List of Items Included in a Cricket Kit

When you plan on playing cricket professionally, one of the first things that we need to get is a “cricket kit”. But often you may ask your self – what all does a cricket kit consist of? Could you want to buy any system one by one? So, in these days’s article, we take a look at all that is covered in a cricket package and assist answer a number of the questions that you could have. But first, what’s a cricket package? A cricket package is a bag in which a cricket participant consists of his/her vital cricket equipment. A cricket kit includes the subsequent objects
before we dive in to the details of every system, here’s a quick available list of objects and it’s motives.

Number of items and number Of pieces worn in cricket and their names

1 batting pads 2 guard legs both the legs.
2 thigh pads 1 guard front thigh thigh of the front leg.
3 abdominal defend 1 guard stomach abdomen location.
4 chest shield 1 protect ribs chest (side region going through the bowler).
5 cricket bat 1 to bat not to be worn.
6 batting gloves 2 shield fingers & knuckles palms.
7 elbow defend 1 protect arm & elbow arm dealing with the bowler
eight helmet 1 shield the pinnacle on the top
nine kit bag 1 effortlessly convey cricket system now not to be worn allow’s research a bit extra in element about each of the pieces of equipment that have to be included and how to pick them out.


Batting pads – cricket pads

Batting pads are important to a cricket kit. A couple of batting pads are protected in a cricket package. The batting pads are used even as batting all through a recreation of cricket (as the call suggests). The pads will assist you shield your leg whilst batting generally from the knee for your ankle. However, it does cover sure section of your leg even above your knee in your thigh. While you buy a cricket kit, it’s far vital to test whether or not the pads are a right healthy for you. A brief manner to test if the pads are the right length is to hold and rest the pad on your ankle as in case you had been going to put on the pad. At the same time as doing this, take a look at if your knee is set the centre of the knee roll of the pads. Wrong pad length can reason sufficient troubles while playing that it can impact your performance. Hence, in case you are shopping for a kit on-line, ensure to both check out the product at the store in advance or move for a option to go back the product in case it’s miles a misfit. Thigh pads –
thigh pads.

Thigh pad, as suggested by the name it shows, it is worn around your the front thigh.


That is every other piece of important gadget. At the same time as batting pads protect a part of your legs, the thigh pad adds safety to the component that isn’t always covered by using the pads. You may be aware that there is best one thigh pad while you may locate batting pads inside the cricket kit. This is due to the fact a thigh pad is only worn on the the front leg as your front leg is dealing with the bowler having the best chances of having hit. The thigh of your again leg can be usually nicely blanketed. Some gamers pick to bat with out a thigh pad. The number one reason for this is the pain one may additionally have even as sporting it because of its immoderate movements. However, a thigh pad worn inside the trousers can effortlessly limit its role and offer comfort and safety to a batsman.

Abdominal defend

An abdominal guard is surely crucial piece of equipment in your cricket gear. It’s far regarded with the aid of several names inside the distinct elements of the arena. Some of the most not unusual names you may pay attention are abdominal protector, shielding cup, abdominal field and so on. At the same time as it is able to appearance tiny in comparison to the other accessories blanketed to your kit, but it performs a massive role in protective a cricketer inside the stomach place. Getting hit within the stomach location with a tough cricket ball can be devastating and even deadly in some cases. Whilst you are beginning out, you can find it difficult to put on an abdominal protect. However, with coaching, you will get used to playing even as carrying one. An easy way to conquer this could be to shop for an stomach strap that holds the protect in the right function. Chest shield

A chest guard, additionally referred to as a chest protector, is every other piece of shielding tools this is essential on your cricket package. A chest shield is likewise worn interior your garments. A chest shield protects your ribs even as batting mainly when going through a quick bowler. If a bowler bowls a brief transport (one that bounces and reaches your ribs or head), a chest defend can play a pivotal position in stopping an damage if you pass over hitting the ball. You’ll only have 1 piece of a chest defend. This is due to the fact the chest shield is only worn on the side that faces the bowler. It protects the part of your ribs that is right below your armpit or the shoulder and not the the front a part of your chest. It is worn facet-on in preference to the front-on.

Cricket bat, additionally referred to as a blade, is critical to play the game of cricket. While it’s miles vital to have the important skills to play a good cricket shot, but, the great of a cricket bat is similarly vital in becoming a very good batsman. Your cricket gear need to encompass a cricket bat. Generally, a cricket package will include a bat made by the equal company that has made a package. For eg. If you are purchasing a grey nicholls cricket kit, it’s going to consist of a bat made through gray nicholls.

However, if you don’t like the high-quality of the cricket bat, you can pick to shop for a exceptional bat separately. You don’t have the selection of swapping the bat for a special one. Even as shopping a cricket package, make certain that the bag is big sufficient to deal with the cricket bat in the cricket package. This could be difficult for kits made for junior cricket.

A few cricket kits additionally provide a pocket on one of the sides of the bag to maintain a cricket bat such that the bat can be contained on the outdoor rather than the interior. Having a place in your bat in your kit lets in you to hold all of your gadgets in a single region. It’s far simply that rather more convenient to have everything in one vicinity. Batting gloves

A pair of batting gloves will be covered in your cricket kit. Batting gloves can defend your hands and knuckles from harm while going through bowlers. Most kits include batting gloves made for a proper-handed batsman (probable due to the fact there are greater proper-passed batsmen in cricket than left-surpassed ones). However, if you bat left-surpassed, ensure you get the gloves swapped earlier than shopping the cricket kit. A brief way to recognize if the gloves are supposed for a right-passed batsman or a left-exceeded one is to test the padding on the thumb.

