Red, White & Pink Cricket Balls: What’s the Difference?

The sport of cricket has evolved over a time frame, and with that, the shade of the cricket balls have changed too! You may often see cricket matches being performed with distinct coloured cricket balls. But, what is the distinction between the purple, white, and purple cricket balls? Traditionally, crimson cricket balls had been utilized in test fits while white cricket balls are actually used completely in restricted-overs cricket. Red cricket balls are used only in day-night take a look at fits.

Moreover, pink and crimson cricket balls go through much less put on and tear, while white balls tend to swing extra. The general overall performance of the specific coloured balls varies relying on the way the ball is made or the material used inside the seam and the form of coating carried out to the floor of the ball. Accordingly, to truly recognize the difference (and similarities) among the extraordinary kinds of cricket ball, we need to first apprehend how they may be made.

How is the pink cricket ball made?

What are the substances used? Before going into the details of white and purple colour balls, it’s far extremely crucial to recognize how the traditional purple cricket balls are made and what kind of materials are utilized in it. The following segment by and large refers to the crimson ball, at the same time as the sections referring to the white and crimson colour balls could spotlight the deviation on this system or the material used making the ball. Materials used for making a pink cricket ball

move-section of a kookaburra cricket ball

the traditional red cricket ball is crafted from leather, cork, and a sewing thread. Cork is obtained from the outer layer of the bark of the cork oak, and it bureaucracy the middle of a cricket ball. It’s miles layered with tightly wound wire and included by means of a leather case. A rendered model created the usage of simulation techniques of a pass-phase of a cricket ball .

the move-phase is less complicated to information when referencing the rendered model of a cricket ball as proven inside the picture above.

Procedure of creating the pink cricket ball
a whole lot of worry and talent is required to make cricket balls. With the materials stated inside the preceding section, the cricket balls are manufactured within the following six key processing steps:

the system of creating a conventional cricket ball begins with leather processing. The processing of leather-based involves purification of leather-based accompanied by loss of life it with crimson color. Wonderful leather-based is selected to make certain that the ball lasts long.

number one stage sewing of a cricket ball
after demise is finished, the leather that is good for the ball is chosen. The leather is then reduce into portions. Those portions are then pushed into a semi-circle like shapes that shape the 2 halves of a cricket ball.

Those shapes are held collectively with the assist of the stitches. The stitches are finished the usage of the assist of sewing gear. Some cricket balls are often hand-stitched. Step three: meeting

cricket ball being assembled

the following step is to take the leather-based portions and bring together the cricket ball earlier than starting the very last stitching procedure. The stitched leather and cork ball are assembled in a guide assembly procedure. Step four: very last sewing

very last stitching of a cricket ball

in the very last sewing procedure, an operator offers around anywhere from 60 to approximately 80 exceptional-looking stitches to hold the ball meeting. A duke’s cricket ball has precisely 80 stitches on the leather. The ball may both be absolutely hand-stitched or could be stitched the usage of a gadget. A cricket ball has 6 layers of stitches. The first layers of the stitching bind the two halves of leather-based together. While, the next layers on each aspect of the two halves, ensure that the ball stay tight and intact for the expected period in the course of a cricket suit. Step 5: pressing & milling.

once the stitching of the ball is complete, the seam is regularly quite raised. Furthermore, the ball isn’t always absolutely rounded shape. To get the flawlessly round shape of the ball, the stitched leather-based ball is positioned right into a press gadget. The device includes an higher and decrease jaw. After putting the ball between the two jaws, an operator applies the pressure on the ball to get the best form. This method is called milling.

the following step is to imprint the branding at the flawlessly-formed red leather ball. One might marvel how a curved floor of a cricket ball is branded? The branding on a cricket ball is generally finished using a warmth-sealed gold foil stamping. Once the branding is whole, the ball undergoes the system of lamping. This is accomplished in an effort to distribute the residual wax of the leather-based continuously during the surface of the ball the use of a supply of mild; generally a lamp or a candle. Finally, the sharpening of the ball takes area to get the shine that you see on a new cricket ball.

This sharpening is an vital step to ensure the swinging of the ball. A video showcasing how dukes cricket balls are made
the above video offers a short however perfect clarification of the process of creating a red leather-based cricket ball. What are the scale of a cricket ball? A trendy circumstance purple cricket ball
have you ever ever wondered what’s the real length of the cricket ball, what’s its weight and how hard is it simply? Permit’s get to know it.

Ball dimensions

for men’s cricket, the diameter of a cricket ball is between 2. 80 to two. 86 inches (seventy one. 3 mm to seventy two. 9 mm), at the same time as its circumference is 8. Eighty one to 9 inches (224 to 229 mm). For ladies’s cricket, the circumference stays among 8. 25 and eight.

