Is Cricket a Dangerous Sport? Read This Before You Start Playing!

Cricketers take greater precautions with the assist of so many defensive equipment at their disposal! And why not? Welfare and protection need to be at the forefront of any sport. However inspite of the protective tools, playing with a hard cricket ball could without a doubt pose some risks. It increases a query this is well worth consideration:

is cricket a risky recreation?

Cricket is surely taken into consideration a risky recreation. If adequate safety isn’t used, it can cause some of serious accidents.

Regardless of protection, cricketers are uncovered to the possibilities of various injuries; a number of those are profession-finishing, even as accidents to the pinnacle of the abdominal location may be deadly! Right here we are able to take a closer look at why cricket is taken into consideration a risky sport, and why you need to read and take on board a few suggestions earlier than you begin gambling to avoid struggling harm, illness or worse. Why is cricket considered a risky sport? There are a large number of motives why cricket is concept of as a risky game.

But, with out a shadow of a doubt, the one which captures maximum of the focal point is the cricket ball. For batsman, bowlers, fielders and wicketkeepers it’s miles perhaps their biggest worry: getting struck by the ball in a place which isn’t always covered. At the same time as there had been injuries triggered because of the ball hitting a participant inside the ribs, on the toe or maybe inside the hands.

But, the most risky injuries are induced whilst the ball hits a player in the touchy a part of his/her body. Once in a while, even if with protection, a blow to the sensitive part of the body can result in fatalities on the sector of cricket! Recollect the phil hughes incident –
phil hughes incident

the tragic demise of australian cricketer phil Hughes
in november 2014, the world of cricket went into mourning after the dying of australia batsman phil hughes. The left-hander became on the verge of a test recollect and become gambling in a in shape for south australia towards new south wales on the sydney cricket ground.

Hughes changed into on sixty three now not out while he attempted to play a hook shot to a brief-pitch shipping from rapid bowler sean abbott. Hughes was wearing a helmet however changed into struck on an unprotected region of his head by the ball.

The damage caused him to fall apart on the crease and regardless of being rushed to hospital he died from the effect which precipitated a mind haemorrhage. The incident sparked a debate approximately the safety of cricket however it turned into decided the accident become a freak prevalence.

Nevertheless, moderations had been made to cricket helmets with additional guards suited to the rear of the helmet to offer safety to the neck place. Different fatalities in cricket whilst phil Hughes incident virtually created ripples of shockwaves around the cricketing global, it has not been a standalone incident on a cricket field! Well-known pakistani worldwide participant wasim raja, brother of rameez raja, died at the same time as gambling cricket. He suffered a coronary heart attack even as he become present on the pitch.

Clearly, cricket isn’t always for a faint-hearted participant! Other incidents encompass that of former indian global player raman lamba, who died even as fielding at the forward short leg function after the ball hit his temple on the pinnacle. Seemingly, he became asked to wear a helmet, which he refused given that there were only three deliveries left for the lunch ruin.

Other wonderful names include darren randall of south africa and abdul aziz of pakistan, and the modern-day cricketer to pass away on a cricket area – raymond van schoor of namibia. Cricketers have died due to heart failure, or a ball hitting on their head, or maybe because of the ball hitting on the coronary heart! Dying has also came about on a cricket discipline when a bat hit a players head! While a bowler, you are at hazard as there have been bowlers who suffered a dying after getting hit by using a immediately pressure from the batsman
here’s a full listing of fatalities that have came about while gambling cricket. Career-ending injuries faced through cricket players
until now, we have visible how some accidents can become deadly. Even as the threat remains high, the probability of a fatality on a cricket discipline remains low. What’s extra usually visible in the global of cricket are accidents that effect your skill or your functionality to perform at the very best degree. There have been several cricketers who have been thru profession finishing injuries! Mark boucher is perhaps the primary call that involves mind when we speak about career finishing accidents.

He was a prolific wicket-keeper batsman for south africa. Recognised for his great wicket-keeping capabilities, he was additionally considered a dangerous pinch-hitting batsman. Mark boucher holds the file for most test dismissals by using a wicket-keeper which has no longer been exceeded to this point. Boucher was forced to retire early while one of the bails flew off the stumps and hit him in his eye! Possibly he would have set an unsurmountable document had he performed his full profession! Any other wicket-keeper who lost his career to an eye fixed harm was the promising indian participant syed saba karim. At some point of an global healthy between india and bangladesh, saba karim got hit on his eye by means of a cricket ball bowled by using the indian leg spin bowler anil kumble. There have been numerous other players who’ve suffered a comparable fate.

