What Makes Pink Cricket Ball A Favorable for Bowlers

The color of a cricket ball may seem insignificant, but it holds substantial importance in playing professionally. Different colors come with different properties. While some are easily pictured by a camera, others are more easily spotted on the grass field. 


Pink Cricket Ball is unconventional as opposed to the red cricket ball. However, a Pink cricket ball is of great help when it comes to playing at night.

Why choose the color pink?

An array of colors competed against each other to make their way on the cricket ball. Bright yellow and orange colors were initially used. They can be easily spotted on the ground and by the player but can be inconvenienced when they color match with the brownish patches on the ground. 


Pink was chosen by consensus as it was easily spotted by fielders taking high catches.

Cricket balls may come in a variety of colors, but their basic structure remains the same. Each cricket ball is made of cork, rubber, and woolen yarn using similar production techniques. This preserves the integrity of balls and makes sure that it is standardized when playing internationally. The only difference is when the balls are dyed. 


For red balls, they are usually immersed in grease first and then painted red. This is to prevent water from making its way into the ball’s interior. The same technique is not used for pink balls as the pigment is dulled down by the grease, which would affect its visibility under low light conditions.

Pink Cricket Ball is also known as Day/Night test ball. This is because the cricket balls, once manufactured, are coated with a thick coat of pink color. The color is known to sparkle, making it much easier to spot the ground and by the fielders, batsmen, the crowd, and the people watching the game from home. 


The color, however, does not age well and is known to fade over time. This may increase the overall costs and budget, but it is the only available option as no other colors than pink is available so far for Day/Night test balls.

Pink vs. Red Cricket Ball

The visibility factor plays a huge part when it comes to deciding the color of a cricket ball. Artificial lighting is of importance when playing in low visibility or at night. Red balls are known to lose their color and shine as the game progresses. 


This can be prevented by using a Pink Cricket Ball that retains its color better throughout the duration of the game. The swing of the cricket ball also plays a substantial role. Pink balls are reported to show more swing than the red ones and thus are more preferred by the players.



Pink Cricket Balls may be uncommon in many countries, but they are slowly being introduced in the professional gameplay. Professional cricket players worldwide are being delivered Pink cricket balls so that they get to practice before the real game.

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