Reasons Why Cricket is NOT played with Tennis Ball!

We all recognise that expert cricket at the global level is performed with a leather-based ball. However regularly human beings wonder, “why is cricket now not played with a tennis ball”? Wouldn’t it’s a lot extra simpler with all the system and cricket tools? We will quite a great deal eliminate all that if cricket became performed with tennis ball! However simply as we wish it changed into so, this questions has been debated approximately years ago and there are excellent reasons why cricket isn’t played with a softer tennis ball. So, in this put up we will have a look at thirteen motives why cricket is not played with tennis ball. The purpose why cricket is not performed with tennis ball is as follows –

a tennis ball is difficult to hit a long way
swinging a tennis ball is sort of not possible
tennis balls have an excessive amount of bounce
tennis ball is slower inside the air
tennis ball slows down effortlessly while rolling on the ground
no seam manner much less spin control
limited shot selection for a batsman
timing a cricket shot doesn’t work that well
tennis balls don’t last lengthy
effect of the pitch is restricted
tennis ball loses coloration and form fast
awkward soar even as fielding
low amusement fee
despite the fact that the aforementioned factors provide an amazing indication of the motives a leather ball is used as opposed to a tennis ball. But, for better expertise, we will check out the specific explanation of every of these factors below –

1. A tennis ball is hard to hit some distance
as you’re already conscious, a tennis ball is a tender ball compared to a leather-based ball. As a end result, whilst the ball hits the bat, there is a good a part of the ball that contracts inwards. This offers the tennis ball a few obvious disadvantages one in all that is the gap it is able to be hit. To feature to the distress, the tennis ball additionally has a difficult floor. Consequently, even when it is hit tough, it slows down due to the friction created inside the air because of the hard surface of the ball. As a consequence, it’s miles tough to hit the ball simply far. So, all those 120 meters chris gayle sixes might be nearly impossible to replicate! (if you want to be certainly sad!)
2. Swinging a tennis ball is next to impossible! One of the largest mode of amusement in the game of cricket is the war between the bowler and the batsman. A batsman has continually had a bonus over the bowler as he has a bat with which he can hit the ball in any a part of the floor (or outside the ground) and demoralize the bowler. But, swing bowling has precisely the identical effect on a batsman (as a batsman feels prone as he is unable to play a ball that swings). A key weapon for a quick bowler on the way to get the batsman out is swing bowling. While a fast bowler, bowling at speeds in excess of a hundred thirty five kilometers in line with hour (kmph), and swings the ball inside the air (which offers the batsman very little time to react), it could effortlessly get him/her out. Even when the batsman survives, it certainly makes him nervous and liable to mind games. On the contrary, swinging a tennis ball is quite hard (subsequent to not possible). To be able to swing a ball, one half of the ball must be smooth even as the other 1/2 has to be hard. This creates an imbalance inside the friction generated because of the air, consequently pushing the ball in a single direction or the other (which we name it a swing). For the reason that, a tennis ball doesn’t even have two equal halves let alone a tough and a smooth half of, the opportunity of a managed swing is actually not possible. Three. Tennis ball has too much bounce
despite the fact that the tennis ball is a lot softer than the leather-based ball, a tennis ball bounces way extra than a leather ball. You can surprise why that is so? Well, the purpose is simple – a tennis ball isn’t best softer but additionally loads lighter than a leather ball. A leather-based ball weighs around 156 grams. At the opposite, a tennis ball weighs merely about fifty eight grams. As a end result, whilst the ball hits the floor, due to the effect of gravity, the heavier leather ball doesn’t jump as excessive as a lighter tennis ball. This phenomenon offers the leather ball the right jump wanted for playing the sport of cricket. This is one of the motives as to why icc has created unique general measurements for weight and length of a cricket ball when being utilized in an global in shape. That is, but, not the case for a tennis ball. Since the tennis ball bounces a bit an excessive amount of, it produces various consequences for a bowler and creates inconsistency in the sport. 4. Tennis ball is slower in the air
one of the other reasons why tennis ball isn’t always selected for global cricket is due to the fact it’s miles tons slower in the air than a leather ball. Tennis ball not being used in cricket and here are the motives why! A rough floor on the tennis ball (inexperienced strands everywhere in the region) means the ball is gradual within the air