For a right-exceeded batsman, there may be more cushioning on the thumb of the proper glove, and little to no safety on the thumb of the left glove. For a left-surpassed batsman, it have to be the reverse. A easy reason for that is due to the fact the thumb of the weaker hand frequently receives protected even as maintaining the bat or is included with the cope with of the bat.

Having limited cushion on the thumb of the weaker hand lets in the batsman to grip the bat nicely and gives additional flexibility of the wrist. Make sure that each of the other 9 hands on the batting gloves is well blanketed and has enough cushioning. Elbow guard

The elbow shield is likewise frequently known as the arm guard. It protects the elbow and the arm of your hand, in particular in opposition to rapid bowlers. You may discover 1 piece of elbow protect on your cricket kit. Simply as the chest protect and thigh pads are worn on the part of your frame that faces the bowler, an elbow defend is also worn at the arm going through the bowler. Hence, for a proper-exceeded batsman, the elbow defend is worn on the left hand. Cricket helmet.

Cricket helmet:

A helmet is some other piece of essential defensive gear that will be protected to your cricket kit. A helmet is worn on your head and it performs an important function in defensive your head from a quick-pitched transport which could hit your head. A helmet is also important while you are fielding near a batsman or if you are a wicketkeeper. Whilst it isn’t always but compulsory to wear a cricket helmet whilst batting, global cricket council (icc – cricket’s governing body) has pop out with a new set of rules that asserts, “if a batsman is wearing a cricket helmet, it ought to be compliant with the brand new british standards (bsi) – bs7928:2013.“

Kit bag

Lastly, a cricket kit need to additionally encompass a package bag. Even though a package bag isn’t going for use on the sector, it’s miles one of the maximum important item in a cricket kit. A kit bag wishes to be mild yet sturdy. It is ideal to have a package bag that has multiple pockets to maintain small but vital items that you could need in a while together with grips, cream, solar glasses etc. Having multiple smaller wallet could make the items easily reachable and can save you quite a few time whilst trying to get equipped for a match or a training session. While deciding on a cricket bag, cross for the one that has wheels on the lowest when you have an choice.

You may quickly comprehend its significance after a tiring education consultation or an hard cricket in shape. Other items you can need to buy additionally  whilst the aforementioned gadgets provided in a typical cricket kit will help you get started out, there are few pieces of cricket tools that you can select to buy one after the other. Some of them are going to be an essential object, whilst others might be non-obligatory.

Cricket shoes:

a couple of cricket footwear goes to be one of the maximum crucial object that you should purchase. Primarily based on the type of participant, there could be special footwear that you may pick out to shop for. For eg. As a amateur may also need to shop for cricket studs whereas greater professional crickets select to go together with spikes or half of spikes. Internal gloves every other thrilling piece of device that you could need to go with is the internal gloves. Those are a couple of gloves which can be worn inside the batting gloves. At the same time as batting gloves are for protection, the internal gloves serve a exceptional cause.

All through a protracted batting session, it’s miles common to sweat plenty. Due to this, your palms are frequently moist and grow to be slippery and the batting can emerge as hard. Accordingly, sporting internal gloves can not best assist you save you the batting gloves from slipping, it additionally affords an awesome grip while batting. Furthermore, it is lots less complicated to clean the internal gloves than a couple of sweaty batting gloves.

Cricket whites:

cricket whites are the traditional garments in which you shall play cricket. A fixed of white cricket t-shirts and trousers is important while you begin playing membership cricket. Those clothes are in any other case additionally known as cricket whites. It will likely be useful to have a pair of cricket whites. These can be beneficial even if you have no longer but started participating in fits, however have rather joined a club or an academy for cricket training.

Zinc cream:

zinc cream is a useful cricket product to have for any cricketer. This is specially useful in case you are playing in the sub-continent or any place in which there is lots of solar. Zinc cream acts as a sunscreen and protects your pores and skin from darknening or even inflicting sun burns and blisters. There are numerous sorts of sun screens which might be to be had for you to buy based totally on the playing situations in the areas which you play, and primarily based on your pores and skin kind.

Bat grips:

when you to start with begin gambling, you could now not recognize that the bat grip is as crucial because the bat itself! Another component which you shall quickly be aware is that the bat grips put on out pretty speedy particularly if you are a batsman having lengthy batting periods. One technique to overcoming this is to buy and deliver a group of bat grips together with you cricket kit.

Grip cone:

in my revel in, i’ve discovered the grip cone to be one of the most commonplace item that is often disregarded. A grip cone is largely a tool that allows you to put a grip to your bat cope with. It is a simple piece of gadget. However, because it isn’t used on a daily foundation, it regularly gets left out. A grip cone is in particular useful if the grip of your bats put on out pretty fast and also you have a tendency to trade the grips of your bat pretty often. A note of warning even though – a grip cone is also one of the most borrowed (and now and again never again) piece of system!

Cricket ball:

having a cricket ball as a part of the cricket kit may not be as obvious, however can show to be quite reachable. Carrying a cricket ball or two is actually beneficial as it allow you to with additional practice when at home or practising with a partner (mainly when you are practising out of doors of your regular hours). In addition practicing to bat or bowl, having a cricket ball on your kit can also help you consciousness to your fielding and catching abilities.

Cricket hat:

in addition to sunscreen, a cricket hat or a cap can be without a doubt beneficial on a cricket discipline. The obvious benefit is the safety that you get from the solar and heat.


Buying a cricket gear for the primary time may be very daunting. However, understanding what all have to the kit encompass, can assist cope with a number of the fundamental matters wanted. If you are a figure and you’re buying a cricket gear for your children, make sure the products included in the kit match your infant, and that he/she wears it whilst playing. In any case, purchasing a pae is of little need in case your child does no longer use it appropriately.


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