How to Increase Hand Power for Cricket

The ultimate success of a cricket game has a lot to do with arm power. As much as other parts of your body have a crucial role to play, the arm is exceptional. So much is at stake when the strength of the arm is overlooked and downplayed.


 Hand power is essential for bowlers, batsmen, and even the wicketkeepers. Each of these positions requires speed and accuracy as factors that engage a professional delivery of shots on the pitch. 


There are plenty of ways to increase arm strength in cricket. The entire process will feel tiresome and rigorous at first, but your arms get used to it eventually. So, why is it essential to increase arm strength?

1. Prevents Injury

When your arm strength is up to par; the chances of you getting injured are minimal. Swinging a bat at a fairly reasonable speed per hour is not a walk in the park.

How does this work again? When your arm power is increased, your muscles will be able to endure the tough times. They’ll be flexible enough to overcome the detrimental effects of batting or delivering shots.

A consistent look into this factor makes it possible to bat and bowl without fearing a grave injury.

You don’t have to be an experienced cricketer to know that playing cricket is a massive cause of fatigue. This shouldn’t prevent you from following up on your favorite sport.

Running faster for longer periods or swinging a bat is sure to make you tired physically and even mentally. The safest and most viable way to keep the fatigue away is by increasing your hand power.

Imagine how fun and easy it can be to bowl a ball at a great speed and distance. Increasing your arm strength does this and more. You won’t have to worry so much about the length and speed at which you bowl.

Most importantly, practice is the most vital tool that will be of immense help in your journey to greatness.

Now that you know why increasing the strength of your arm is so important, why not work towards it? You’ll be spoiled for choices on which method works best for you.

It generally boils down to the exercise in which you engage your body. The more consistent you are, the higher you have a chance of succeeding in multiplying your hand power. Here are simple exercises to try out;


  1. General stretches. Stretching your limbs assures you of a smooth flow of blood and oxygen around your body. You know what this means; pure energy is synced to every part of your body in readiness for the game.Try this out every time before you embark on serious practices. The results will surprise you pleasantly.

  2. Lift weights. Here’s the catch; don’t go lifting weights that your biceps just can’t handle. Start with those that you’re comfortable with, and your triceps will slowly adjust. The importance of lifting weights is to train your arms to brave the sting of swinging the bat or bowling a ball. This exercise also helps in strengthening the core of your muscles.

  3. Long-distance throws. It’s best not to assume that this is a simple exercise and that you don’t need to practice. On the contrary, you have to polish up on your throwing skills every time you are up for practice. The distance at which you can throw determines how much of a bowler you’ll become. This exercise is important as it helps your arm get stronger at every distance you throw the cricket ball.

  4. Do push-ups. It’s normal to wonder what these exercises are for. Well, they enable you to build on the strength needed to throw a cricket ball. Do about three of them in a day to make your chest area accustomed to the pressure of bowling.

Be Consistent

Beginners and experts alike need to set their prowess in motion at all times. It’s not enough that you practiced yesterday. All the exercises mentioned above are vital for your arm strength.

Adopting the right posture during bowling is not enough to propel the ball to the right distance. Pair it up with a heavily powered and able arm and see how many eyebrows you’ll raise at the pitch.

Wrist Power

It’s unfortunate how much the wrist tends to be overlooked in cricket. Your wrist plays just as big a role as your arm. Start with the basics of how to hold the cricket ball and swing to the next step.

Never allow your wrist to go off-center as you get ready to make a delivery. Keep it straight enough so the ball swings further during the release. Give your wrist more credit than you ever have, and always pay close attention to it.

Whether you’re on practice or playing an actual cricket game, be flexible. Don’t limit your limbs to only a certain spot on the pitch. You can bowl harder and further than you think.

Now you see why the ‘basic’ exercises are essential? They rid you of that limiting feeling of stiffness that lingers in your muscles. Bowlers, batsmen, and wicketkeepers require flexibility in their respective positions on the pitch.

Since we’re on lockdown, your backyard could take over as the pitch. Mark the posts that are relevant to your game and stick to them. Running long distances during practice is an effective way of increasing your hand power.

Running requires you to swing your arms, and of course, your legs are in rigorous motion. There isn’t a better way to set the stage for the increase in arm power than this.

What’s more, you acquire your dream figure as you keep up with this productive venture. There is so much in it for you as well.

Check Your Posture

Posture carries a huge percentage of the results of a cricket match. Please familiarize yourself with the right posture and do your best to stick to it.



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