How to Improve Bowling Line

Among the very first lessons to learn in cricket is bowling. You can liken it to a baby learning how to take its first steps or how to talk. The good news is that you can grow to love it when you devote your time and effort to learning all about it. 


Bowling is simply the action of gripping a cricket ball hard and then throwing it towards the batsman. The action lies in how you grip the ball and the speed at which you throw it. Your arms and elbows should be flexible enough to meet your target. 


Simple as it may sound, bowling has taken most cricketers a lot of time to master. You’re in luck because this timely article will shed light on how to improve the bowling line. That’s not all; you’ll also learn how to improve bowling accuracy in cricket.

How to Improve Bowling Line

First off, it’s important to understand the significance of the bowling line. From here, you’ll know why and how to improve the bowling line. Bowlers determine the number of wickets that the match is able to sustain. Being a fast bowler is one thing, and perfecting the bowling line is another. Here are a few tips on how to polish up on the bowling line;

  • a) Practice regularly. Once a week is not enough to set the ball rolling smoothly. It’s all about the rhythm that you set your body to follow. You’ll get rusty the next time you pick up a cricket ball if you only do this once a week. Practice both at home and with your local cricket club for you to get in sync with the bowling line. Practicing only once in a long while will put your body under a lot of stress.
  • b) Have an area of focus. It’s amazing what this tip can do when you’re on the pitch bowling. Different bowlers have different areas of focus, and this enables them to sharpen the accuracy factor. Some bowlers have a specific spot that they aim at when bowling. On the other hand, other bowlers like to focus on the shot they’d like to dish out to the batsman. It all becomes easier when you learn your area of focus during practice.
  • c) Try your front arm. It could be your right or left arm, depending on whether you’re left or right-handed. If you’re a fast bowler, you can make your aim better using this method. This is definitely one of the areas you should focus on during your practice sessions.
  • d) Position your wrist appropriately. The magic of the bowling line lies in your wrist position. Flexibility is the key that unlocks the true potential that rests in your wrist. While bowling, maintain a central position on your wrist to ensure a straight shot towards the batsman. Improving on your bowling line boils down to how well you position your wrist and ensuring that it’s never off-center.
  • e) Check your fitness status. Most importantly, ensure that your body is fit for all the exercises involved in cricket. Follow this general tip to avoid complications in your health. Take time to engage your body in physical exercises to keep fit. With time, you’ll grow accustomed to all the norms enshrined in the game of cricket.

Accuracy is one of the key factors that make up a successful cricket match. The experts have been at it for long and are not stopping any time soon. Some fast bowlers feel like there’s something missing in their line of duty. When combined with accuracy, speed becomes just as vital. Here are ways to improve your bowling accuracy in cricket;

  • a) Hold your gaze. There’s nothing as disastrous as bowling aimlessly in cricket. In fact, everything else, including the wickets, becomes affected. Have a target that you shouldn’t take your eyes off of. It could be a spot on the pitch or even the wicket keeper’s gloves. Whatever you do, don’t hold your gaze for far too long. It’ll be easy for the rest of the players to lose interest in the game.
  • b) Mind your body posture. Let’s just be honest; no perfect shot comes from standing straight and tossing the ball. During your gaze, you definitely came across a point of focus. Combine this with a strategic body pose to get your accuracy game in place. Put your preferred leg forward, bend your knees slightly, and your head raised enough to see your target. Remember to maintain an upright yet relaxed stance when bowling.
  • c) Watch more cricket games. When watching, take note of the bowler’s keenness on targets and so on. This helps you to get accustomed to what your requirements are on the pitch. Only watch the true legends of cricket to avoid being misled.
  • d) Practice more often. As mentioned earlier, cricket is all about frequent practice. Playing with your club members in your spare time shouldn’t count as practice. You can even do so on your own at home whenever you get the chance. Following this number, one rule will help you see the accuracy factor from an easier point of view.

It’s easy to get so comfortable that you even forget the importance of the basic rules and downplay them. This is what the experts would term as ‘overconfidence.’ Every time you get down to some serious practice, this would be a better place to start.


For instance, how to hold the cricket ball matters a great deal. Familiarize yourself with why one side is rough while the other is so smooth. 


Also, pay attention to your general posture at all times. Balance all your limbs just to be sure that they can deliver a perfect shot during bowling. It may seem complex at first, but it needs some getting used to.

Thanks to all the material made available to us online, this should be way easier for all cricket enthusiasts. Reading more about your favorite game opens your eyes to view things you never did before.



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