How Many Batsmen in Cricket Have Have Scored Fastest 100 Runs in ODI

‘Start by doing what’s necessary, then what’s possible, and suddenly you are doing the impossible.’ – Francis of Assisi.



One Day International (ODI) is a cricket match with limited-overs played at the international level. In this match, every team has to face fixed overs. These selected overs are currently bound to 50 overs. ODI matches are also known as LOI matches (Limited Overs Internationals). 


Cricket has 2.5 billion fans all over the world. If you are one of them, you will enjoy reading this article because it is full of knowledge and interesting information about one of the world’s most famous games – Cricket. In this article, we’ll discuss the top three Fastest 100 Runs in ODI. One hundred runs are usually known as a century made by a cricket player. 

1. AB De Villiers

AB De Villiers is a South African cricketer who made the Fastest 100 Runs in ODI against West Indies in 2015 at the Wanderers. He started batting in the 38th over and played for the next 1 hour. He set a record for the Fastest 100 Runs in ODI over 31 balls. 

AB De Villiers’ excellent performance led the South African team towards the winning post. He scored 149 runs in that ODI match by hitting nine fours and 16 sixes. You will be amazed to know that the South African opener Hashim Amla scored 153 runs and remained not out. 


At the same time, AB De Villiers started batting in the 38th over and scored 149 runs. He got out when he was only four runs short of Hashim Amla’s score.

During the 1970s, Pakistani batsman Mushtaq Mohammed played the first reverse sweep shot. Sometimes Mushtaq’s brother, Hanif Muhammad, is credited as the inventor of this classic winner shot. 


But the shot gained popularity when the late Bob Woolmer used it often. The reverse sweep is also the signature shot of Javed Miandad of Pakistan and Andy Flower of Zimbabwe.

Shahid Afridi is a Pakistani cricket player. He made his Fastest 100 Runs in ODI at the same tournament in Singapore in which a Sri Lankan player Sanath Jayasuriya made his Fastest 100 Runs in ODI over 48 balls against Pakistan.


 After some days, Shahid Afridi gave a return gift to Sri Lankan players by scoring the Fastest 100 Runs in ODI over 37 balls. He achieved this impressive fastest century in 1996 in Singapore while playing against the Sri Lankan cricket team. 


Shahid Afridi started batting at number 3 and played for 50 minutes. His record-breaking century with six fours and 11 sixes act as a milestone in Pakistan’s cricket history. Pakistan scored 371 runs against Sri Lanka’s world championship team. 


Shahid Afridi registered his name in record books at the age of 16 by giving his excellent performance in 1996’s ODI match. It is also a noteworthy fact that his name lasts on top of the list of Fastest 100 Runs in ODI for 18 years. 


The Fastest 100 Runs in ODI demands extraordinary skills and strength. The reason is in ODIs (One Day Internationals), batsmen are required to score quickly. ODI matches are famous among cricket fans because it is not easy to set a record for the fastest century. But these players gave their best and enrolled their names in the world records.

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