Latest Cricket Bats for 2021/2022 Season

The new Gunn & Moore DXM bat range results from a five-year research program into bat materials and manufacturing technology. The research resulted in GM utilizing superior wood conditioning, which improves the stability and consistency of willow preproduction, a brand new paperless design that uses Computer Aid Design (CAD), improvements to the pressing operation, and blade crafting by Advanced Computer Manufacturing (CAM).


This makes GM more independent and ensures that the company has more control over production as they no longer need to depend on third-party manufacturers. All DXM merchandise is manufactured by GM, who carried out the findings of the research program to supply innovative and top-quality products. The Flare DXM, Apex DXM, Icon DXM, and Hero DXM are Gunn & Moore’s newest bats that use this production method. The GM+ range is bats of specific models based primarily on certain models manufactured to be bigger than the model they are based on, typically resulting in extended sweet spots.


Except for their poly-coated bats, all GM bats are traditionally treated with GM Dri-Guard, which repels water from the toe, ensuring less water absorption in that area, thus stopping toe-swelling. The Apex DXM bat is designed specifically for a batsman who plays with a controlled stroke and is manufactured to enhance pick-up. The bat includes a GM control grip on the deal; it has shaped edges at the drive zone, an incredibly lightweight design, and shaped right into a GM Super Power Arc blade. It’s the bat of choice for Graeme Smith, Mark Boucher, and England’s Jonathan Trott.

The Flare DXM bat is designed for all-around controlled power throughout gameplay. It has the GM control grip on the handle, flowing contoured edges in the frame, weights at the bat’s edges, and a GM Power Arc blade within the bat, resulting in a light pick-up. England’s Stuart Broad plays with the GM Flare DXM.

The Flare DXM+ bat is more significant than the Flare DXM and results in the batsman attaining exaggerated power. It includes a Shock-Absorba grip on the handle, massive GM+ edges on the frame, and overall enormous profile, and a sweet spot with the built-in GM Power Arc blade that produces a great ping when the ball hits the bat. SA’s Ashwell Prince and Boeta Dippenaar play with this bat.

The Icon DXM bat is exceptionally engineered to produce power. It features the GM Control grip, thick power edges alongside the frame, a high swell position, a lightweight design, has the GM Power Arc blade built into the bat, and has a super concave profile and toe. The Icon DXM is the bat that Aussie Shane Watson plays with.

The Icon DXM+ bat is more significant than the Icon DXM model that the + was based on. It has a Shock-Absorba grip, massive GM+ edges, an extended sweet spot, a GM Power Arc blade, a high spine with a contoured profile, and a toe that produces a surprisingly light pick-up. This is the bat of choice of New Zealand’s Ross Taylor and South Africa’s Herschelle Gibbs and Neil McKenzie.

Gray Nicolls Unique to the industry, Gray Nicolls grow their very own best quality English willow to produce their cricket bats. Since 1876, they’ve been handcrafting bats to the very highest quality in Robertsbridge, England. 2009 saw Gray Nicolls shining on the pitch again; used by an Ashes successful captain, the most centuries scored in the year, and more players playing on the International and domestic stage than any other brand. Their new 2010 cricket range has been rigorously designed and upgraded in all areas. According to Gray Nicolls, international Manager, they have taken every ounce of data and skill from master batmakers combined with suggestions from the world’s greatest players to produce the new Evo. The Evo boasts maximum spine and edge height but maintains an impressive lightweight pick-up, ideal for all-around stroke play in any game format.

Already considered a modern-day classic Gray Nicolls introduced the impressively revamped Powerbow. It is precise as its name suggests; a bat with an exaggerated bow to the lower blade filled with power. A steeper spine profile allows weight redistribution into the hitting area, enhancing an enormous edge and sweet spot. New shoulder and splice allow a pick up that is light but excessive in power. 2020 sees a new, improved Ignite with a huge profile that can give any player confidence at the crease. The new sub-continental styling, with a huge sweet spot mixed with a beautifully balanced pick-up, makes the Ignite a must for today’s batsman.


With new cosmetics and designed in conjunction with a number of the world’s finest players, the Nitro has made a big impact on the International scene. Distinctive shoulder and toe contouring give it an impressive look and feel. Its steep spine running from splice to toe allows an imposing profile full of power. With its distinctive chrome effect branding and unique grooving, Xiphos had an immediate impression in 2009. Thick edges and a massive sweet spot, combined with an incredibly balanced pick-up, will give any player confidence.


The revolutionary double-sided Dual T20 bat has been developed in response to the exciting styles of batting. The Dual T20′s distinctive pressing technique allows 5500lbs of pressure per sq. inch on each side. By not carving away any willow to attain its form, Gray Nicolls can provide modern-day cricketers with huge power on either side of the blade.


A new feature for 2020, which will be seen on a selected number of models, is their extra-cover anti-scuff. This dramatically enhances the cosmetic look of the blade and gives maximum durability.


The new 2010 Kookaburra cricket bats are impressive. The unique geometric lines of the bat stickers will once again stand out on the shop floor. Kookaburra has introduced the new CCX bat, which has taken the place of the Beast Range. The CCX has a unique revolutionary shape that gives the blade a huge swelling in the striking area but maintains the great pick-up renowned in all Kookaburra bats.

Because of the huge success of the Biggest Kahuna last season, this massive profile bat with 40mm thick edges is the only model that is being carried over from previous year.


Jacques Kallis’ spectacular batting stats in test matches and ODI’s against India and the IPL have been achieved with his new V2 bat from Slazenger. Coming close to that elusive double tonne (173) in the first test and scoring a century and 50 runs in the ODI’s against India, he went on to show, once once more to the SA selectors that he is among the top T20 players by batting through the first four IPL games for his team Royal Challengers Bangalore, and adding three extra 50′s to his run tally. In the 2 Test matches Kallis played with the Slazenger he totaled 203 runs with an average of 67.6. In 3 ODI’s with the bat, he hit 204 runs, with the highest score of 104 not out, and boasts a formidable average of 102. His IPL record is much more stunning in which he averages 264 with the highest score of 89, not out with the V2.

Kallis says his new V2 bat has an elevated Power Bow, which provides him more confidence when driving off the back foot while delivering an abnormally light pick-up.

The Slazenger V2 gives the player the optimum balance of power and control for all-round performance. The bat has a lowered middle mixed with a balanced pick-up that gives excellent playability for batsmen like Kallis, who loves to play attacking shots. The bat includes a concave spine for a super-light pick-up, is constructed from handcrafted English Willow, all the models are knocked in, and selected models feature toe guards.

The V2 bat features a contoured toe, a subtly bowed frame that helps deliver increased power and control, and the edges of the bat provide an extended sweet spot for maximum response from the ball. The V Series, however, offers a bat for every player profile and preference. The extreme profile of this bat series provides an enlarged sweet spot for maximum response.

The V1 is aimed toward players who demand an ultra-lightweight bat for destructive precision. The concave back spine delivers incredible pick-up and excellent maneuverability for all-round stroke play. The V3 has a unique profile and can appeal to the batsmen who demand supreme power to hit the ball out of the park. The enlarged sweet spot, combined with a chiseled toe, creates ultimate power while sustaining a lightweight pick-up.


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