Kashmir Willow vs English Willow: What’s the Difference?

Whilst you make a decision to buy an excellent cricket bat, one of the first questions which you stumble upon is, “do you want a bat product of kashmir willow or an english willow?”. However, what exactly is the distinction between a kashmir willow and an english willow? Also, which one must you purchase? In this text, we answer all such questions that will help you recognize the difference between a kashmir willow and an english willow. So, what’s the distinction between kashmir willow and an english willow? Kashmir willow is a piece lower in high-quality, brown in coloration, heavier but less expensive. It’s far grown within the hills of kashmir in india. In assessment, the english willow is the great high-quality wooden grown in england. It’s far white in coloration, lighter with better grain distribution. It’s far as a result more luxurious. But how does one perceive a kashmir willow or an english willow and which one need to you pick out? Permit’s test it in detail. Distinction between kashmir willow and english willow

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often, a cricket bat is likewise called a willow. However, it’s miles exciting to be aware, a willow is genuinely the sort of wooden used for creating a cricket bat! The botanical name of the tree from which this timber comes from is salix alba caerulea. Since almost all cricket bats are product of wood, it’s miles a problem for most novices to virtually determine out the difference among the timber used for one bat versus some other. For a novice or an untrained eye, it may be even more hard to distinguish among a bat crafted from kashmir willow and the only made from an english willow. This is due to the fact timber for both the bats come from the identical tree that we defined above. Did ? The supply of a kashmir willow cricket bat and an english willow bat is without a doubt the identical tree i. E. Salix alba caerulea. When this tree is grown in kashmir, it bureaucracy a extraordinary structure from the only grown in england due to the variance in moisture ranges and the environmental situations wherein it is grown. This leads to a distinction inside the high-quality of timber of the tree and in the end, the great of the cricket bat based on its timber source! Allow’s look into a number of the key differences highlighted within the table under among a bat crafted from kashmir willow as compared to the one crafted from an english willow –
s. No function kashmir willow english willow
1 bat color reddish-brown whiteish
2 bat weight heavier lighter
3 structure more difficult softer
4 wooden density higher decrease
5 grains visible not clear and indistinct clean and straight
(may be counted)
6 bat candy spot smaller (compact) larger
(more dynamic)
7 bat response suitable ball ping best ping
8 cost low priced comparatively
9 upkeep some protection
required greater upkeep
10 sturdiness comparatively
lower better
key differences between a bat manufactured from kashmir willow vs english willow
i’m certain by means of now you have understood the distinction at a very high degree among the bat crafted from the two willows. So permit’s get into the details of ways every bat features, things you must know about it, after which we will test which bat is better! More approximately kashmir willow cricket bats
now that we’ve visible the important thing differences between the styles of bats, allow’s get to recognize the bat made from the kashmir willow –

what approximately kashmir willow is extraordinary? By now, you’ve possibly understood the willow is certainly a sort of the tree. It’s botanical name is salix alba caerulea. This tree was initially no longer observed in india. But, as in line with a few historians, around the nineteen twenties, a few samples of this breed of the tree were planted in kashmir in india. Kashmir changed into a super area for such deciduous trees as they develop well in cold climatic situations. These days, this sort of tree can be seen growing in kashmir, punjab, chandigarh, and himachal pradesh in india. But, for the reason that climatic situations and the soil content material are different in india as compared to england, a kashmir willow cricket bat well-knownshows unique features than an english willow cricket bat. As a result, a kashmir willow bat as barely lower moisture content. It is greater dry and hard. Furthermore, the density of the kashmir willow is likewise higher. This means, for the equal mass of wood, kashmir willow will be heavier in nature than an english willow. You may notice the load distinction whilst you choose the 2 bats together. The way to discover a kashmir willow cricket bat? An instance of a kashmir willow bat
identifying a kashmir willow can be elaborate if you’re not used to seeing a bat all of the time. Despite the fact that a cricket bat generally comes with a sticker on top of it that says the form of willow used in making the bat. However, how do you identify whether or not the bat is true or no longer? So, let’s observe some of the things that you should look for in a kashmir willow bat –
shade of the timber – one of the most simplest and outstanding function of the kashmir willow is the shade of the wood. Kashmir willow is brownish/reddish brown in colour. It’s far a whole lot darker in comparison to an english willow. It could without difficulty be spotted among the 2. (check out the photo at the beginning of the submit)
grains on the wooden – another aspect to notice on a bat made from kashmir willow is the grains on the wooden. Despite the fact that it may be in a directly line, however they are no longer regular and certainly seen during the bat. Furthermore, the grains simply get combined with every other making it tough to rely. How plenty does a kashmir willow cricket bat value? Cricket bats crafted from kashmir willow are pretty lower priced in price. Here’s how much a cricket bat made of kashmir willow will value in your respective country –

