Why Greg Chappell Cricket Centre Is one of the best Cricket Shopping Centre for your needs

Cricket is a simple yet outdoor bat and ball sport. To play any game, you would always need to have lots of equipment. Cricket also requires equipment and tools kits. 


Out of which bat and ball are the necessary ones. There will always be several visible types of equipment for playing cricket. Some of them are cricket bat, cricket ball, gloves, stumps, wicket sets, batting, and keeping pads.

Greg Chappell Cricket Centre has everything that a cricketer needs and aims to give the best possible experience with cricket pieces of equipment. Whether you are an expert cricketer or a youngster starting, you must consider the number of essential cricket equipment. 


At the crease, a batsman can undoubtedly be a vulnerable yet easy target without correct cricket equipment as he stands opposite the bowler. Without any safety equipment and an unfortunate ball can cause severe damage and pain.

Wicket keepers and closed fielding players also need to take some guts because it is a dangerous place. Quality equipment provided by Greg Chappell Cricket Centre is light as well as protective. 


To stay safe and achieve optimum performance through the game. Nobody can play any sport safely without the right gear, and when we talk about cricket, it can be a dangerous sport without the right gear and suitable types of equipment. 


The Greg Chappell Cricket Centre is a one-step cricket equipment shop with various bats, stumps, balls, and bowling machines. There is a variety of equipment regarding performance, safety, and clothing. 

Performance Equipment

Usually, a cricket ball is a cock made ball covered with leather in red and white color. Red leather balls are used in Test Cricket and first-class cricket, while the white leather ball is for one-day matches.

For cricket bats, manufacturers use flat wood. These bats are usually 96.5 CM in length and 10.8 CM in width. They have a maximum weight of 1.2 kg to 1.4 kg.

Like every sport, protective equipment is necessary for cricket to ensure safety. Batsmen and wicket keepers wear abdomen guards, leg pads, or shin pads to protect themselves from the cork ball hitting and injury.

The helmet is to protect the head of a batsman and wicketkeeper from the hardcore ball.

Batsman and wicket keepers use different types of gloves. The batsman usually has very thick gloves padded at the fingers’ tips, while wicket keeper gloves have webbed fingers to catch the ball quickly.

If you have realized the importance of having cricket equipment, look at the extensive range of products in Greg Chappell Cricket Centre


Come in today and check out the new range and choose the cricket equipment you need. To view the products available and more information, visit their website.

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