England’s andrew flintoff turned into forced to retire early because of a sequence of knee and ankle injuries he confronted during this career. Likewise, new zealand’s shane bond needed to retire early due to several fractures and operations on his decrease returned. West indies’ batsman shivnarine chandrapaul faints after getting hit on the helmet with the aid of brett lee even if the accidents are not career-threatening, it can without problems reason a fear or two. West indies’ shiv chandrapaul confronted it first hand while he got knocked on his head when batting on 83 in opposition to australia in a check fit. What are some commonplace injuries triggered due to cricket? Although the types of accidents that can be brought on in the game of cricket can form an extended listing. Although, there are some injuries that cricketers are greater vulnerable to get simply based on how the sport is performed. In a scientific review take a look at performed and posted in sports activities health, (also visible inside the us national library of medication internet site) it was observed that bowling (41. 3%) together with fielding and wicketkeeping (28. 6%) certainly account for more injuries while playing cricket than batting! It does healthy the observations from not unusual feel as the batsmen are regularly the maximum nicely blanketed whilst the game is performed. Within the equal observe, it was also diagnosed that about sixty four% – seventy six% of the accidents caused had been acute injuries. Which means, injuries that occur from surprising jerk or disturbing impact with an object are the most not unusual purpose of injuries amongst cricketers! We can broadly classify the sorts of injuries that cricketers face into the following broader buckets .

1. Higher limb injuries

the higher limb injuries are primarily generally visible throughout the shoulders, elbows and arms & wrists of the cricket players. These types of injuries are not unusual across fielders seeing that they tend to make excessive use in their shoulders while throwing the ball from the deep stop. Of the sector.

Injuries to the wrist and fingers are greater not unusual inside the wicket-keepers as they have to seize the ball on almost each unmarried transport both preventing a ball bowled via a bowler or catching a throw by way of a fielder. Wrist and hand injuries also can be triggered due to incorrect approach while batting or bowling.

Even as hand injuries are greater not unusual than the wrist, they each collectively make contributions approximately eleven%-13% of the injuries in cricketers! Extended use of heavy cricket bats can also reason elbow accidents. The notable indian batting legend sachin tendulkar as soon as feared that his profession would be over because of the rare tennis-elbow injury that he sustained in 2005!

2. Back injury :

lower back injuries are one of the maximum common cause of injuries in a cricketer’s profession! Greater so, back accidents are greater common for fast bowlers as there may be a first rate quantity of strain induced on the returned with a purpose to bowl fast! Prevelance of lumbar spine injuries in speedy bowlers is quite not unusual as the short bowlers in cricket difficulty their backbone to repetitive strain. In a clinical research performed to pick out whether rapid bowlers are susceptible to back injuries, it was observed that the superiority of lumbar disc degeneration in speedy-bowlers degrees at a surprising 21%-sixty five%! Bowlers with persistent fractures of their decrease returned or fatigue additionally possess a threat of developing a slowly modern mechanical backache! Those threats are a reality of the sport.

Lower limb injuries

decrease limb accidents are also quite commonplace among cricketers. In truth, hamstring is one of the most common motive of accidents amongst cricketers. Hamstring accidents are commonly attributed to excessive variety of overs bowled in the recent beyond, immoderate fatigue during play or inadequate flexibility. Different commonplace injuries to the decrease limb are to the knee, foot and ankle. These joints are the maximum prone due to excessive increase within the workload. The possibility of injury does depend on the role that you play as a cricketer. For instance, in a studies performed on injuries on australian cricketers at the primary elegance degree

nevertheless, accidents are element and parcel of the sport as it is with every other recreation. At the same time as accidents can’t be expected, proper precaution can assist keep away from the incidence

guidelines for cricketers to live secure and avoid injury? One would possibly marvel, with the opportunity of such a lot of injuries, how do cricketers even manipulate to have an extended career in the sport? The solution lies in right protection and education!

