hold a high front elbow with the bat angled in the direction of the floor as you’re making contact with the ball.

Play with soft arms, so the ball drops simply in front of your ft. Status tall is critical right here, to recover from the top of the shipping. The subsequent photo shows a very good example of the again foot defence.

2. Drives

drives are instantly-batted photographs, performed with the aid of swinging the bat in a vertical arc through the line of the ball. Permit’s discover the pressure pictures. Instantly drive

virat kohli and sachin tendulkar playing a straight power
it’s far one of the maximum classical and graceful pictures from the repertoire. If you want to look the proper instance of a instantly drive, watch india’s sachin tendulkar or virat kohli in movement. The directly power is generally performed if the delivery is ideal to complete length and the road is around the middle stump or off stump.

To play the shot, you ought to make the forward stride to convey the the front foot near the pitch of the ball. You want to bend your front leg barely, whilst your head need to be above your front knee. The bat face must be facing immediately towards the bowler while hanging the ball and a high front elbow is recommended. Off power

much like the straight power, the off pressure is performed in the path of the mid-off and long-off fielding function. The gambling approach is similar to the instantly force shot. Also, just like the directly force, the off pressure is performed in opposition to a fuller transport directed at or barely outside the off stump.

a nicely-timed ahead stride toward the pitch of the ball and the observe-through closer to the goal location may be very crucial. A mild swing or mistime can land you in deep trouble. On pressure

england’s andrew flintoff performs an on power via mid-on (photo credit score)
because the call indicates, on power is performed closer to mid-on and long-on fielding position. Normally, this shot is offered for a complete-period shipping bowled at the leg stump. It’s far performed just like the immediately drive, besides the goal direction is in the direction of the mid-on fielding position. The shot is performed on the front foot, with the path and follow-via intended closer to the mid-on. The batsman should deliver his bat down closer to the pitch of the ball to play the on force shot.


Cowl forcesteve smith plays a cover pressure :

steve smith plays a cowl drive  the cover force is much like the drives we noticed earlier, the best difference is the direction in which the ball is hit. It is named cowl power as the ball is pushed thru the “covers” area of the sphere, that is among the instantly and the rectangular component on the off-aspect.

This shot is played to an awesome to complete-length shipping that is around the off-stump line or wider. This is played in a similar style as the off power shot, just that the the front foot needs to be delivered ahead and slightly wider closer to the line of the ball. Also, the bat’s face and the observe-via should be within the path of the quilt region. Rectangular pressure a batsman performs a rectangular drive all through a cricket suit a batsman plays a square drive at some point of a cricket match.

the square drive may be performed in opposition to suitable to full-length deliveries which are wide out of doors the off stump. Square pressure is very difficult and risky specifically for novices as it’s miles performed with the palms away from the body. To play the rectangular pressure, flow your the front foot in the direction of the pitch and the road of the ball with.

Make certain that the front leg is bent, the head have to be over the the front knee. You need to be in balance while gambling the shot. Even as playing any such shot, the timing should be ideal. Check out the beneath video for greater information. Tip: in no way take your eyes off the ball until you are making the touch. To play a rectangular pressure, loads depends on the hand-eye coordination.

Lower back foot power

it is a again-foot shot. With the again foot force, you could rating runs inside the place among mid-on and cowl to a transport that is simply brief of a duration relying on the line of the ball, which may be on the stumps or just outside the off stump.

To play the again foot force, pass back in the direction of the stumps, align with the road of the ball, and stand as tall as feasible, along with your toes relatively near together. Then bring the bat thru the road of the ball, and get in touch with the vertical bat. A high front elbow is vital here as properly to keep the bat straight. Sachin tendulkar punches off the returned foot in opposition to new zealand sachin tendulkar punches off the again foot against new zealand
if the line of the transport is for your frame or at leg stump, then hit the ball via the mid-on area. Deliveries on the center or off stump may be played immediately down the ground. If the delivery is just outside the line of off stump, you could play it via mid-off.

Leg look:

while a ball is flicked in the direction of the leg side with the directly bat and a few wrist paintings, it is known as the leg look. With this shot, the ball is deflected towards the rectangular leg or great leg vicinity. You could play the leg glance on the front foot or lower back foot depending on the period of the ball.

The leg glance is all approximately deflecting the ball and making use of the tempo of the ball. Kevin peterson plays a leg glance throughout a cricket healthy the front foot leg look front foot leg look may be played against deliveries pitched anywhere between true and complete duration, going on the center stump or the leg stump line. To play the front foot leg glance, observe those smooth steps:

step 1

take a look at the road of the ball and lean in the direction of it, placing the weight at the the front leg. Make certain the the front leg is bent.

convey the bat down, as directly as viable. With some wrist work, flip the face of the bat barely toward the leg facet.

join the ball in front of the front pad to look it away. Again foot leg look similar to the the front foot glance, in case of the returned foot glance, the flick is finished at the returned foot. It could be performed to short or lower back of the duration deliveries, providedit reaches you at a cozy height for the directly batted flick shot.

