Why Do Cricketers Tape their Fingers?

Injuries are part and parcel of any game. In cricket, finger accidents are quite common. We regularly see tapes across the arms of the fielders. Many players use it for the duration of the exercise as nicely. So, what’s the cope with these finger tapes and why do cricketers apply it to their arms? Cricketers tape their hands to avoid damage from the impact of the tough cricket ball.

Finger tapes assist to propagate the impact of the cricket ball toward the wrist in preference to the arms and therefore assist in reducing the threat of an injury. Gamers also use tape to prevent an current damage from tense further.

Often questioned how these finger tapes are put on the palms? Why do gamers trade them throughout an extended day in the area? How do these tapes really paintings? Would there be any impact on my recreation if i take advantage of them? Permit’s undergo these questions and greater within the following article.

Motives cricketers tape their hands :

it is very commonplace to locate the cricketers carrying tapes on their hands at the same time as they may be out on the sector. Let’s find out why they tape their fingers inside the following article. 1. To keep away from finger injuries
accidents play a vital position in a cricketer’s career, and palms are the most vulnerable and damage-inclined.

Often, the fielders must capture or forestall the ball, visiting at lightning speed, with their arms and palm. At instances there will be bruises, sprains, or traces due to the impact. The leather cricket ball weighing round one hundred sixty grams, visiting at one hundred mph should hurt the palms notably.

The tapes are generally worn on the joints of the hands i. E the joints among proximal phalanges (pp) and the middle phalanges (mp) as shown in the photograph under

anatomy of the hand
if the fast-transferring ball hits the tip of the fielder’s finger i. E. At distal phalange (dp), the component above the proximal phalange (pp) receives a jolt, ordinarily away from the palm. This could purpose serious accidents to the joints between the phalanges bones.

If the fielder’s hands are taped, the pressure generated by the effect of a quick-shifting ball will propagate closer to the radiocarpal joint (wrist joint – proven under), that may effectively endure the impact load generated.

To prevent ball from slipping away :

there is some other gain of the use of finger tapes. The tapes at the fielder’s fingers offer huge friction to forestall the ball from slipping faraway from the palms in an try to trap or forestall the ball

do wicket-keepers use finger tape? The wicket-keepers ought to consistently cope with catching or preventing the ball as added by means of the bowlers if the batsman either misses or edges it. Some low or extensive balls or a few deliveries wobbling within the air may also hurt their fingers.

To prevent such injuries, the wicket-keeper binds the finger-joint with adhesive bandages (elastoplasts), however if the keeper suffers from bruised finger-joints, such bandages are changed by means of the tapes to avoid similarly harm. Which kind of fielder benefits the maximum from the finger tapes? The gamers who area in near-in positions are extra at risk of injuries, consisting of finger injuries.

Those positions encompass slips, gully, point, quick leg, stupid factor, short mid-on, and brief mid-off. Permit’s take a better look at the overall fielding positions so you can effortlessly become aware of the near-in positions. Fielding the ball at such near-in positions is a hard activity particularly in the absence of gloves. After the batsman hits the ball, the fielders get a fragment of a second to reply, and therefore, at times, it turns into extremely tough to get the palms in the proper function.

The usage of the finger tapes proves to be very useful in such conditions and may prevent major injuries to the fielder’s hands. A way to tape your hands properly? You need to wear finger tapes but don’t understand the way to continue or not sure if the way you tape your palms is right? ‘

Don’t fear. This section will deal with all your worries. First of all, it’s viable to tape your hands in your personal, but, it will likely be greater handy to have a person else do it for you. Stuff you want to tape your arms
be geared up with the subsequent items before you begin taping. Alcohol or antiseptic wipes
soft paddings together with foam, gauze, or cotton
clinical fabric or zinc oxide tape
steps to tape your palms
observe the steps referred to underneath to tape your finger. Reduce a few pieces of the finger tape and have them geared up before you start the taping technique. If you have cracks within the pores and skin, easy the affected location the use of antiseptic wipes and dry the skin completely.

