Junior Cricket Bat Sale Online

Junior Cricket Bat Sale Online

When choosing junior cricket bats there are a few factors that need to be taken into consideration.
Firstly we need to look at the budget. Average to good junior cricket bats range from about $150 upwards to $500. Establish what your budget is, then move forward.

Next, you have to look at the level of cricket the youngster plays. This will guide your budget, as a youngster playing at 1st team level might require a more quality bat.

That brings us to the two types of wood used for making cricket bats. English willow and Kashmir willow.
Generally the better and more expensive of the two is English willow. The more advanced players usually use English willow cricket bats.

Then we need to look at the size and strength of the cricketer. What feels comfortable to the junior cricketer is key. As a youngster I remember a coach giving me a tip for choosing the right bat weight. He says pick up the bat like you would an axe and imitate the chopping motion about a half a dozen times. If you struggled doing it, you know the bat is too heavy, and conversely if you never it might be too light. That was back in the day and I doubt that still applies but nowadays they have bat sizes for your particular height.

Size 2 cricket bat for heights 1.29m – 1.37m
Size 3 cricket bat for heights 1.37m – 1.44m
Size 4 cricket bat for heights 1.44m – 1.5m
Size 5 cricket bat for heights 1.5m – 1.57m
Size 6 cricket bat for heights 1.57m – 1.63m

Once you’ve established what size bat your little champion needs, he/she will have no problem in telling you what brand/make of bat they want. Almost always it will be the bat their batting hero uses.

Here are a few recommendations:

Kookaburra Kahuna Bat Range: Used by A.B De Villiers and Ricky Ponting. For attacking strokeplayers, typically back foot players who like pulling and cutting as the sweet spot is located near the middle of the bat. Ideal for the 1st team player.

Under the Gunn & Moore range the Apex DXM Junior, Flare DXM Junior and Icon DXM Junior Range are highly rated. These ranges by GM is widely used by may top cricketers, the likes of Protea captain Graeme Smith, Australian opener Shane Watson and English batsman Jonathan Trott. The GM range has a big sweet spot located near the middle of the bat, ideal for big hitters.

The Slazenger V Range is very popular as it is used by South African allrounder,Jacques Kallis and Englishman, Paul Collingwood. The Slazenger V3 has an enlarged sweet spot and is quite light but still delivers power.

Now for my personal favourite, The Gray Nicolls Xiphos 5 Star. Reinforced carbon fibre support to handle additional power.
Looks very imposing. Made from English Willow and designed by International Stars.

Other bat make include Puma, Newbury, MRF, Woodword, Adidas and Reebok.

Ultimately, the choice of bat will determine to a degree how the young cricketer performs so getting all the elements correct is critical to the success of the young batsman.


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