White Cream on Cricketers Face: Why Use It & Is it Safe?

As an avid cricket fan, i’ve continually had friends who could come over to look at a cricket in shape. One of the questions that we have regularly questioned is set the white cream that cricket players apply on their face. So i decided to dig a little deeper and right here’s what i discovered out! The white cream that cricketers use on their face is a unique sunscreen made from zinc oxide.

It’s miles a sunscreen that gives more protection to the gamers from the sun’s dangerous uva & uvb rays. Cricketers are uncovered to direct sunlight for hours and gamers use this cream on sensitive components of the face. Now that we have the basics out of our manner, i’ll try to solution all of the queries that you can have by using masking diverse factors associated with the white cream utilized by the cricketers.

Study on to understand the whole lot about it. What precisely is the white cream used by cricketers? Zinc oxide powder.

the white cream used by the cricketers for pores and skin protection is the bodily sunscreen made from zinc oxide. Zinc oxide is the principle and the strongest aspect in any bodily sunscreen utilized by cricketers. It’s miles a white powdery mineral with a long records of use towards harmful sun rays. The zinc oxide white cream isn’t always an regular sunscreen that cricketers practice on their face.

It has the functionality to offer greater safety than a regular sunscreen. Your regular sunscreens are “chemical sunscreens”. Those sunscreens soak into the frame, and for this reason uva and uvb rays can pierce the pinnacle layer of the skin. Hence, such lotions aren’t ideal and cannot be used by the cricketers or each person who need to stay beneath the solar for long hours. Such skin protectant commonplace creams do now not require a prescription.

The primary traits of zinc oxide are the high refractive index, excessive thermal conductivity, binding, antibacterial, and uv-protection. The suntan lotions or the sunscreen based totally on zinc oxide defend in opposition to each uva and uvb ultraviolet radiation.

Why do cricketers use zinc oxide white cream on their faces?

We have already understood that it isn’t merely out of fashion or as a style assertion that the cricketers observe sunscreen on their faces. The main cause of such a white cream utility is for the protection of the pores and skin from the daylight. Permit’s dive deeper into this subject matter and realize why the cricketers want to apply the white cream.

The segment under covers the unique clarification, approximately the impact of the dangerous solar rays on the pores and skin and the cream’s primary components.

Skin safety from sun uv rays the motive for the usage of such creams is to defend the skin from the results of solar uv rays exposure. Maximum skin cancer is caused by ultraviolet (uv) light unfavorable the dna in pores and skin cells and the top supply of uv lights is sunlight.

The sunlight contains ultraviolet a (uva), ultraviolet b (uvb), and ultraviolet c (uvc) rays. While uvc is filtered via the earth’s ecosystem, our skin is exposed to uva and uvb through direct sunlight. Effects of uva and uvb rays (photo credit score)

we need to be privy to the detrimental outcomes of each uva and uvb as highlighted beneath

uva rays can penetrate the private layer of the skin and motive premature getting older. It is extra risky as its impact is going omitted to start with. Uvb rays motive burning and tanning by unfavourable the outer layer of the pores and skin. Cricketers spend a extensive quantity of day trip in the subject underneath the scorching solar earlier than, at some stage in a exercise session, and additionally in the course of a cricket fit. Umar akmal with complete sleeves and face cream .

as the cricketers get the daylight publicity for hours, it becomes imperative to defend the skin from the overexposure of uv rays that could damage the pores and skin over the years and, in sure excessive cases, making it liable to develop pores and skin most cancers. Subsequently, further to sunglasses and hats, a pores and skin safety cream could keep away from or decrease the damage to a enormous diploma.

Cricketers usually use full-duration pants and full-sleeve shirts or use compression arm sleeves at some point of the fit or practice inside the solar as a result the skin care is particularly required for the face. How is zinc oxide sunscreen distinct from a everyday sunscreen? Zinc oxide sunscreens are unique styles of sunscreens that provide more protection from the damaging rays of the sun. Those are designed for athletes spending an excessive amount of time outside.

Permit’s check how this zinc oxide sunscreen provides more safety over a normal sunscreen. A visible representation of ways zinc oxide sunscreen (bodily sunscreen) gives greater safety compared to a standard chemical sunscreen.

the zinc oxide sunscreen is also referred to as bodily sunscreens as they take a seat on top of the skin and bodily block the potentially destructive uv rays. As represented in the image above, unlike their chemical counterparts that paintings via soaking up the sun’s rays, the zinc oxide sunscreens surely paintings via scattering the sun’s rays. For this reason, the zinc oxide sunscreen stops harmful ultraviolet rays from getting into the skin layer thereby imparting more safety.

Advantages of the zinc oxide sunscreen

as discussed in a number of the previous sections, the core advantage of the bodily sunscreen is that it gives protection from each uva and uvb rays. Permit’s see some other blessings of the cream. The zinc oxide sunscreen is safe to apply for kids. As a consequence, if you or your child is beginning your profession as a budding cricketer, you can absolutely use the zinc oxide sunscreen. Zinc oxide sunscreen acts right away.