value of kashmir willow bat in india – if you are in india, you’ll get a cricket bat made from kashmir willow for a leather ball in the charge variety of rs. A thousand/- to about rs. Five,500/–
if you are within the united kingdom – a kashmir willow cricket bat inside the uk will value you approximately £25 – £eighty depending on the grade and the logo. If you are inside the united states – a kashmir willow cricket bat will set you again by way of approximately $45 – $one hundred depending at the logo and the grade of the bat. Who’s it pleasant ideal for? A kashmir willow cricket bat is plenty cheaper than an english willow cricket bat. Moreover, even though it doesn’t have the best reaction and a ping to the cricket ball, it still is a splendid cost for cash! The kashmir willow cricket bats are maximum appropriate for junior cricket or if you are beginning to play cricket. It is heavier, therefore it’s far remarkable to help you awareness on stance, talents, and method. It is also price-effective. A kashmir willow cricket bat is high-quality desirable when the ball used is softer than the hard leather ball. In the sort of situation, the distinction among a kashmir willow and english willow isn’t noticeable because the ball used isn’t always hard sufficient. However, one must not assume that a cricket bat made from a kashmir willow can’t be utilized by expert cricketers! In truth, there have been some worldwide cricketers who’ve used a kashmir willow even at an international level! Simply that the response isn’t the same as that of an english willow. Overall performance & sturdiness of a kashmir willow
a kashmir willow cricket bat commonly offers a fairly top overall performance. Moreover, depending on the amount of cricket you play, the bat can ultimate you for quite a while. If you play once or twice every week for two hours using a kashmir willow, the bat have to effortlessly closing for about 2-3 years! But, if you are gambling greater frequently than that which incorporates greater frequent internet sessions or guidance fits, you then should preferably be trying to upgrade yourself to an english willow cricket bat. What about bat maintenance and knocking of a kashmir willow cricket bat? In case you do pick to buy a kashmir willow, you must be conscious that even kashmir willow cricket bats require knocking and oiling earlier than they may be used. If used with out knocking, it can turn out to be unfavorable your bat or decreasing the lifestyles of your cricket bat or each. It’s far encouraged to defend your bat from water (in particular the toe of the bat). Kashmir willow cricket bats require a chunk of renovation now and again. It’s miles in the main minimal in nature. Timely upkeep of the bat can assist extend the lifestyles of your bat. The value of such protection is likewise not that high. Greater about english willow cricket bats
as you can have learned already, english willow cricket bats are crafted from the fine first-class wooden. However it’s far critical to recognize what makes it unique and particular. Allow’s examine extra approximately it beneath –

what’s unique about an english willow? The source of the english willow cricket bat is honestly similar to that of the kashmir willow cricket bat. The tree is the identical, but, the english willow comes from trees which are grown in england. English willow cricket bats are purported to be the most advanced in exceptional more often than not due to the wooden used to make it. But, what about this wood makes it the best source for a cricket bat? In a look at carried out with the aid of australian national university, key learnings had been identified –

