All Virat Kohli’s Tattoos And What Each Of HisTattoo Means Is Explained Here

Virat Kohli is a famous Indian cricketer who came a long way after leading the Indian youth side to the under 19 world cup. People often call him a Run Machine because he is well-liked for his versatile and aggressive batting. 


He is the captain of the Indian team and the best batsman across the world right now. During his journey, Virat Kohli engraved several tattoos over his body. Every Tattoo on his body has a story behind and represents every turning point in his life.



Below is the list of Virat Kohli’s tattoos and their meaning:

1. God's Eyes

Kohli has a large tattoo of a celestial eye on his right shoulder that he calls God’s Eye. According to him, this Tattoo makes him feel connected to God and makes him understand life’s quintessence.

On his upper left arm, a Japanese Samurai warrior is tattooed, explaining the seven virtues of being a warrior.

  • Gi- Justice
  • Yu- Courage
  • Jin- Benevolence
  • Rei- Politeness
  • Makoto- Honesty
  • Meiyo- Honor
  • Chugi- Loyalty

    Kohli believes that he possesses these traits and, he had to fight for everything he achieved so far in life. Moreover, he gets his strength from this sword inked and has studied ethical behavior, self-discipline, and loyalty from Samurai.  

His ODI cap number 175, tattooed on his left arm.  

His test cap number 269, inked on his upper left hand. Virat Kohli believes that this number is very significant to him as they will always remind him of what he has achieved when he looks back 20 years from now. That’s why he decided to get them.

5. His Mother’s name’s Tattoo

He inscribed his mother’s name, Saroj, on his upper left arm.

6. His Father’s name’s Tattoo

Kohli inked his father’s name’s tattoo, Prem, on his left hand. Kohli’s parents have been very supportive throughout his journey. He has exceptional esteem for his parents so, and he got their names inked.

Virat is a groveler of Lord Shiva, so he engraved a Lord Shiva tattoo on his left forearm. Lord Shiva is the Supreme Being in Hinduism and often signifies as the God of Creation and Destroyer of Evil.



Even after facing failures in life, Virat Kohli rose again to become a better version of him by following the path of Lord Shiva.

He inscribed a Monastery tattoo on the left side of his shoulder. Monastery tattoo is a symbolic place of tranquility and competence.

9. Scorpio Tattoo

Virat Kohli has inked the word Scorpio on his right bicep. Scorpio is his zodiac sign. As a Scorpio, it is quite evident that Virat Kohli is a determined and willful person who crossed troubles in life with courage and fearlessness.

(OM) is a saintly letter in Hinduism, written on his shoulder just near God’s Eye. Kohli believes that it is a sign of spiritualism.

Kohli got a tribal tattoo on his right forearm as he considers it the symbol of aggression, and it is one of the first tattoos that he got. It is probably one of his favorite tattoos. 

According to Kohli,

“These tattoos always remind me where I was and where I have come now. The only focus of my life is to be able to cast a positive impact on the life of people.” 



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