Is Nidderdale Cricket League A Good Choice For You?

In 2018, at the Annual General Meeting, the cricket authorities gathered responses to develop a Nidderdale Cricket League.


A plethora of clubs showed interest, and they could respond to the proposal using three options: Definitely interested, possibly interested, and not interested. 

Shorter Game for Junior Players

There are 6-8 divisions in the Nidderdale Cricket League that play a crucial role in securing a safe future for the league. There is a more significant proportion of 2nd, 3rd, and 4th teams that provide entry to the adult league for many juniors participating in the Nidderdale Cricket League


Many junior players lack focus and energy to engage in a full 45 over gameplay; hence, the Nidderdale Cricket League organizers have made the game shorter. 

The league’s developers believe that it is imperative to provide an enjoyable and enriching experience to the junior players. They are the next generation of players who must have a smooth transition from junior to adult cricket. 


All the junior players get a chance to bat, bowl, and field in appropriate areas in the Nidderdale Cricket League, which keeps them active and satisfied with their participation level in every match.

As mentioned above, there are different divisions within which there are both older and younger players. These experienced players want the new talent to get involved in the game more as youngsters are fitter and faster in the field. 


The combination of old and new players allows the older generation to give training and advice about skill development to the junior players. The concept of the Nidderdale Cricket League has been vital because it has allowed the junior players to join the league and follow the footsteps of their role models who have spent a significant amount of time playing adult cricket.

The Nidderdale Cricket League has been one consisting of at least six junior (under 17) players. Clubs from different divisions have taken part if they have a certain number of junior players enrolled. 


There was also an option for multiple clubs coming together and forming a new team to make sure that every junior player got the chance to play. The Nidderdale Cricket League planned to kick off in 2018 with at least eight teams and encouraged more senior players to become coaches later. 


The league’s organizers had initially planned that if there were not enough teams signing up in 2018, they would delay the launch till 2019 when more clubs would gather to participate enthusiastically.

Incentives for Coaches

The league currently sponsors up to 50% of the training courses for junior coaches working in the Nidderdale Cricket League


The organizers have always wanted to provide incentives to clubs to join the league. 


As a result, the cricket league plans to offer 100% sponsorship of the cost of training courses for any coach who intends to work with the junior players to improve their skillset and motivate them to become better mentors in the future.  



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