How Does Virat Kohli Fitness Keep Him Successful In his Career?

All cricket enthusiasts are already familiar with Virat Kohli as he’s made significant contributions to cricket. As a world famous batsman, Kohli has gone to the greatest lengths to leave a mark in any match he plays.


That’s not all, he’s accomplished so much in regards to cricket as a result of his fitness regime. To stay fit, Virat Kohli is also very keen on his diet and is determined to stay on this path.


Here are some fitness workouts and routines that always keep Virat Kohli fit enough for any match that comes up.

Virat Kohli Does Running

Virat Kohli is a top batsman whose position involves a lot of running. It’s no joke as this requires time and energy to perfect. Running between the wickets takes a lot of endurance which Kohli has learned over the years.


Running is one of his top fitness routines that have enabled him to stay at the top over the years. It’s a certified way to burn excessive calories and help him maintain his speed at the pitch.


Kohli has attained a certain level of discipline in the fitness arena. This has seen him go from a chubby young lad to a fit and perfectly sculpted heartthrob.

Once again, this workout is related to Virat’s batsman position in cricket. One-arm pushups help keep his arms flexible and strong enough to handle any bat that comes his way.


Virat Kohli has discovered the secret to maintaining his heavenly physique is by exercising every single day. What’s more, his sport-related career has contributed immensely towards his fitness goals.

Seems like no one does crunches on the floor anymore as they have proved to be way easier. Instead, Virat Kohli loves a challenge and has taken it up a notch higher.


Get a strong bar that can support your weight and then do about ten crunches with your legs raised. It may appear impossible and difficult at first but you get used to it in the long run.


Doing these kinds of crunches make your limbs strong and give you abs to show off.

The sweltering heat shouldn’t be an excuse for failing to work out. On the contrary, there are other viable solutions that could be just as effective. For instance, swimming helps keep you chilled out as well as maintaining a fit physique.


Rather than just chill out at the pool, make the most out of all the free space you have to yourself. Challenge yourself to some strokes as Virat Kohli does and watch them work for you.

Try Holistic Training

One mistake that most beginners are guilty of is only focusing on some parts of the body. Just like Virat, your fitness training must be all-rounded. Training smart assures you of competitive results.


At the end of the day, it’s all about your muscles and whether each of them has had a feel of the burn. Compound exercises such as lifting weights aim at realigning all muscles of your body.


That’s not all, holistic training also helps keep your mind sharp and focused.

Go Hiking

Virat Kholi is all about trying something new in regards to fitness. For instance, fitness is not all about just being at the gym all the time. There are different ways and places to ensure that you attain and maintain fitness.


Hiking is one of them as it has you exposed to all the beautiful views the world has to offer. It keeps your leg muscles strong and gives you the extra challenge that you might not find at the gym.


What’s more, hiking gives you room to think as you work out. If you feel you’re up for a much tougher workout session, put weights in your backpack.

Virat strives to keep his meals simple and balanced including breakfast. Eggs are an absolute must but he likes them prepared in a certain way. 3 egg whites and a full egg are his go-to every morning.


This is normally accompanied by spinach, some cheese, and black pepper. His breakfast is not complete without his favorite fruits; papaya and watermelon.

After such a hefty yet healthy breakfast, Virat focuses on a lunch that’s healthy as well. At the same time, he tries not to bite more than he can swallow. He just can’t stay away from chicken as he loves it grilled.


It’s accompanied with green veggies and mashed potatoes. This is all in accordance with a requirement that’s drafted for him by a certified nutritionist. Not forgetting some spinach and red meat

This should be the lightest meal of the day and Virat prefers it just like that. He will not go further than some grilled or boiled seafood in reasonable portions.


However, Virat will not limit himself to the same delicacies every day. He’ll try out different types of meals and snacks provided he sticks to the original plan; protein, starch and veggies in his diet.

A Summary Of Virat’s Fitness Tips

It’s important to maintain an equal balance between workout routines and diet. The two are key factors that you must never ignore especially if your goal is to attain and maintain Virat’s healthy lifestyle.



Here are pointers on how to stay afloat in your bid to attain a fit physique;


  • Do exercises daily. Once or twice a week is not enough to keep you ripped and your muscles toned.
  • Stay away from drugs and alcohol. They’ll only do more harm than good.
  • Eat healthy organic foods and stay away from junk food.
  • Eat lighter meals at dinner including soups and veggies.
  • Stay hydrated at all times.
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