Guide To Find Best Kids Cricket Pads For Your Kids

The whole lockdown situation shut down kids at home. It started well, with our kids playing with each other and their previous toys. But every toy has an expiry date, it can keep the children occupied, which soon came. 


Apart from this issue, the amount of screen time our kids had been getting was alarming, so a physical activity that could keep them entertained and physically fit was important.


It was at this time that we introduced cricket to our kids. It was all going well, aside from the random elbows and knee scraping. So we went out in search of kid’s cricket pads and came to know quite a few things about it.


When talking about kids’ cricket pads, there are two types used for different purposes. One is the batting pad, while the other is a wicket keeping pad.


As the name suggests, a batting pad is used during batting, while a wicket keeping pad is used during fielding. Both have only a slight difference. The two’s common features include the face, knee roll, top hat, wings, and cricket pad straps. 

The face of the wicket and the batting pad takes up the largest area. It is made of several vertically sectioned plates. This makes it flexible and more comfortable for the players to move around. 


The inside contains a padding material that absorbs excess stress. The wicket-keeping pad has less vertical sections as compared to the batting pads.

It is used for protection as well as the movement of the pad around the knee joint. It has horizontal plates like the face, which get padded from behind. 


The batting pad consists of the knee roll, while a wicket pad gets manufactured without it.

It is present above the knee roll, engineered to protect the lower thigh in case of contact with a ball. More often than not, it gets attached permanently to the face of the pad.

Wings provide extra protection to the sides. Since it is not needed during fielding, hence it’s absent in wicket keeping pads. In batting pads, these are present at the high-risk areas to save from injury.

Straps are used to bind the kids’ cricket pad to the cricketer’s leg. Initially, they were made of leather and metal, but it was uncomfortable. 


For players’ comfort, straps are now manufactured from cushioned, wider material, so they are comfortable. Kids’ cricket pads have only two straps.

The most important thing to consider before buying a kids’ cricket pad is the size. If the size is smaller than required, it won’t be able to protect. If larger than it won’t fit and slip off the elbow or the knee, diminishing the whole purpose of a kids’ cricket pad. The kids’ cricket pad’s measurement is taken from the knee cap’s center to the foot’s top, where your shoe ends.


The general size would be:

  • Small junior: 30-32 cm
  • Junior: 32-35 cm
  • Young adult: 36-38 cm

.... CONCLUSION ....

With the speed that our world is going digital, we need to provide quality physical exercises to our kids. Cricket tops the list because it is a means of physical activity and develops skills like concentration and sportsmanship. 


With adequate safety measures like equipping them with kids’ cricket pads, you can be assured that your child is learning the gentleman’s game.

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