This means, the instant it is implemented, it starts shielding your skin from the solar and consequently getting rid of the wait time earlier than heading outside. Zinc oxide sunscreen is good for touchy skin as it rarely gives you skin irritations. For this reason, it’s far better for human beings at risk of skin situations along with rosacea (causing redness and visible blood vessels to your face).

It has an extended shelf life. It doesn’t get spoiled easily while saved at ambient temperature. How to practice the zinc oxide sunscreen? Making use of zinc oxide sunscreen is pretty simple. But, it’s far essential for us to understand what all components ought to the sunscreen be implemented on! Allow’s apprehend this in element.

Wherein to use the sunscreen?

The cricketers practice zinc oxide cream at diverse components of the face and neck. Where to apply it relies upon on an person’s choice and which part of the exposed pores and skin is greater sensitive or prone to the sunburn. Cricketers typically apply zinc oxide at the nostril, cheeks, lips, back of the neck, or their palms, as those are the regions without delay uncovered to the daylight.

These are the priority areas given the reality that the cricketers’ shirts are commonly full sleeve, whilst the entire-period pants cover the legs and toes are covered by the footwear. The components. Of the body that are generally uncovered to the solar are ears, nose, and lips.

You could without a doubt put the cream on other parts of the body if you recognise that it’s going to be uncovered to the sunlight for hours. How plenty sunscreen must you practice? One factor that we should be aware of in relation to sunscreen software is that “much less is not excellent”. Greater the cream, higher and longer the protection you shall receive.


step 1 – extract an excellent quantity of cream from the tube (or from the powdered paste that you could have just created) onto the fingertips. Make certain you’ve got it aplenty. Step 2 – then spread it at the favored a part of the frame.

The actual quantity of cream to be carried out might also vary from person to character. That’s pretty an awful lot it! It’s that simple. Hints for making use of the sunscreen as a cricketer
right here are a few recommendations that you need to keep in mind even as making use of the sunscreen for your frame –
tip 1 – if the cream is a bit chalky or much less “creamy” such that it doesn’t unfold without problems, then you definately need to take extra.

Tip 2 – if you have sensitive pores and skin, make certain you practice extra cream on your skin compared to others who can be much less sensitive to solar exposure.

Tip 3– recall the amount of time that you may spend at the floor. If you realize that you’re going to spend greater time beneath the sizzling daylight, you must use extra cream.

Tip 4 – if you experience like reapplying some greater, make sure that you cast off the previous layer earlier than reapplying it. If you reapply the cream, with out casting off the earlier layer of cream, you will just trap oil and dust among the layers of the cream.

Tip 5 – ensure you take away the sunscreen well when you’re done playing. With the aid of getting rid of the sunscreen properly, you could get rid of dust and keep away from breakouts of the layers to your pores and skin.

A way to take away the sunscreen properly?

It’s higher to keep the skin loose from any cream specially when it isn’t always needed anymore. However, the sunscreen can’t be eliminated absolutely just with the aid of washing your face the usage of water. Physical sunscreens are oil-primarily based, so you can just wash off the sunscreen. It’s quite easy to remove it with the oil cleaning approach as described in easy steps beneath.

Steps to put off the sunscreen well –
first take some coconut oil (or any other oil of your choice like candy almond oil, jojoba oil or olive oil might also paintings). Pour a touch bit of oil into your palm and then rubdown it lightly on the body where the cream become carried out. Hold it as it’s miles for a minute or in order that it’s miles soaked.

Take a small towel, drench it in heat water (now not too warm). Squeeze it out and hold it over the pores and skin area where the sunscreen is and keep it for around 10 seconds before lightly wiping away the sunscreen. Repeat the above steps until all the sunscreen is long past. A few humans use cream or gel-primarily based makeup remover or maybe use face wipes with a few suitable oils.

However, if you want to get the best effects, use the approach that i’ve describe above. Is it secure to apply zinc oxide white cream for your face? The zinc oxide white cream or the bodily sunscreens are secure and offer more protection to the pores and skin. The use of the bodily sunscreen is simply better than coping with damage the skin receives because of overexposure of the solar’s glare. In fact, a research take a look at carried out by way of the university of queensland, australia concluded that sunscreen use is a safe and powerful approach to pores and skin cancer prevention [link to the research]. Scientific studies have supported wearing sunscreen frequently to shield in opposition to skin cancer.

The fda additionally endured to urge people that they must apply sunscreen, even though they sought extra records about sunscreen ingredients from the producers. The reports that the sunscreens are dangerous has no deserves. In truth, human beings are the usage of sunscreens for years.

As in line with the fda’s proposed rules, the zinc oxide is “generally identified as secure and powerful” (grase). Are there any drawbacks of using zinc oxide sunscreens? Although there are several advantages to using the zinc oxide white sunscreen, it additionally has a few drawbacks as cited beneath –

it’s far required to be carried out greater regularly as it could depart due to sweating or rubbing.