it changed into found that the english willow has criss-move fibers that create a mesh-like shape within the wood. This gives awesome power to this kind of timber. Furthermore, a transverse section of the english willow shows the presence of small pores within the wooden which might be filled with air. As a result, the english willow features just like a sponge, and therefore an effect with a difficult leather-based ball gives a far higher spring-like response. As a result of this behaviour of the english willow cricket bats, it’s far easier for a batsman to hit the ball farther with less electricity. Standard, they serve the purpose of a cricket bat inside the high-quality way viable. Consequently, it is the maximum favored choice for worldwide cricketers and, obviously, also extra steeply-priced than every other kind of cricket bat. How to discover an english willow cricket bat? Identifying a cricket bat made from an english willow is a lot simpler than for every other form of a cricket bat! Don’t be fooled with the aid of what the sticky label at the bats says as it is able to also be a faux product. The two easiest approaches to pick out a cricket bat crafted from an english willow are as follows –

color of the timber – an english willow is greater whiteish in coloration as compared to other woods used. This is one of the maximum easiest way to distinguish an english willow from different bats even from far. Grains on the timber – another inform-tale sign of an english willow is that the grains on its wooden are very without problems visible. In contrast to the cricket bat crafted from kashmir willow, the grains are not blending with every other. They’re quite outstanding and may be effortlessly prominent. (as visible inside the image above)
for most accurate bats manufactured from an english willow, it’s miles endorsed to have between 6 to ten grains. How a great deal does an english willow cricket bat price? English willow cricket bats are the maximum costly cricket bats available as they may be crafted from the satisfactory kind of wood this is available for a cricket bat! Usually, you may see a fee distinction of anywhere among 4 – 7 instances that of a kashmir willow in the identical emblem. It can every now and then be even more than that relying on the grade chosen. Here’s how a good deal an english willow cricket bat will fee in india, united kingdom and the us –
fee of an english willow in india – the starting charge of an english willow cricket bat in india could be around rs. Four,000/ -. A terrific bat can be as costly as as much as rs. 50,000/- or higher! Value of an english willow inside the united kingdom – inside the united kingdom, a non-branded english willow prices begin at round £35. But, a branded english willow cricket bat for adults will come within the price range of £sixty five – £750! Cost of an english willow inside the usa – further, the value can range among $75 – $850 depending at the fine and the grade of the bat selected. Who’s it exceptional ideal for? An english willow cricket bat is crafted from the pleasant satisfactory timber. It has a first rate sound whilst hitting the ball and a terrific punch. It permits the ball to travel farther a whole lot extra without problems. The down aspect is that it’s far more expensive. But, the advantage that you get is that it also lasts longer. For this reason, an english willow cricket bat is fine ideal for those who want to play the game professionally. It doesn’t necessarily must be at an international level (but manifestly that’s what you would be aiming for), however even if you are a batsman who loves to hit the ball hard and a ways, an english willow may be a very good preference. Maintenance of an english willow cricket bat
seeing that an english willow cricket bat is made from timber grown in england, it has a better degree of moisture. Those bats do require fair amount of care and safety. Right knocking and oiling of the bat can make sure that you extract the excellent from your bat, and additionally help it final longer. Whilst shopping a cricket bat, do keep in mind that a few sellers offer knocking as a complementary or maybe a paid service. If available, hold in mind to select the same if you are not completely properly-versed inside the procedure. Moreover, add-ons for an english willow cricket bat may be a tad bit extra costly than that of a kashmir willow. Therefore, now not best does an english willow require right care and preservation, however additionally the fee of its renovation can also be slightly on the higher aspect. So, that is higher? Kashmir willow or english willow
if you have been to in basic terms evaluate the two strictly based totally on its overall performance, first-rate, and durability (which is what you would ideally want in an excellent bat), the solution is uncomplicated. A cricket bat made of an english willow is in reality higher than a bat made from kashmir willow. However, the question that you want to ask is which one is better for you! The answer to this question might be completely based totally on how matters stand for you. If you are a amateur, novice or even semi-professional, then i’d pretty advise sticking to just a very good kashmir willow cricket bat. If, but, you are gambling greater regularly, want to hit massive sixes or are a professional, my advice would be to move for a mid to high variety of an english willow cricket bat! Final mind
choosing between the two bats can seem like a frightening mission. But, if we recognize the basics at the back of what makes every of the two bats and the way it is able to help us beautify our overall performance, it makes our project easier. I hope this newsletter has helped you study a issue or about cricket bats. Do test out our different posts and help us spread the word!


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