How to Get Live Cricket Streaming Star Sports Online at Your Pc Or Phone Or Android Tv?

Live Cricket Streaming Sar Sports

There’s nothing more exciting and satisfying to a true cricket fan than watching a cricket match live. You can’t afford to let all the action pass you by especially if there’s something you can do about it.

Thanks to the technology and its never-ending pleasant surprises, you can watch the game from the comfort of your home or office. Live streaming is not so big of a deal these days.

Star Sports values its fans so much as to make live stream options available for them. Fans can make the most of the free as well as paid subscription options. The best part is that they can even do so on the go. Read on for more insight on live streaming your anticipated cricket matches.

Live Cricket Streaming Star Sports

Star Sports is a Sports TV Channel which is owned and operated by Star NetWork in India. This sports channel usually telecasts sports programs such as cricket, kabaddi, football, fifa and wrestling programs. However, this year Star Sports will be live broadcasting IPL 2020 and ICC T20 World Cup 2021 live matches for the Indian cricket fans.

Star Sports is the best known and one of the popularly known sports broadcasts in the world. In fact, this channel has launched with their official website that allows them to stream live cricket matches in excellent and stunning quality features.

Star sports network has a bouquet of seventeen channels under its umbrella, which aim to broadcast different events in sports. International cricket is broadcasted under the guidance and purview of ICC board .

Good news to cricket fans in India as Star Sports 1 Hindi has got them covered. It’s the number 1 most trusted cricket TV channel and broadcasts all its content in Hindi language.

Star Sports 1 Hindi covers local and international cricket matches. For live streaming options, download the Star Sports app. Better still, just visit their official page online and use the download option provided.

For the non-Hindi speakers residing in India, there’s something for you as well. Star Sports 1 also covers cricket matches in English and Punjabi so you won’t get stuck.

Hotstar provides the perfect platform for you to live stream all your favorite sports. They include the Star Sports 1 and Star Sports 2 where all the action goes on uninterrupted.

STAR Sports India is an English-language TV broadcaster located in India. It’s a sports channel that broadcasts news, highlights and live matches from around the sporting world with a special emphasis on cricket. You can watch the channel online via its video-on-demand collection, updated regularly.

IPL 2020 is the main event to be held in March and people are waiting for it. If you are interested in this event, you are on the right website that will guide you in everything related to Star Sports IPL Live 2020.

If you want to watch online, you have to pay the Hotstar app or website to take advantage of this offer. If you suddenly have no electricity connection, you can also watch a match on your Android phone. I recommend this channel as it has good quality audio and HD video for fans which is the best. Star Sports has launched many channels such as Star Sports 1, 2, 3.

Regardless of the reason why you do not want to access Star Sports via Hot Star, there is actually another way to access the channel. For cricket live streaming, in particular, SonyLiv is the best option. Do keep in mind though, SonyLiv too can only be accessed after you have connected to an Indian VPN server via reputable VPN.

Starsports official site can launch a local website catering to the demands of cricket fans in the USA. They can host live events online to create the buzz around cricket.

If you live in the US, you will be unable to access the live stream for this channel on any website, as it is not available for access in your region. Virtual Private Networks have some pretty nifty other uses in addition to letting you to watch sport and TV from other locales.

Their encrypted nature means that the information you exchange on a daily basis online is kept safely away from prying eyes. Streaming VPNs also help to get around website blocking in certain offices, schools and even countries. 

Alternatively, BT now offers a streaming-only BT Sport option in the form of the £25 BT Sport Monthly Pass.

Gaining access to the Star Sports network has never been so easy. Cricket fans will be pleased to note that they won’t have to pay a dime once they have installed the reputable VPN and it’s up and running.

However, it only works when you are able to connect to a VPN server in India. Unfortunately, this is so because Star Sports is currently made available only to viewers located in India.

You only have to access an Indian VPN server for you to access Hot Star, which will, in turn, grant you unlimited access to the Star Sport Channel immediately.

A VPN is a definite requirement because it is stronger than most geographic restrictions that may stand in the way of your access to Star Sports channels. 

