What Is a Stumper Ball and How Do You Use It To Perfect Your Cricket

A stumper ball is a normal rubber ball used for playing in cricket matches. Hard tennis balls are both harder and heavier compared to the traditional stumper ball


A stumper ball is purely made of natural and synthetic rubber, while a tennis ball has a rubber core and a body made up of wool and nylon shell. A stumper ball is neither too heavy nor too light; therefore, it is the best option to use when playing cricket with friends in your neighborhood or vicinity. 


People have used a stumper ball for a very long period to play cricket, and over time, the use of this rubber ball has increased to cater to the playing needs of different individuals.

Popularity of Stumper Balls in India

Stumper balls in India have a lot of seam at the center, just like that of the leather ball used in international cricket. However, this seam does not play a major role in helping the bowlers swing the ball and trouble the batsman. 


A stumper ball does not last longer than ten days; hence, there must be a handful of collection of these rubber balls when players have to play consecutive matches so that a shortage does not occur. 



Stumper is one of the most renowned manufacturing companies of rubber balls in India. The company uses high-quality rubber when manufacturing the rubber balls. As a result, stumper balls in India are comparatively priced higher than other rubber balls. 


For example, a normal rubber ball is priced around 15-20 rupees, while a stumper ball has 50-70 rupees.

  • A stumper ball cannot be used for more than ten days.
  • A stumper ball is elastic because it returns to its original shape. 
  • The bounciness of a stumper ball is closely related to the tiny pieces of material used to manufacture it and the ball’s overall condition. 
  • When a stumper ball hits something, it absorbs energy and releases energy very fast. 
  • The rubber used in making a stumper ball is a polymer.
  • If the polymers are tighter together, the stumper ball bounces higher. However, if the polymers are looser, the stumper ball does not have a high bounce, and this is a worst-case scenario for the bowlers as they want a good bounce of the ball against the batsman to make them nervous of the deadly bouncers and get them out quickly. 

A stumper ball is different from a tennis ball. The one thing common between them is that both the balls are equally used in India’s Gully cricket. 


Because of the high quality of a stumper ball, players prefer playing with it to enrich their game experience, enjoy every moment of the match, and provide entertainment to the fans. Sometimes, people also use soft tennis balls in matches to replace rubber balls. The soft tennis ball is lighter in weight, so it is easier to substitute for a stumper ball


No matter if you are playing with a stumper ball or a regular tennis ball, if any of the balls hits the batsman instead of his or her bat, it hurts, and players must take complete precautions before starting to play the game.  



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