Ultimate Guide to Watching Live Ipl Cricket Streaming Online For Free Or Paid

Technology has been at the forefront of making life easier and more enjoyable for humanity. Cricket fans can attest to this fact, and they couldn’t be happier. Imagine catching all the action on the pitch, live from the comfort of your home.

Live IPL cricket streaming is currently one of the best things that happened to cricket. It gets even better when you don’t have to pay a dime for tickets to the stadium, among other unnecessary expenses.

All you have to do is to get the crucial details right. For instance, which teams are playing and when they are all set to play. Some sites on the internet make it possible to stream live uninterrupted.

Here are some of the best sites that offer live streaming services for IPL cricket.

Live Cricket Match Today

This is a YouTube Channel that caters to all the needs of the diehard cricket fans. Subscribing to this channel means you get the front row seat to all the live IPL cricket matches as they go on.

It is highly revered and appreciated due to its unrivaled feature, which enables it to reach fans from almost all world regions. The best part is that you are at liberty to download the matches and watch later in case you missed them.

As the name suggests, CricBuzz is a site of Indian origin that offers you all the latest scoop on IPL cricket matches. It is generally a news site but also posts articles on cricket highlights and so on.

What makes it stand out and preferred by cricket fans is that it also accommodates mobile phone users. An app has been designed specifically to reach this type of audience.

You could also search Cricinfo or EspnCricInfo using google on your preferred browser as it works both ways. You cannot stream live cricket events on this site for free, but you can watch live cricket news coverage on this site for free.

CricInfo also grants you free access to local and international cricket matches live scorecard in real-time. Visitors to this site are assured of updated scorecards throughout the matches so they won’t miss any action.

What this site is trying to say is that it’s always time for cricket. Its simplicity keeps capturing the attention of new cricket fans. Crictime has all live streaming logistics in check to avoid any inconvenience to its visitors.
For instance, it knows the popular glitch of hanging when fans are in the middle of a game. To curb this problem, multiple servers are provided to keep the live stream going.

You won’t have to go through a series of endless instructions to get to your game. On the contrary, you’ll gain access to a current match as soon as you get to the site’s main page.

How To Watch HotStar Live Online

Hotstar is a site that offers more than live IPL matches. Being one of the most popular video sites in India, USA, Canada, Australia, and many other countries, it is currently living up to the expectations of its fans. Here, you can search for all your favorite series, TV shows, and even movies..

The best part is that you can do all this for free with some limitations that come along, but with a monthly subscription or a seasonal pass, you get to watch all you want cricket related or some entertainment related content, as long as your device has a stable connection to a Wi-Fi network rather than personal data because streaming live cricket events are very long which can consume a lot of cellular data. 

Gaining free access to some limited live stream services require you to register using an original email address.

Watch Cricket Live On Cricket World

This site has a webpage that’s so organized that you wouldn’t get lost even if you were a newcomer. It’s split up into numerous segments including, 

  • The Live scores – You can click here to get comprehensive updates on what the scores and results are. 
  • Series – You’ll find further sections that contain stories that have been archived for your future reference.
  • Other sections of your choice – You are free to add other cricket-related content that might interest you, such as cricket news, photos, predictions for upcoming matches, and so on.

This site gives you all the relevant details of the IPL cricket match that’s ongoing. Cricket live streaming has never been this easy and fun. You can catch the live action of other matches aside from cricket at the simple click of a button.

A table is displayed on the home page and will update you on info such as scores, the leagues playing, and the start times so you won’t miss out on even a second of the match.

Other sports that stream live on this site are; NFL, Snooker, Darts, Golf, and so on.s

Willow TV is one of the most preferred sites for live streaming IPL cricket matches for various reasons. Top on the list is that it serves a myriad of other sports matches while they’re still hot.

Generally, sports fans will term it as a goldmine, to say the least. This website contains multiple features that cricket enthusiasts just can’t resist. They include updated scorecards, as well as the live stream option accommodates all types of screen resolutions.

What more could a cricket fan ask for?

Bosscast For Live Cricket Steams

Fans of cricket have grown to appreciate this site for its exemplary features. Bosscast is limitless in all the quality services offered to its users. Enthusiastic sports fanatics are assured of streaming IPL live with reckless abandon.
That’s not all; they can keep tabs on other matches as well such as, basketball, tennis, football, among others. 

However, newcomers to this site should expect one flaw that’s popular among other sites too. Pop-up ads seem to be the one thing that some users just can’t keep up with.
On the bright side, the general web interface is definitely something to write home about. 

Last but not least, Facebook live is guaranteed to give massive support to IPL cricket by enabling its users to stream live. Most people prefer Facebook live due to its ability to keep pop-up ads at bay.

You can’t always be hooked on your laptop from morning to evening. You’ll have to take a break and go for a walk or drive. At the same time, you’ll want to keep tabs on your live matches.