Beginning at the base, wrap the tape around the fingers.

Wrap at least two to three times while making use of gentle strain as you wrap the tape. Be cautious, don’t make it too tight. Make sure that you nevertheless have excellent blood move within the palms. This could be demonstrated by using pressing the tips of your finger for a few seconds after which freeing it to peer in the event that they fill back up with blood. If it does, you are appropriate to move.

It’s far very important to examine the arms after taping. You need to observe out for the signs of infection or infection. If you ever feel any pain or numbness in the arms, then just take away the tape and redo the process.

Is it felony for cricketers to place tape on their fingers?

As in line with the regulation 41. 1 of cricket, fielders apart from the wicket-keeper are not approved to put on gloves or outside leg guards. The fielders are accredited to shield their fingers from accidents via sporting the tapes with the consent of the umpires. But, it’s miles crucial to note that even though the cricketers are accepted to put on tapes to keep away from accidents or even save you them from demanding, umpires hold a unique notice of such players when they arrive in touch with the ball.

The laws of cricket also state that a cricket ball ought to now not come in contact with a foreign item. Can you put on finger tapes whilst batting or bowling? Although it’s miles prison to use finger tapes even as fielding or batting, a bowler can’t have tapes on his finger whilst bowling. It’s miles a need to for the bowler to eliminate the tapes before bowling.

The bowler can reapply the tape even as going lower back to the fielding. The bowlers may also use finger tape while bowling on an injured finger only if the umpires and batsmen conform to it. In 2009, at some point of one of the odis played among india and sri lanka, ajantha mendis became asked to put off the tape from his bowling palms. Word: if in any respect a bowler is authorized to put on the tape, best skin tone colour finger tape might be allowed, because the white tape could distract the batsmen.

Batsmen are also allowed to use finger tapes while batting as they give no undue gain to the batsman or useful resource them in any manner. Can you play cricket with a broken finger? Although is it not advisable, a few cricketers inside the past have played with damaged arms. David warner (australia) performed with the broken thumb in 2013. Haseeb hameed (england) batted in 2016 with a very badly damaged little finger.

Maximum memorable is graeme smith (south africa) gambling in 2010 with a damaged finger in a failed but valiant try and shop the take a look at. Even though the injured batsman takes some pain-killer injection before the play, and the fractured finger is strapped securely, it takes a number of braveness and resolution to play with a damaged finger. Ensure you have a legitimate reason to do that.

We might noticeably propose in opposition to playing cricket with now not only a damaged finger, however with any harm in any respect! I would enormously advocate you to go to a health practitioner right away and let the harm be healed completely before setting out the game yet again. What are the other approaches to save you finger injuries? Now that it’s clean about the legality and the significance of the finger tapes, allow’s see different ways to avoid finger accidents.

 improve the wicketkeeping and fielding strategies :

even as wicketkeeping, or fielding in wellknown, the finger injury or any type of injuries can’t be absolutely avoided. But, you may prevent such injuries, in phrases of frequency and the intensity, by means of running on the fielding techniques. In case you are going to apply finger tape within the suit, it is recommended to get acquainted with them during practice fielding drills.

 paintings on batting technique

choppy soar in the pitch can at instances hurt the arms of a batsman. Batsmen must practice driving the jump well in the nets against the short bowlers. Playing with gentle fingers and watching the ball until the remaining moment help as well.

The usage of properly-cushined batting gloves is fairly advocated. Very last mind
many gamers have lost golden possibilities in their careers because of accidents at the wrong time. Finger injury is one of the most common types of damage in cricket. Not anything trumps properly fielding and ball collecting techniques on the subject of keeping off finger injuries.

But, injuries can still take place, and for this reason it’s miles critical to apprehend how to use finger tapes. I’m hoping the above article has given you a feel of how to avoid finger injury the use of finger tapes and also an perception into other ways of averting finger injury. So use it nicely and be safe.


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