Use protective equipment

using protecting equipment is one of the first and primary shape of defence for cricketers. There are various forms of protecting tools utilized by a cricket participant. A number of the maximum important ones are cited beneath –

cricket pads

there have been endless number of leg earlier than wicket (lbw) dismissals in cricket. Whenever a ball hits the pad, whether given out or not, the legs of the cricket player stay secure and well blanketed because of the cricket pads! The legs of a batsman are difficulty to maximum hits from a ball! Accordingly, it’s miles of utmost importance to have a good pair of cricket pads to shield your self from an harm! We wrote an in-depth publish on cricket pads and a way to select the most secure material when buying a couple of cricket pads.

Be sure to test it out! What are cricket pads manufactured from?

This fabric is the most secure! Stomach protect
an belly guard is likewise one of the most important pieces of protective gear this is used by cricketers! An belly defend is worn with the aid of the cricket players to protect their personal elements which also happen to be one of the maximum touchy part of the body! While buying a terrific great abdominal protect is critical, it’s far greater vital to realize the way to wear an stomach defend the appropriate way! We blanketed this subject matter in element on our put up. Make certain to check that out as nicely! A way to wear an belly guard the proper manner! (grade by grade manual)

it’s miles critical to observe that maximum fatalities that have passed off on a cricket discipline is because of a participant getting hit by using the ball on his head! English batsman alistair cook takes a small wreck after being hit inside the head! (photo credit score)
for this reason, helmet plays a critical position in your safety. It’s miles some other one of the maximum commonplace portions of protecting tools that lets you remain damage-loose! As is the case with the cricket batting pads and an stomach guard, having a terrific high-quality helmet is indispensable to playing cricket! It’s miles interesting.

To notice that whilst it is not obligatory to wear a helmet in international cricket, whilst you do wear one, it ought to follow the icc’s newly mandated standards! We blanketed approximately the new bss requirements for a cricket helmet in detail in any other submit on our internet site! This publish additionally presents you with insights on which helmet producer can you select!

Cricket helmet: is it compulsory to put on one? Other protective gears
there are numerous different defensive gears and objects which can be now to be had to maintain a cricketers safe. These encompass chest guards, elbow guards, thigh pads and so forth. In fact all these gadgets are supplied whilst you buy a cricket package. In case you are shopping for a new cricket kit, otherwise you have already got one but would love to double take a look at if you have everything in region, make sure to check out our publish on cricket kit item list. List of gadgets covered in a cricket package (with images)

2. Undertake ordinary education

ordinary training can assist a cricket participant hold match health. Most worldwide cricketers have extensive schooling workouts which are monitored and the development is tracked. The trainings are typically divided into multiple facets. Those include skill based totally education, strength and stamina constructing training, net classes for batting and bowling, drills for fielding and catching, and intellectual health schooling amongst others! A robust schooling schedule helps cricketers keep a rigorous gambling calendar.

Education is simply one of the most crucial manner to avoid injuries and staying secure as a cricketer. 3. Take into account to heat up and funky down! Cricket is dangerous in every other way: it forces the human frame into some uncommon positions.

Bowling, for instance, can location strain on someone’s knees, lower back, fingers, shoulders, and other elements of the frame. We wrote an in depth put up on how to warm-up efficiently earlier than bowling. Whilst this that specialize in bowling, the sports are relevant to all cricketers! Make certain to test out the 17 clean and simple physical activities to heat up and cool down before bowling! 17 clean heat united states of americafor bowling in cricket! Do these & avoid harm! Do don’t forget – it is essential to warm-up well with the dynamic stretching to keep away from harm before play, and to heat down well preventing the build-up of lactic acid after play.

Otherwise, lines, twinges, pulls, and tears can purpose a spell on the side-lines or worse. 4. Prevent the dangers from the sun! A number of the risks in cricket are plenty than much less apparent than being struck through a hard cricket ball whilst batting or fielding. Pores and skin cancer is a chance for any cricketer spending long days out inside the sunshine all through the cricket season. In a bygone technology, the warnings approximately placing on sun cream have been not distinguished enough or surely disregarded, and in some cases, it has brought about issue for gamers in later life. Australian cricketer-became-commentator richie benaud died n 2015 after a conflict with pores and skin most cancers. What a player might assume is just a chunk of sun burn can result in severe fitness issues. In spite of all of the recommendation around today it can nevertheless pose a trouble.

