How To Hit Six In Cricket

Engaging in cricket and hitting the much-coveted six is not an easy feat. Guess what? It’s possible to have fun as you try to find your way around. 

Thanks to the worldwide lockdown, you have all the time in the world to practice. 


Being an experienced cricket player doesn’t come at the simple wave of a magic wand. It takes time, as well as other resources that you must be willing to part with. At the end of the day, your passion and ‘can do’ attitude will save the day. 


On to the significant question that’s frequently asked, ‘how do you hit six in cricket?’ This article is aimed at a step by step approach towards the solution.

How to Hit a Six

You’ve probably heard of this before, but here goes, practice. Right after your stretches and flexibility exercises, get straight to the steps;

  • Keep your eyes on the ball. You’ll never get anywhere when you’re always getting distracted. Be fully focused on the ball, where it’s coming from, and where it’s likely to land.

This gives you the chance to calculate your power hitting moves as a batsman.

  • Check your footwork and techniques. Your feet set the stage for you to launch a powerful missile in terms of hitting. As much as possible, ensure that your legs are always in the right position.

It will be close to impossible to get things done when one of your legs is on the way. Another point to note down is to avoid getting so close to the ball pitch. As much as you’re supposed to stay close, you need to watch your boundaries.

  1. Mind your body position as you make your hit. A batsman who knows his way around the line of the crease is better placed. Your chances of hitting a six are increased when your legs, hips, arms, and legs are correctly placed.


  2. Bowler to the rescue. Observe the line of the bowler and use it to your advantage. If you’re playing with a fast bowler, use the pace at which the ball is bowled your way.


  3. Use a bigger bat. All bats are used for the same purpose but are not designed in the same way. While others can hit a ball further, others will only do the opposite.

Your reasons for getting a bigger bat should be specifically aimed at hitting a six.


  • Invest in your physical strength. This is where the gym and a balanced diet come in handy. When you invest your time and resources on this, your physical and mental strength will fall in place.

A fast bowler puts their energy together for a powerful delivery, and so should you, as a batsman. Here are quick tips to hit back and hit six effortlessly;


  1. Assess the ball’s momentum. A ball that is bowled towards you at a neck break speed is easier to hit back. However, you still need to work on your momentum when hitting just so your ball doesn’t take a different turn.


  2. Your feet are an underrated asset. Look at it this way; your feet carry all the weight of your body. This means they have the power to channel all your energy towards hitting a six.

Be sure to keep a watchful eye on your line of crease while you’re at it.


  1. Time the ball. Keeping your eyes on the ball is critical if you want to perfect the art of timing the ball. You’ll need a significant duration of the experience to learn this rare skill.

  2. Liberate your arms. A batsman who is talented at hitting a six gives full liberation to his arms. This means that you’ll need all the space you can get. Also, your fitness regime has a role to play. You wouldn’t swing your arms so freely and flexibly if you weren’t fit enough.

First things first. Get the line on the crease right and then look into other steps. The bowler is keen on shooting a delivery that will keep the batsman on his toes. Be keen on the momentum as it determines a lot.

The Yorker is not the kind of move that everyone has perfected. In fact, some batsmen still have trouble trying to adjust and make all the necessary changes. Hold the ball fast and aim.

Adjust your pace to match the one that the bowler uses. It might take some time, but you’ll have to be perfect at marking the time perfectly. You can’t just hit the ball at a spur of the moment as it will only ruin what you’ve worked hard to perfect.

How to Hit a Six in Leg Side

A batsman must always be aware of his strong point when ready to strike. It could be the left or right, and must always stick to it. After all, is said and done, the momentum at which the ball comes your way is a determining factor.

Ensure that your leg position is up to par. Put the best foot forward and stick to your line of crease. Not forgetting that your bat also plays a vital role if you wish to hit a six.

Take a strike as soon as you feel your body is in full capacity to do so.

How to Hit a Six against Spinner

To be more practical, hold the cricket ball as you’re supposed to. Arm power is crucial and must be tapped into getting a good, firm grip. Next on line is to check that your posture leans more forward than backward.

Use your feet to the maximum and ensure that the energy needed is utilized to the maximum. Hitting a six on a spinner calls for a generous time spent on practice. Getting a spinning ball to yield to the commands of your bat is a tiresome and involving move.

Keep your eyes on the goal which is to hit six against the spinner. Ultimately you’ll lean towards trying out something new and see how it goes.



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