How To Do Fast Bowling

Most cricket lovers would agree that bowling is at the heart of cricket. A fast bowler has a way with the ball and makes it fun to watch the game. What if you’d love to do more than just watch? Bowling requires a high level of accuracy as well as speed. It’s impossible to wake up one morning and find your bowling skills at the top. 


This takes a great deal of hard work in terms of frequent and thorough practice. Developing a sense of keenness and passion makes fast bowling a smooth process. Your love for the cricket bowl and the game, in general, will see you through your quest to learn the art of fast bowling.

How to Practice Fast Bowling at Home

Let’s first start with your diet and how much it contributes to making perfect deliveries in cricket. It’s no use having just a small glass of juice and maybe a pancake or two.

Take your diet very seriously because bowling requires you to keep up your strength. Ensure that every meal is always balanced and that you don’t starve yourself. Avoid skipping meals at all costs.

Once your diet is in place, move on to the exercises. They are important since they enhance the flexibility of every part of your body. Fast bowling will need you to assume certain body postures. This won’t be much of a strain if you stick to a workout routine.

And now for the icing on the cake, clear up your backyard. You need all the room you can get to run and perfect your bowling skills. Place a mark on your bowling point using conspicuous objects. It could be a shoe, cone, or something else that will heighten your focus.

This is important as it enables you to pay attention to your run-up. When this drill is done, move on to the next one, which is positioning your wrist perfectly and finally your accuracy when bowling.

It’s sad that most potential fast bowlers don’t see the gravity of the wrist in bowling. Positioning it correctly ensures that every other step falls in place. From here, ensure that you’re holding the ball correctly.

The right grip enables you to propel the ball faster to your target position. Most importantly, keep an eye on whether your wrist is straight or slightly off-center. A straight wrist is an answer to fast bowling.

Now that you’ve figured it out try to be consistent on this every time you are bowling. Your wrist will get used to it and will never go off-center even when you bowl subconsciously for some reason.

Once again, practice comes in handy and saves the day. A fast bowling release boils down to how you position the key parts of your body. For instance, you’ll have to put your right leg at the front if you’re right-handed.
Once this is done, maintain a straight back but generally relaxed posture. The outcome of the ball during release depends on how well you position yourself at the pitch.

Your front arm shouldn’t take the back seat. Instead, make proper use of it to ensure your bowling speed is up to par. With time, your trusted arm will be well trained to take the lead during fast bowling.
Remember the balanced meals we talked about earlier? They’ll certainly amount to something at this point. You should gather all the strength you can when releasing the ball to make a delivery. 

One thing you should always remember is to pick a bowling action that works best for you. If it syncs with the rest of your body, your aim should be to polish it. Every bowler has a position that they are comfortable with.
Find out which one is best suited for you and your passion for cricket will burn brighter.

Well, they aren’t called ‘fast’ bowlers for no reason. They are said to run at a neck break speed of 15 miles an hour. Now you understand why practice is so crucial when it comes to fast bowling.

This speed is not just meant for the fastest man on the planet. Anyone can run as fast when they put their mind to it. Fast bowlers are supposed to run so fast to prepare them for a flawless and timely delivery.

How do they pull such a stunt without passing out? Fast bowlers have learned and mastered the art of speed and keeping up with it. Besides, they do it all the time so their bodies have already adjusted to the pressure that comes along with running fast.

It sounds tiresome, but in the long run, it’s worth it for the bowlers.

Follow Up Your Own Pace

Being a fast bowler takes time, effort, and of course, lots of practice. You’ll need to follow your own pace if you’re at a beginner’s level. It’s no use trying to match up the experts’ pace when you just got started.

You’ll be surprised at how much experience you’ll gather at the end of it all. Keep the company of long-time cricketers if you really want to be a fast bowler. Their tactics will rub off on you before you know it.

Think about it; this lockdown has come as a blessing in disguise. Now you have all the time in the world to practice and get your steps right. Set aside an hour or two each day to practice at home.

It’ll be close to impossible to use other objects as substitutes for the cricket equipment. Get yourself the real items to enjoy a fun-filled experience. Equip yourself thoroughly so you won’t get stuck during a live match.

Besides, this is a well thought out way of getting familiar with how these things work if you’re a beginner. Other than just bowling, get curious about what happens on other positions in the pitch as well.

Go the extra mile and learn about the batsman’s duties as well as those of the wicketkeeper. Who knows? You might turn out to be an all-rounder.



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