a tennis ball has a tough surface. A better look at the floor of the tennis ball will screen that the tender green strands are all over the place and not using a consistency! For this reason, while thrown within the air, this inconsistent surface creates a lot of resistance to the air and slows the ball down. There are drastic consequences of this which can have an impact on a cricket sport as we are aware of it. Because of the resistance, the ball doesn’t travel a long way within the air. Because of this even though the ball is thrown or hit definitely hard, it won’t tour too a long way (as defined in point 1). Moreover, this also way that when a quick bowler balls the use of a tennis ball, the rate of the ball may be much slower whilst it reaches the batsman in comparison to whilst it became launched from the hand of the bowler. This means, no extra shoaib akhtar or brett lee! Heck, even the speeds of 135 or one hundred forty kmph would be extremely difficult to obtain. Truly, this is not something even we, as spectators, would love to see! 5. Tennis ball slows down effortlessly even if rolling on the ground! Inside the previous point, we found out that a tennis ball showcases a variety of resistance even as inside the air. The same is real even if it’s miles hit alongside the ground! The reason for the resistance to travel too a ways on the ground is the same. Whilst the hard floor of the tennis ball comes in touch with the grass at the cricket ground, it produces a positive amount of resistance which is notably higher than that produced by means of a leather-based ball. As a end result, a shot will need to be hit tons more difficult even when hit alongside the floor. If, but, there has been no grass on the cricket ground, in that case, the resistance produced by way of a tennis ball may be a whole lot decrease. Despite the fact that, the tennis ball will nonetheless received’t be capable of journey as lots as the leather ball does even at the grass. Anyways, what might a cricket floor be without any grass on it! No extra jonty rhodes type diving run outs or excellent diving catches or even slides to prevent an other sure boundary! I’d as a substitute have grass whilst fielding than have a tennis ball! 6. No seam method less spin manage
as you can already be aware, a leather ball has a seam that stitches the two leather-based pieces and divides the ball in two identical halves. The seam at the leather-based ball performs a very critical position no longer simply in keeping the insides of the ball from coming outside however additionally for a bowler. A seam at the leather ball allows the bowler to grip the ball. Furthermore, presences of a seam at the ball also permits the fielding team to polish one half of the ball and preserve the opposite 1/2 as hard so that a quick bowler can generate swing whilst bowling. But most significantly for a spin bowler, a seam permits the bowler to govern the way a ball will turn after the soar. It also allows the bowlers like shane warne or muthiah muralitharan to generate good sized amount of spin on the ball as the seam allows the spin bowler to generate enough revolutions at the ball because of the grip inside the palms. A tennis ball, on the opposite, doesn’t have any seam on it. Because of this, despite the fact that the tennis ball may be made to spin in both the guidelines, the manage at the spin isn’t always as much as it is while the use of the leather ball because of the lack of seam. 7. Constrained shot selection for a batsman
to this point, we’ve got found out that a tennis ball travels quite sluggish in the air in comparison to the leather ball. We’ve got also visible that it travels slower than the leather-based ball even at the ground! Because of this, if a batsman desires the tennis ball to hit for a six or even a 4 along the ground, the batsman will need to use loads of strength. However, if you look at the sort of pictures that a batsman can play, most effective the photographs played straight in the back of the bowler, the offside in front of the wicket or the leg aspect in front of the wicket may be played with a number of electricity. Most of the time when a batsman performs the ball at the back of the stumps, both thru the slips, point, or cowl place or even closer to the third guy region, the batsman makes use of the timing of the shot, and the velocity of the bowler to play those photographs. Such pictures can be very difficult to play ensuing in a problem inside the quantity of photographs a batsman would like to play while playing with a tennis ball. Eight. Timing a cricket shot does not work that well
for a batsman in cricket, one of the most vital element is to examine the skill of timing a cricket shot. This means a leather-based ball may be hit absolutely difficult and quite a long way with the aid of simply hitting the shot the use of the proper part of the bat at simply the precise factor in time with out clearly had to hit the ball powerfully. That is referred to as “timing a cricket shot”. However, while the usage of a tennis ball, even when you time the shot well, the ball simply doesn’t tour that long. Glaringly, timing a cricket shot continues to be vital and powerful even if using a tennis ball. However, it just doesn’t appear to have the identical effect as that of a leather-based ball. Thus, pictures like the famous uppercut with the aid of sachin tendulkar or virendra sehwag, which continually led to a six, will simplest fetch 1 or 2 runs. 9. Tennis ball just doesn’t last that lengthy
another purpose why tennis balls aren’t considered at the same time as playing on the worldwide stage is they just don’t seem to ultimate that lengthy! For the reason that both – the tennis ball, as well as a leather ball, has a life span. In an international cricket match, maximum batsmen generally tend to have robust bats and do hit the ball really tough. Because of this, a leather ball additionally gets battered after a number of overs. However, a leather ball can without difficulty closing about eighty or more overs. In truth, in take a look at cricket, the bowling group has the choice of taking a brand new ball after no less than 80 overs. A tennis ball, at the opposite, wouldn’t final everywhere close to the ones variety of overs. If a tennis ball is used, the batsmen will need to hit the ball that much more difficult (since it doesn’t travel that a ways inside the air or alongside the floor). This will result in the ball breaking within some overs. I reckon a tennis ball wouldn’t remaining everywhere for greater than 6-8 overs