As according to the fda (usa’s meals and pills management) recommendations, the sunscreen ought to be reapplied about every hours. When applied, it’s far prominently seen on one’s skin. It will increase perspiration.

While making use of, extra efforts are wished as it’s far thicker than the normal lotions. What factors must you consider even as purchasing zinc oxide white cream? The physical sunscreen is to be had everywhere, inclusive of e-retail portal.

Charge-wise, it is a bit more costly compared to the chemical sunscreen. Most important factors one must don’t forget while buying the zinc oxide based totally cream are as defined under. 1. Spf thing
spf stands for sun protection factor. It quite indicates how well the sunscreen may want to protect us against the harmful uvb solar rays. For human beings having very sensitive skin, selecting to go together with a higher spf component is recommended.

Though the spf wide variety is not linear in its safety capabilities. For example – spf of 30 can preserve out ninety seven% of uv rays, whereas a sunscreen having spf of fifty can come up with 98% safety towards the uvb rays. One wishes to realize that sunscreens with high spf numbers like spf 75 or spf 100, do now not offer appreciably extra safety compared to spf 30.

If the spf issue isn’t mentioned at the product, you should studies a chunk and discover extra about the product to see if it’d suit you. What’s the correct spf quantity to go for in a sunscreen? In line with the american academy of dermatology affiliation, dermatologists suggest the use of a sunscreen that has an spf quantity of at the least 30, which blocks ninety seven percentage of the solar’s uvb rays. It’s miles critical to word that higher-number spfs block slightly more of the solar’s uvb rays, but no sunscreen can block one hundred percentage of the solar’s uvb rays.

Coloration availability

zinc oxide sunscreens are available in many one of a kind nowadays. The lotions at the moment are being made with the colours notably less outstanding or much less seen. Take a look at out the colours and select based totally to your suitability and necessities earlier than buying the cream.


the zinc oxide white cream powder comes at exclusive price factors based totally on its functionality. Generally, it can be without difficulty bought for round £25 – £50. I relatively recommend going with this zinc oxide powder [on amazon]. You get a huge pouch of the zinc oxide powder cream that can be used for some numerous times.

Even though the fee of approximately £45 would possibly appear on the higher side, you actually get an entire pound of the powder! This seems to be approximately three to 4 times cheaper than a zinc oxide cream.

If, however, you’ll need to keep away from preparing the cream the use of the powder whenever, and as an alternative want to go with a cream, i might quite advocate heliocare 360 fluid cream [on amazon] which comes with a spf50 safety.

How do cricketers defend themselves for uv rays other than sunscreen? Applying physical sunscreen isn’t always the simplest aspect cricketers do to preserve the pores and skin as no sunscreen can come up with a guaranteed a hundred percentage protection.

The cricketers use cricket goggles or sunglasses, wear caps or hats, or use arm sleeves. Harbhajan singh with face cream .

cricketers also frequently generally tend to put on full sleeves shirt. Another gear that cricketers frequently use are the arm sleeves. While the arm sleeves (additionally called compression sleeves) are useful in numerous other ways. We wrote an in depth publish on this subject matter. Make sure to check it out!

Why do cricketers put on arm sleeves?

Does it even help! Does the sunscreen help in shining the ball? You will be amazed to realize that the white cream can get you to polish on a cricket ball! At the same time as the bowlers and fielders snatch the ball on severa activities and spend a whole lot of time with it, accidentally the ball may get a few cream rubbed on it. The cream can give the ball unwanted, accidental more shine. Even as it might work in favor of the bowling aspect, such use of the cream is legally not permissible.

Hence one must be extraordinarily careful whilst handling the ball if the white cream is on. If observed by an umpire, the crew may be penalised for this under the “the usage of outside substance to affect the circumstance of the ball” rule of the icc.

Some well-known cricketers who put on white cream sunscreen
there are a number of cricketers who have been seen the use of the white zinc oxide cream on their face! Allan donald with white sunscreen on his face

alan donald, former south african fast bowler and also one of the maximum a hit pacers for south africa, changed into well-known for making use of a thick layer of the white cream over his nostril, cheeks, and at the lips. Alan donald became affectionately known as white lightening due to the software of the cream. Years later, donald’s autobiography turned into titled the identical. There are several other well-known cricketers for eg. Michael hussey, andrew symonds, and shane warne who have frequently been remarked for constantly the use of white cream on their faces at the same time as gambling cricket.

last mind

with this, i am positive to procure to recognize maximum of the aspects associated with the white cream utilized by the cricketers. I hope this text has helped you in knowledge the nuances of the white zinc oxide sunscreen utilized by cricketers. Even as shopping for a sunscreen, ensure you pick the one that includes as a minimum an spf30 protection. Stay secure, and hold analyzing extra stuff on our website!


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