Batsmen In Cricket Who Got Most Runs in a Calendar Year

‘If I knew I was going to die today, I think I should still want to hear the cricket scores.’ GH Hardy.



Cricket is one of the most popular and thrilling outdoor athletics. Only some people can play first-class cricket, but millions enjoy watching their favorite players. It gives the viewers moments of pleasure and also fills them with a competitive spirit. We have witnessed the demonstration of tremendous enthusiasm and determination of players in test cricket.



There have been glorious performances in the history of test cricket. Careers of many cricketers have reached new heights. The test cricket challenge that athletes have faced made them have a long-term boost in their sports career.



Batsmen giving their best in the highly-rated test shows the mental toughness required for the demanding format. Moreover, a few got their names up into history books in golden letters by their incredible execution, courage, and determination. Their fans will always remember and cherish them to score the most runs in a calendar year.

1. Mohammad Yousuf (Pakistan) 1788 runs in 2006

Mohammad Yousuf is Pakistan’s former cricketer and captain. He put his name to glory in 2006 by incredibly created quite a few records. He proved himself to be an extremely dependable batsman and gave his team his support like a backbone. 


In 2006, the former cricketer took his name and career to a whole new level, creating a summation of 1788 runs in 11 test matches and making the most runs in a calendar year so far. He began from 173 runs in the India series at Lahore to making 124 runs against West Indies in Karachi. 


Yousuf named himself to be an outstanding batsman making the most runs in a calendar year.  He accumulated 665 runs and marked himself the third-highest scorer in the three-day test series.

Viv Richard was an exceptional batsman who took the cricket of the West Indies to a remarkable height. He was a name of glory in his era. In his long 17 years’ career, Viv carried loads of moments of pride to the West Indies. 


In 1976, he proved himself to be a remarkable performer, played 11 tests, earned 1710 runs becoming the second-highest to score most runs in a calendar year


Viv Richard was an invincible player and put his everything into his game by putting himself on the top of the batting charts and making himself a phenomenal player in cricket history.

3. Graeme Smith (South Africa) 1656 runs in 2008

He is remembered as one of the best leaders to captain the cricket team of South Africa. The authorities rated him due to his talent and achievements as a cricket player. 


Smith marked 2008 as his year in cricket and made his way on the top three cricketers to be named to have most runs in a calendar year. Smith showed striking sportsmanship in 2008 and made South Africa have a glorious victory against West Indies and Bangladesh. 


He performed like an excellent leader and an exceptional batsman.

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