Who Governs Goa Cricket Association and How is it Managed?

Goa Cricket Association is the ruling entity of cricket activities in the Indian town of Goa and the Goa cricket team in connection with the Board of Control for Cricket in India. Goa Cricket Association is registered with the Registrar of Societies, Goa, and its president is Suraj Lotlikar. 


Its headquarters are in Goa Cricket Association Academy Ground, Porvorim, and the secretary is Vipul Phadke. The coach is Doda Ganesh, and the captain is Sagun Kamat.  


Since it is a member of the BCCI, the Goa Cricket Team has the authority to select players, umpires, and other officials to participate in the state events and exercise absolute control over them in Goa. 


No competitive cricket match involving the Goa Cricket Association-contracted players can host a game without the recognition. It owns a ground in Porvorim and is intending to build a new one at Pernem. 

Rules of Goa Cricket Association

  • Every rule implements on masculine and feminine as well as singular and plural players.
  • Association stands for Goa Cricket Association
  • Board means Board of Control for Cricket in India
  • Goa includes the entire state of Goa.
  • Committee means the Managing Committee of the Association.
  • Financial year indicates the commencing of the year from 1st April and ending on 31st March.
  • Office of the Association means the principal office whose address will be mentioned on the Letterheads of the Association. 

The General Body will control and govern the affairs, and the Managing Committee will deal with them. The General Body will elect the Managing Committee once every three years. 

  • To finalize the minutes of the last Annual General and Special Meeting held during the year.
  • To receive and implement the Annual Report and the Audited Statement of Accounts and budget as the committee presented
  • To appoint an Auditor or Auditors and the fixing of his or their remuneration.
  • To elect the Office Bearers and the Managing Committee and similar other functionaries as provided herein. 
  • To consider any recommendation of the Managing Committee.
  • To consider subjects of which due notice has is provided herein.
  • To view and adopt rules for the league and zone matches. 
  • To sanction, and conduct representative and Test Matches.
  • To take strict action against clubs, institutions, or individuals if they breach any rules.


Managing Committee

The Managing Committee shall consist of 9 members in total. Five members will be the president, the vice-president, the honored secretary, the privileged joint secretary, and the honored treasurer. The remaining four will be:

  1. One that the members of the Association will elect who will possess the voting rights
  2. One male and a female to hail for Goa, and Cricket Players’ Association will nominate them.
  3. A nominee of the Accountant General of the State from among the serving senior functionaries

The president has to conduct and attend all of the meetings. In his absence, the responsibility will fall on the shoulders of the vice-president. The secretary shall maintain all the records of any arrangements, and the treasurer shall receive all subscriptions, donations, and the monies payable and receivable by the Association. 

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