Which is the Smallest Cricket Stadium in the World?

Cricket is a recreation of facts and statistics. However, what’s truly interesting approximately cricket is that it isn’t always best the players who keep statistics, however even inanimate objects along with cricket grounds and cricket stadiums which can be recognized for containing world information! The smallest international cricket stadium through boundary is eden park in new zealand due to its shortest instantly boundary of about fifty five meters.

It additionally has one of the shortest square boundary of about 65 meters making it a stadium with one of the smallest cricket area. The smallest worldwide cricket stadium by using capability is the grange membership stadium in edinburgh, scotland with a seating potential of 5000 spectators.

It has hosted numerous high profile international cricket suits and is home to the scotland’s national cricket crew. At the same time as every person frequently talks about the most important and the most important, in this article we will take a look at the smallest cricket stadiums in the global!

*essential – best those cricket grounds and stadiums have considered which have hosted at the least one worldwide cricket healthy. Smallest worldwide cricket stadium within the world by using boundary the boundary duration of a cricket stadium can range from one healthy to another.

As referred to above, eden park in new zealand is broadly taken into consideration as the smallest global cricket stadium inside the world. Allow’s examine a number of the cricket stadium with shortest boundary duration. List of smallest cricket stadiums by using boundary lengthit’s far important to notice that at the same time as the above records suggest the boundary length in meters, the actual size at the matchday may additionally vary depending on the usage of the pitch and adjustment of the boundary and advertising.

Furthermore, only the maximum generally acknowledged stadiums had been considered due to a lack of to be had statistics inside the public area on the boundary sizes of all cricket stadiums inside the world. Smallest international cricket stadium within the international by using capability

a cricket suit being performed at the dubai global cricket stadium (image credit score) whilst people communicate approximately the smallest cricket stadium, additionally it is measured by way of the seating capacity of the stadium.

It is thrilling to note that there are over 2 hundred international cricket stadiums across the globe in which cricket matches take vicinity on a everyday basis. While some are recognised for his or her big seating potential, some others accumulate interest for his or her especially small length! So, right here’s a list of the smallest cricket stadiums across the world in terms of their seating capability. List of smallest cricket stadium via capability

a lot of these stadiums have had a variety of worldwide cricket matches played at their respective venues. That said, cricket stadium’s from a number of the maximum well-known cricket gambling countries do no longer characteristic inside the above listing.

So, let’s check the listing of smallest cricket stadium for india, england and australia respectively. Smallest cricket stadium in india .

india is referred to as a cricket crazy nation, and it is no wonder that the worlds biggest cricket stadium is also in india. But, whilst you could heard approximately the motera cricket stadium in ahmedabad for its enormous capability, not many are aware of the smallest cricket stadiums in india. So, allow’s check the top five smallest cricket stadium in india.

sawai man singh stadium in jaipur runs in a close sixth with a seating capacity of 23,185 spectators. Smallest cricket stadium in england.

england is thought for because the u . S . A . For foundation of cricket. Referred to as the home of cricket, it homes some of the world’s oldest and most well-known cricket stadium within the global! Listing of smallest cricket stadium in england (through potential)

trent bridge cricket ground in nottingham, a famous stadium for numerous international cricket fits in england, also has a potential of 17,000 spectators. Smallest cricket stadium in australia (by capacity) the aussies are regarded to experience watching sports and it’s miles no specific for cricket.

As a result, just like india, australia is also regarded for large stadiums now not simply in ability however also in the boundary length. Let’s examine what are some of the smallest cricket stadium in australia –

listing of smallest cricket stadium in australia (through capacity)

even as australia has had some small sized stadium, it is greater recognized for melbourne cricket ground which isn’t always most effective considered one of the most important stadium inside the world, but additionally famous for its rich cricket records.

What’s the minimum length of a cricket field?

As in step with the icc’s popular playing conditions law 20. 1. Three, no boundary should be shorter than fifty nine. Forty three meters and not than eighty two. 29 meters from the centre of the pitch. The general diameter of a cricket area can vary between 137 meters and one hundred fifty meters. We covered this topic in incredible element in some other article on our internet site.


That article no longer handiest talks about the scale and dimensions of a cricket ground, however additionally stocks some interesting cricket grounds which have had a tree in it! Make sure you deliver it a read! Cricket ground: size & dimensions (with list of largest grounds)

lastly, in case you are thinking that if the minimum boundary size requirement for a stadium is 59. 43 meters, how then does icc allow cricket matches to be held in stadiums like eden park? Nicely, the minimum boundary rule omits stadiums that were constructed earlier than october of 2007.

It is applicable particularly to stadiums which are being built all over the global as cricket spreads its wings with the onset of t20 cricket. Final thoughts
whilst the majority need to research greater approximately the largest and the biggest cricket stadium, there are instances while we want to recognize the smallest one too!


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