Who In Cricket Has Got Most Runs in T20 2019

Cricket is one of the most famous International sports for almost a century. Played with a bat and a ball, two teams have eleven players each, on a field with a 22-yard pitch having a wicket at each end. It started with a five-day Test match format and evolved. 


One Day International (ODI) is a 50 over a match, and since 2005, the shortened format of cricket, twenty Twenty20 (T20), has been introduced. Twenty20 is one of the three existing cricket forms acknowledged by the International Cricket Council (ICC). 



In a T20 cricket match, the two teams have one inning each, which is limited to a maximum of 20 overs. A T20 game is typically a three-hour roller coaster ride of excitement and thrill of aggressive batting, committed bowling, and desperate fielding. 


Each innings lasts for around 90 minutes, and an official 10-minute break between the innings makes it more or less equal in timespan to other famous team sports. With time much shorter than previous formats of cricket, T20 is faster and more sensational. T20 is all about attacking the opponent team from the very first ball of the innings.


 It’s about scoring quick runs and taking early wickets. It’s way more attractive to viewers on television and spectators on the ground. The new short format has gained massive popularity in no time. It has succeeded in spreading around the cricket world. 


The batsmen who tend to play aggressive cricket and hit sky high sixes are becoming more famous. In 2019, authorities nominated the right-handed opening Irish batsman Paul Stirling as the top player who scored the most runs in T20 2019.

Most Outstanding Irish Batsman

Cricket fans acknowledge Paul Stirling as a promising cricketing talent both in Ireland and beyond. Since his debut as a chubby 18 years old young brat, he has grown into a linchpin of Ireland’s batting order. Stirling has proven himself an attacking opener for the Irish side with his natural swagger and aggressiveness, both in ODI and T20. 


After his brilliant performance, striking a century against Pakistan in 2011, his stature has elevated. He has been deemed one of the outstanding batsmen to represent Ireland in international cricket.

Paul Stirling generates tremendous power with apparently little effort and is incredibly powerful, pulling the ball over midwicket or striking the ball straight. 2019 was a terrific year for him, especially in T20 matches when he scored the most runs in T20 2019 and played 20 innings in 2019, and accumulated 748 runs with a tremendous strike rate of 140.6. Moreover, he adorned this powerful performance in T20 during 2019 with hitting 90 boundaries and smashing 20 sixes. 



Paul Stirling is the vice-captain of the Ireland national team. Skipper Andrew Balbirnie, the captain of the Irish Cricket Team, said on Cricket Ireland’s Twitter handle: “I didn’t really hesitate when I was thinking about who could be my vice-captain – he stuck out to me straight away,” 



Apart from being a world-class batsman with the most runs in T20 2019, Paul is considered a highly competent back-up off-spinner. Before getting injured, he used to bowl full allocation of overs for Ireland in OD Is, but his troubled back has limited his ability to bowl any further. 

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