Here are phone apps that support IPL cricket live stream on both android and iPhones;

  • Hotstar
  • Official IPL App
  • ESPNCricinfo
  • CricBuzz
  • Live Cricket Tv Hd (android phone version available on google play store).

Some More IPL Information

IPL stands for the Indian Premier League and is played professionally in India every year. The live stream happens in March/April and May of every year. Eight teams are chosen to represent the major states/cities in India.

The IPL was formed in 2008 with the sole purpose of bringing cricketers together and nurturing their talent for cricket. With time, IPL became a lucrative venture that gave various entities a platform to invest in their most trusted teams.

Live IPL cricket streaming happens mostly late in the afternoons or evenings when darkness sets in. This way, the organizers and media teams get the perfect chance to make their broadcasts available in HD to all broadcasts worldwide.

Floodlights are used at night as fans of cricket enjoy streaming the game live in these conditions. They catch all the fun and thrill of the game better when floodlights are used.

Money In The Offing

IPL was formed by the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) in 2008. It grew into a profitable enterprise that saw high profile entities invest their money big time.

That’s not all; the cricketers involved also had their fifteen minutes of fame and earned enough to be ranked highly. Major companies made their bids together with high earning individuals such as Bollywood stars, media bigwigs, and so on.

The league organized all kinds of auctions, which saw the crème de la crème from various fields place their bids on the most promising cricketers. This move attracted the attention of some countries worldwide.

They scrambled to follow suit and form their own leagues. IPL became so successful that it could afford the services of well-known cricketers. For instance, the likes of Mahendra Dhoni stole the show in the 2008 cricket season.

IPL is inarguably the most popular and attended leagues among all sports leagues due to its captivating live stream matches. Not to mention how much support it receives from sports fraternities worldwide.

Major social media platforms have welcomed their features with open arms as it shows the potential of reaching wider audiences around the world. Youtube was more than happy to give IPL a platform to air its very first live stream across the globe in 2010.

As expected, this opened a whole new plethora of opportunities for the IPL. It gained worldwide recognition for all its matches and even went as far as acquiring a live stream status.

In the 2011 season, IPL hired a well-known cricketer, Gautam Gambhir, to fly the flag of the national team higher. He did a commendable job, which resulted in the birth of more like-minded dynasties.

This year, fans of cricket will be treated to a live stream event of matches on select broadcasts around the world. The Mumbai Indians are expected to go head to head with the Punjab XI Kings.

You can catch all the live-action on the Star Sports network of India. A brief history of the two teams shows that this is not the first time they’ll play against each other.

The two teams have had matches on 25 occasions that saw the Mumbai Indians take the cup all through. The Mumbai Indians beat their rivals on a score of 14 to 11. 

The Punjab XI Kings have a long history of poor bowling, which has been their weak spot. Fans are worried about their track record, especially those who placed a bet and hope to get their money back.

Fans would be thrilled to know that their treasured cricket superstar, Chris Gayle, will have a significant role to play during the live stream. He is a highly revered batsman who never disappoints when given a chance to prove his mettle.

Major changes were made on the IPL down the road. Things are not as they were when it first began. For instance, the plan was to make an expansion to ten clubs with the intention of limiting the teams involved to only having a single tryout.

It was then narrowed down to four teams, which gave chances to the teams with the best players to put their best foot forward. From here, the IPL became as lenient as to grant the losing team another chance to redeem itself.

All this was done with the aim of maximizing the profit that came with live television broadcasts. IPL also came with the life-changing proposals that saw retired cricketer’s dignity restored.

This was done through the invitation to bigger entities to give the league a try. Much to the surprise of most onlookers, the venture turned out to be a major success.

IPL’s star of popularity shone brighter when franchises came into the picture. These were the eight founding teams that were mentioned earlier;

  • The Mumbai Indians
  • The Deccan Chargers
  • The Chennai Super Kings
  • The Royal Challengers Bangalore
  • The Delhi Daredevils
  • The Punjab XI Kings, also known as the Mohali
  • The Kolkata Knight Riders
  • The Rajasthan Royals, also known as Jaipur

Later in 2010, the teams had a fall out in which the league had to expel two of them, Punjab and Rajasthan. Further investigation into the reasons for expulsion showed that the ownership policies were breached, and stern action had to be taken.

In preparation for the 2011season, the league had to re-establish their agreement with the two teams. What’s more, two more teams were signed in, bringing the total to ten.

 Due to unforeseen circumstances, the Deccan Chargers had to be replaced in 2013. The IPL signed in the Sunrisers Hyderabad to keep the matches going.

Knowledge of all the sites mentioned above gives you an upperhand when it comes to live streaming cricket matches and all other games you might like. Technology has made it possible to access these matches on our handsets as well.



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