Remaining year, former australia captain michael clarke currently had three non-cancer skin cancers eliminated from his face. Even gamers who might imagine their skin can deal with the sunshine need to comply with the slip, slop, slap technique: slip on a shirt, slop on solar cream and slap on a hat. Better still in case you’re looking cricket, are seeking for some coloration. Australia’s michael clark explains the slip, slap, slop approach to stay included from the sun

5. Consider to hydrate to raise your overall performance

the sun can’t best have an effect on your pores and skin it may also make you end up dehydrated which could have a excessive effect on fitness and health during a game. Sri lankan cricket players take a beverages break during a check fit (photo credit score)
it’s miles vitally crucial for all cricketers to take plenty of water on board. However, this is not just on days whilst the temperature on the thermometer is high. Performance analysts and sports scientists trust that even as little as 1% dehydration can lessen the performance of a cricketer and cause injuries. So, gamers need to maintain their fluids topped up regularly for the duration of a game. Commonly, a cricketer have to attempt to drink around one to 3 litres of fluid, despite the fact that this will be higher on hotter days.

Also, the quantity of liquid a participant wishes to take on board can vary depending on the quantity of power used. A quick bowler will probable want more water, than a colleague stood at slip all day. Consider additionally that certain liquids – in particular those high in caffeine or containing alcohol – can really have the other effect and serve to dehydrate you. Tea, coffee and alcohol are not advocated to be under the influence of alcohol through gamers all through play.

6. Be cautious when you area near-in close to the batsman

the accidents which players maintain after an effect with a cricket ball struck by using a batsman can be because they are stood in a risky role. A captain has a duty to the protection of his players not to vicinity them in undue danger, and that they should determine a fielder’s suitability for a selected function. Of path, positive professional positions will require protecting equipment. A wicketkeeper will want pads, gloves, stomach protection and if he’s standing near the stumps a helmet.

A quick-leg will need a helmet and in all likelihood shin pads. An excellent captain might be able to defend his gamers through using them in the proper locations. Keep in mind raman lamba, we stated how he died with the aid of getting hit by using a cricket ball inside the temple of his head truly due to the fact he refused to apply the helmet! Keep away from this mistake!

7. Save you burn out from excessive cricket

over-exertion can be dangerous for cricketers and cause accidents. Just as a car wishes everyday exams, servicing and renovation so does the frame of a cricketer, in particular bowlers. Rest and healing to allow the muscle tissue in the body to recover are very critical. Weight loss plan, health, and middle power also can assist reduce the possibilities of injury.

It have to also be noted that more youthful gamers (those underneath the age of 24 specially) are liable to overuse and bowling injuries extra than older players. Eight. Avoid antagonising the bowler! A bowler who’s indignant and fired up is more likely unharness intimidating bowling on a batsman who’s confrontational out inside the center. The video above showcases a few nasty accidents caused because of a few risky bowling in cricket.

why make lifestyles greater difficult for your self?

The want to avoid conflict, sledging and diffuse debatable incidents ought to potentially make life simpler out in the middle and decrease the possibilities of chance. In addition, a captain on both facet (as well as the umpires) have to not be afraid to step in if a bowler is contravening the legal guidelines of cricket or the spirit of the extraordinary game.

Final mind:

there is no two methods approximately it, cricket is a risky sport. Whilst taking into account the dangers of cricket many humans tend to recognition on the effect made by way of the ball, normally when it hits the body of batsman or fielder. However, the capability risks of cricket can come in many sizes and styles – and those can be equally as unsafe and often an afterthought.

Failure to put on a thigh pad might leave you with some bruises, however failure to put on the best shoes ought to cause extreme muscle tear. It’s far crucial cricketers put together to play the sport in the appropriate way always, thinking about the whole variety of demanding situations they’ll face. Searching after your frame is key to playing a protracted and successful playing career.

Human beings, because the gamers, are arguably the main dangers in cricket, due to the fact they are unpredictable. We will examine variables such as how a pitch performs, but different elements such as feelings, feelings and how we react in different cricket situations could make it a risky recreation. Recollect, cricket is most effective a sport!


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