88 inches (210 to 226 mm). Ball weight –
a cricket ball weighs between five. 5 and 5. Seventy five ounces (155. Nine to 163 g) for men’s cricket at the same time as for the women’s cricket, it weighs round four. Ninety four to five. 31 oz (one hundred forty to 151 g), at the least 10 grams extra than a ball used in the sport of baseball.


the cricket balls are harder in comparison to balls utilized in other sports like tennis or baseball. It’s far because of using leather-based, that is plenty heavier than a rubber or tennis ball. The cricket balls don’t fly away inside the air; as an alternative it travels with some velocity from the bat given to it. Difference among crimson, white and red cricket balls

the 3 special colored cricket balls utilized in the sport of cricket (picture credit score)
now that we recognize how the traditional pink cricket balls are made and the substances utilized in it, permit’s see how white and red balls are one-of-a-kind. Difference among purple and white cricket balls –
apart from the alternate in color, white balls are made precisely the identical way and using the equal fabric because the pink balls.

However, what makes white balls exceptional than purple balls isn’t always simply color. Differences between the 2 cricket balls are defined underneath –

1. Usage

at the same time as purple cricket balls are used only for the take a look at and exceptional suits, white balls are utilized in constrained-overs video games i. E. Twenty-20 and one-day suits.

2. Visibility:

day or night video games –
the crimson balls are not suitable for night games as under floodlights they turn brownish. White balls are manner higher in phrases of visibility below floodlights. Except, while looking a match on television units, the white coloration ball pops nicely.

3. Durability and look

crimson balls are greater durable than white balls. Because of this reason, the purple cricket balls may be used for eighty overs or greater. White cricket balls become worse quicker, as a result they’re more applicable for confined-overs video games. Additionally, white balls become dirty or dull in color much quicker than purple balls. As a result, white balls every so often camouflage with the crowd in the background.

4. Hardness

white balls get scuffs and marks extra than pink balls. To avoid it getting grimy fast, the tougher-sporting coating is applied to the white balls. This coating makes the white balls slightly harder than the red balls. The white ball gets extra smoothness and will become brilliant due to the coating and it contributes to extra swing compared to the crimson ball. Difference between red and pink cricket balls –

a pink cricket ball used in day-night time take a look at fits (photograph credit score)
whilst each the balls are utilized in take a look at cricket, there may be a significant distinction among the two coloration balls aside from just the colour.

1. Leather and coloration processing

the key distinction between the red and crimson ball is the manner leather is processed and the colour is implemented. Within the case of red balls, the shade is applied by using demise it with crimson color. The pink ball gets its colour from the demise. Inside the case of the red cricket balls, the color is due to a pigment with which the leather is coated.

2. Visibility: day or night time video games

the maximum fundamental distinction among the purple ball and the purple ball is their visibility below floodlights. Purple colour balls are much better in terms of visibility beneath floodlights, making them appropriate for the night fits. Purple balls turn brownish below floodlights making it hard to identify, therefore they’re now not suitable for the day-night time take a look at matches.

Thread shade

for crimson cricket balls, white threads are used, even as for the pink color balls black threads are used for the seam.
seam for the purple ball is absolutely made of artificial fabric, even as the purple ball seam is made from artificial and linen jumbled in proper proportion.

Dew effect and grip

purple balls are better to grip throughout dew compared to the crimson balls. The linen present in the red ball seam absorbs the dew and as a result allows with a higher grip. 6. Coating and its impact
for purple balls, the wax coating is used, but inside the case of crimson balls, wax can’t be applied as it would make the ball darker and difficult to identify underneath floodlights. As a consequence, in pu (polyurethane) coat is used for the purple balls.

Polyurethane additionally protects the ball from corrosion and scuffs. 7. Swing and bounce
crimson cricket balls showcase accurate swing and leap until the primary 15 overs, at the same time as red balls swing and soar even after 40 overs.

That is because of the pu coating used within the pink ball, which does not come out without problems, retaining it extraordinarily new for a protracted period of time. Distinction among white and pink cricket balls –
there are extra similarities among white and purple balls than differences.

The pink balls are rather new in the game, whilst each the colours balls are delivered to play within the middle of the night, underneath floodlights. 1. Usage
at the same time as white cricket balls are used for the twenty-20 and one-day matches, red balls are used for day-night time check fits.

Visibility: day or night games

each the balls are proper in the nighttime beneath floodlights and for this reason used for day-night time games. 3. Durability and appearance


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