It ought to be played most effective if the transport is both in step with the stumps (or the body) or when it’s happening the leg aspect. Again foot glance is a very good preference of shot to play against beginning bowlers as it is based on the ball coming onto the bat.

If you can play this shot well, you’ll without difficulty score a few runs square and in the back of the wicket on the leg side. Learn returned foot leg glance in those 3 steps. Step 1

pass lower back to your crease. Make certain you’ve got your leg stump blanketed. The pinnacle have to be ahead even as the body should be in step with the ball. Step 2

carry the bat down, as instantly as possible. With some wrist work, flip the face of the bat barely toward the leg side. Step 3

connect the ball in front of the body, and glance it away. Returned foot leg look

image 1 credit score photograph 2 credit score photograph 3 credit

The sweep photograph:

normally used towards spinners, the sweep shots are move-batted photographs played at the the front foot, generally by using kneeling on one knee. A batsman playing a sweep shot throughout a cricket healthy (picture credit)
there are a few versions of sweep shots.

Sweep :

the sweep shot is meant to dispatch the ball at the leg side between the mid-wicket to the excellent leg. The shot may be performed in opposition to top to complete-length deliveries. It’s far extra appropriate if the ball is pitched at the center or leg stump. It isn’t advisable to play sweep pictures in opposition to the deliveries turning away from you because it will warfare with the bat-swing route and yield undesirable effects.

Opposite sweep :

the opposite sweep is an modern sweep performed with a reversed bat. The shot has emerge as extremely famous in cutting-edge cricket. Whilst the captain or the spinner sets fielders on the leg aspect to counter the sweep photographs, it leaves some gaps on the off-facet.

In one of these situation, in preference to the sweep, the batsman can pass for the opposite sweep shot and make the most the off-aspect place by way of dispatching the ball within the opposite direction in comparison to the ordinary sweep shot i. E. Behind the rectangular at the off-facet
paddle sweep

the paddle sweep is played to a ball fuller and quicker ball. Unlike the normal sweep shot, there’s no full-fledged bat swing right here. The purpose right here is to hit ball finer i. E. As near the wicketkeeper as possible. To play this shot, you must be low in the function, with head moved ahead and the ball must have pitched barely on middle and leg then you may enlarge the palms within the front, near the factor of impact, and use the pace of the ball to direct the ball as great as viable.


cuts pictures are basically cross-batted shots performed at a quick shipping. In reduce shots, the batsmen use the tempo of the ball to deflect the ball closer to the square or behind the rectangular at the off-facet. Square reduce

andrew flintoff of england plays a rectangular reduce because the call suggests, this shot is performed square of the wicket at the off-facet. It is one of the most widely used shot and used to punish the bowlers for his or her terrible line and period. It’s far a again-foot shot, played in opposition to the again of duration or quick deliveries which are extensive outdoor the off stump.

Tip: deliveries which might be in the direction of the frame aren’t appropriate for this shot. You need sufficient room to play this shot. To play the square reduce, you have to pass on your again foot, after which loose your hands and try to strike the ball with the horizontal bat.

Do not forget, the later you play the ball, the squarer the ball will cross. Stay tall all through the shot, in any other case, you can become hitting the ball inside the air.

Uppercut i consider in the early 2000’s sachin tendulkar playing the uppercuts in opposition to the real speedy bowlers and when you consider that then many batsmen accompanied him. In the above video, you can see how rohit sharma (at the proper) re-created sachin tendulkar’s unforgettable uppercut shot played against the fastest bowler shoaib akhtar in the 2003 world cup.

The higher cut is performed in opposition to the back of a period or brief balls which are outdoor the line of the off-stump. The shot is performed at the lower back foot, to hit the ball over the pinnacle of the slip region or in the air in the back of the square on the off-aspect.

To destroy the higher cut, you need to get below the ball, and once the ball reaches a secure top, extend your fingers and slice the ball. It is important to remain properly balanced at the same time as gambling the shot. 6. Pulls and hooks it’s time to check out multiple beautiful returned foot pictures performed on the leg aspect on quick-pitched deliveries.

Pull shot

with the pull shot, you could dispatch the ball on the leg facet, among the mid-wicket and the first-rate leg. This shot can be played against quick or back of duration deliveries which might be in step with the stumps. It’s played with better control if the ball is extra towards the leg facet.