this will purpose useless stoppages each 25-30 minutes for changing a new ball. So as for the ball to live on, it must be absolutely difficult that’s quite the opposite to a “gentle” tennis ball. 10. Effect of the pitch is limited
in cricket, a pitch plays a completely vital function. Strategic decisions are made based on the nature of the pitch. Captains make choices whether or not to bat or bowl genuinely searching at how the pitch is predicted to behave. A cricket pitch can substantially deteriorate because the fit progresses based totally on what sand has been used for preparing it. This has a drastic effect on a leather-based ball. While the pitch becomes a bit used, it creates cracks and tough regions. Those cracks and tough areas make a leather ball turn and soar within the direction meant, but frequently more than predicted. This is basically due to the presence of the seam on a leather ball. But, the cracks and difficult areas at the pitch have a limited impact at the tennis ball. Consequently, impact of the pitch is nullified and as a result, this critical part of cricket which involves strategic wondering (that may set the 2 groups aside and also increase the enjoyment cost) may be misplaced. 11. Tennis ball loses coloration and form in no time
this is some other thrilling motive why using a tennis ball on the global level won’t make feel. It’s far a truth that both – the tennis ball as well as the leather ball lose their shape because the in shape progresses. Moreover, each the type of balls lose their shade due to the effect of the inexperienced grass. But, a leather ball takes greater than 70-eighty overs to lose its color or shape. At the opposite, a tennis ball doesn’t final anywhere near those many numbers of overs. 12. Awkward soar whilst fielding
a tennis ball is fabricated from a rubber form of cloth. Even though it within reason elastic in nature, one disadvantage with such material is that even a small stone or other such be counted at the ground can cause the ball to dance in some other path! This just reasons inconsistency inside the soar and it just doesn’t work for global cricket. Now, manifestly even a leather-based ball does deviate from its path when it comes in contact with small stones. But, since the weight of the ball is much better than a tennis ball and the floor is difficult and not as elastic as a tennis ball, the deviation caused in the patch of a leather-based ball is very little. This doesn’t, but, result in an awkward bounce. It’s far crucial to notice that such small stones or different substances while present on a pitch can bring about getting a batsman brushed off even when the deviation is very small. This is the purpose you’ll notice a number of batsmen walk down the pitch and tap it with their bats. We wrote a whole article explaining why batsman tap at the pitch with their bats. You could examine it by means of clicking on – https://cricketmastery. Com/why-cricketeres-faucet-their-bat-on-the-pitch/ (the hyperlink will open in a new tab when clicked on it, so you can retain to enjoy studying the relaxation of the article :d)

thirteen. Low entertainment cost
in the end, any other cause why a tennis ball is not utilized in international cricket in preference to a leather-based ball is because the sport will have a low enjoyment fee. If a tennis ball is used, the grounds will must be much smaller, the quantity of sixes may be restrained, the batsmen will not be able to showcase their abilties as the variety of shots possible to hit might also be very restricted and average there will be lots lower leisure fee than compared to while gambling with a leather ball. Final thoughts –
there are some of motives why cricket is played the way it is. Gambling the sport of cricket the use of a tennis ball isn’t in any respect a horrific issue! In reality, most cricketers begin gambling first with a tennis ball in their outside or a gully. It’s just that the negatives of the use of a tennis ball outweigh its advantages!


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