Another vital function of the VPN is to eliminate the ISP issue which has proved to be a thorn in the flesh of cricket fans.

Once you take care of the ISP Problem, you are assured of an upsurge in download and upload speeds.

Watch Star Sports On HotStar

Hotstar provides the perfect platform for you to live stream all your favorite sports. They include the Sports 1 and 2 where all the action goes on uninterrupted.

It has popularized its service of online streaming by offering different promotion codes to increase potential viewership for live cricket matches in 2020 in USA. 

Hotstar is one of the major online streaming partners for star sports network to stream a live cricket match on a smart phone or through a fire stick whichever is convenient for the viewer.

If you want to do things differently as an avid cricket fan, Redbox TV is certainly the way to go. This is a prominent and trusted live streaming app that offers you the pleasure of watching all your favorite channels on PC, Laptop, Android Phone, Iphone, TV and etc at your most convenient times.


Redbox TV saves every buck in your wallet as its services are absolutely free. The goal here is to reach as many cricket fans as possible and restore excellence to the idea of live streaming cricket matches.


One thing that may grab your attention and draw you towards Redbox TV is that it only takes up about 30MB of space on your device. Cricket lovers are also fanatical about this app because of its easy to use interface.


Its installation is as simple as downloading the Redbox TV apk file from their official website. Follow this step up by downloading the MX player which gives Redbox TV the platform to play its content at your commands.


The videos are high quality and can’t be compared to other live stream app platforms. In case you encounter errors of any kind, their able and courteous support team is always on standby to offer their timely and professional help.

We live in the era where a smartphone is your closest companion, which is not such a bad thing. Star Sports is making it easier for cricket fans to have a front row seat to live matches.

However, there’ll be a few steps you need to set in motion first before anything else. For instance, a stable and fast internet connection ensures that you won’t miss even a second of the ongoing match.

Next you’ll need to download apps that support the live stream of cricket. The likes of Hotstar and Disney have proved to be the number one go to in case of an upcoming cricket match.

Here, you are treated to two offers that may work for you. You could either settle for the premium option or the VIP. Premium goes for Rn 299 a month while VIP goes for RN 399 and lasts for a whole year.

Hotstar provides its live streaming services on multiple platforms such as Android, Web, and so on. It’s also popular due to its ability to offer a wide variety of sports matches including cricket.

Live streaming on your smart phone is free when you opt for a genuine VPN. If you want to live stream a cricket match for free, download a legit VPN and then select India since Star Sports 1 has sports channels that are only accessible in India.

Live Stream On Android TV

As mentioned earlier, technology is growing at an unbelievable pace. This is all to our advantage and must never take it for granted. Cricket lovers get to benefit greatly as well since it’s also possible to live stream a cricket match on your TV set or your mobile devices.

This option could work best for you if you weren’t able to get the tickets to the game for some reason. You’ll need backup from your phone to get the live stream started on your TV.

Open the app on your phone and then pick the live stream match you’d like to watch. Make use of the cast icon that’s at the top of your phone screen. As soon as you’re settled, click the cast option and let your phone take it from there.

Ensure that you’re using the same Wi-Fi network on all your devices. This will prevent interruptions or hitches that may occur in the middle of the live stream. On the other hand, you don’t have to go through all the trouble of casting.

You can install the Hotstar app on your Android TV and live stream directly from there. Besides, you’ll save your phone battery in this way.

Live Streaming On Your Smart TV

Watching a cricket match on your non-Android smart TV isn’t such an uphill task after all. You just need to be in possession of a well-known smart TV brand and everything else will flow smoothly.


For example, popular brands such as LG, Samsung are always up for something high-tech and sophisticated. Be warned though, the older TV versions of these brands won’t give you something to write home about.


Again, have your smartphone on standby just so it can do the reading on your behalf. It’ll be easier this way considering their sophisticated features that can detect smart devices from a mile away.

Live Stream On Your PC

In case you prefer to live stream a cricket match on your PC, create an account on first. This way, you can log in at any time and watch a match for free from the comfort of your home or office.

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