India’s virendra sehwag performs a pull shot in a match against australia india’s virendra sehwag performs a pull shot in a in shape towards australia this shot can be with no trouble performed if the ball’s jump is among the waist and the shoulder.

To play a pull shot, ensure you transfer your weight on the again foot first, before rotating your torso and swinging the bat horizontally to intercept the rising ball on the proper moment. Depending on the sphere role, you want to determine whether to hit the ball in the air.

To keep away from the aerial course, try to roll your wrist by using rotating your pinnacle surrender the bottom hand on the time of touch. Hook shot this hook shot is played if the bounce of the ball is around or over the shoulder. So, the short period is the proper length for the hook shot, even as the line of the ball should be in step with the stumps or ideally more toward the leg side. You may goal the region among the mid-wicket and first-class leg with the hook shot.

The shot is played similar to the pull shot and includes the rotation of the torso and bat swing. Here, the energy is generated from the velocity of the rotation and the hand velocity. If the ball’s line is more toward the leg facet, it will not require plenty power as you may be capable of deflect the ball on the leg aspect effortlessly the use of the pace of the ball.

If the ball is on the off stump, you’ll want more electricity, also the ball will journey squarer on the leg aspect. Greater frequently, the hook shot is performed within the air, so watch out for the leg aspect area placements whilst attacking the short-pitched transport with the hook shot.

Some other revolutionary or unorthodox cricket photographs:

we already covered a few progressive pictures earlier in this newsletter, like reverse sweep or higher reduce. Permit’s test a few more unorthodox or progressive photographs. Ramp shot the ramp shot is a returned-foot shot which may be performed in opposition to quick deliveries, growing above the chest peak to send the ball in the back of the square at the off-side.

It is more approximately deflecting the growing ball behind the rectangular the use of the ball’s pace. To master the ramp shot, check out the above video.

Transfer hit

in switch hit, a right-hander adjustments the stance in addition to the grip to quickly turn in to a left-hander, and vice versa. The progressive shot is not an smooth shot to play. You gained’t locate it being performed by the batsmen that regularly, however this sort of shot is a pleasure to watch. Transfer hit is played by using making pre-meditated movements right earlier than the bowler releases the ball.

It may be played against any sort of deliveries and depending on the batsman’s strike, the ball may be sent anywhere in the subject. Plenty and masses of practice is needed to play such pictures hopefully in the match. In the above video, watch kevin pietersen hit multiple sixes with the transfer hit towards new zealand


one of the cheekiest photographs, the periscope is the modern innovation within the cricket world, invented by using bangladeshi batsman soumya sarkar. He performs this shot particularly to counter bouncers. To play periscope, sarkar holds his bat in the air after which clips the ball with it towards the quick first-rate leg.

Paddle scoop

the ordinary scoop shot is from time to time also known as paddle scoop, marillier shot, or ramp shot. It’s far performed in the back of the rectangular on both facets of the wicket, to an amazing to complete-period transport. It could additionally be performed to a full toss or a yorker ball, by way of intercepting it before the leap.

the shot is played by means of extending the bat out in the front of you in a face-up role and then deflecting the ball in the back of. You may tilt your bat to deflect the ball at the left or right facet. Dilscoop
for the duration of the 2009 icc global twenty20 event, sri lankan batsman tillakaratne dilshan exhibited a unique scoop shot that’s now commonly known as dilscoop. It’s miles unique from the paddle scoop because dilshan’s scoop is performed immediately over the top of the wicketkeeper.

Tillakaratne dilshan’s dilscoop

that is any other progressive scoop shot. We have seen many times ab de villiers playing the reverse scoop with which he hits a six over the wicket keepers head. To play opposite scoop, de villiers actions 2 or 4 times before the bowler gives you the ball and still sets himself in a superb function to hit it over the wicketkeeper’s head. Watch the video above to witness the excellent opposite scoop of ab de villiers.

The helicopter shot ultimate but not the least, ms dhoni’s well-known helicopter shot is always a treat to watch. Ms dhoni and his helicopter shot the bat swing on this shot resembles the rotation of the blades of a helicopter, hence the name.

The shot is performed at the leg aspect. Watch the video to look how you could play this iconic shot. Final thoughts
there’s your whole guide to all of the cricketing shots. To be a successful batsman, you need to have very good selection making about the shot choice, and knowing them is the first step in this path.

A amazing batsman now not simplest masters all the pictures from the cricket manuals, but he also enhances the sport with his very own batting style and progressive techniques. A genius batsman invents his very own photographs just as dilshan invented the dilscoop and ms dhoni came up together with his helicopter shot which cannot be observed in any e book of cricket, and that’s the beauty of the game of cricket.


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