Do Female Cricketers Wear a Box

The question “do female cricketers wear a box” is a good one. It is an interesting one, because in a country where cricket is the national pastime, most of the time cricketers wear a box. 


In fact this practice has been around since the 1970s in the West Indies where the players of the national team wear a very similar box as the cricket players do. So why do female cricketers wear a box?



How Important Wearing A Cricketers Guard Box is


The first reason for wearing a box is obvious – to hide the fact that female cricketers are playing cricket! In the West Indies they have a nickname for the female players – “girls boxers”. It is a lot of fun watching them play and they give it their all but I am sure they do not like being called “girl’s boxers”. A box is the traditional cricket equipment worn by most cricketers and it is an essential part of the game. Without the box the cricketer would be a walking spectacle.



If you have ever watched a cricket match and you see a female cricketer in a box, then you will know what I am talking about. It is quite difficult for an adult to notice her wearing one and at the same time she is wearing all the other important accessories of the game.


She would be the only player in the outfield without a bat and without a ball. This is because she would be covered up by the box. For many cricketers it is a matter of respect that the box cannot be seen from the outfield and they make sure that it has a cover over the top.


Another reason why cricketers wear a box is because it can hide the fact that they are carrying a bat. If a female cricketer were to be caught without a bat or ball then the other players could easily deduce that she was doing something that could be seen from the outfield. It is just as bad if the other players get an idea that you are going to hit a boundary and then start cheering as soon as you have a shot to hit the boundary and it is not the bat you are using but a bowling ball!



Cricket is played by a lot of men, so it is not really necessary for women to wear a box. But it is a tradition in some parts of the world that the female players of cricket wear a box. and sometimes they do not even have any protection over the top. In other places they wear a short skirt that is loose fitting to match the uniform and they wear a blouse and scarf that hang over the shoulder as well as the box. The reason for this is not known but there are many theories.



There are many reasons why male cricketers wear boxes – they look cool but the main one seems to be that cricket is a very masculine sport and many men want to look cool too. Also a box gives the player a sense of power and control which is not the same as a ball without the cover.



There are other women who have started wearing these boxes who have been known to play cricket for decades and they are still wearing them even after their cricket careers have come to an end. They may have retired from the game, but they keep them because they love them.


In addition, there is no doubt that they have taken a great enjoyment from having a box. It is not something that is seen very often as a fashion accessory but the women who choose to wear them are certainly enjoying their freedom and the sense of comfort that they bring with them.



I hope that you will consider all this. In fact I hope that this article will encourage you to think carefully about this question when you go to buy a new cricket equipment.

Thanks to all the material made available to us online, this should be way easier for all cricket enthusiasts. Reading more about your favorite game opens your eyes to view things you never did before.



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